Chapter 1 - Merchantile Travels of Valentino

This thread will be used to follow the travels of Valentino Tellisi, as he travels to establish various trades for the covenant.

Valentino is traveling with a handful of grogs, currently heading toward the Redcap living close to the covenant.

The journey toward the Redcaps residence is brisk and despite the season turning to true winter you are able to trace a solid path. After a week or so of travel your group nears the outer farmsteads and borders of Glasgow, where the Redcap is known to reside.

The outer landholdings have embraced winter, each holdfast is devoid of crazing animals and fires burn in all the chimneys. The population of travellers on the roads in the last few days has increased but you still treat fellow travellers as strangers and the banter is brief. Many you encounter are late returning to the city on some errand or other, and you see few travellers who have covered any true distance. Even the accent of the people begins to be noticeably different, although still far more palatable than some of the strange accents of your covenfolk.

OOC: Is there any action or discussion you wish before heading into Glasgow proper?