Chapter 1 OOC

Anything OOC related to Chapter 1 :smiley:

So our covenant is on the grounds of the rhine tribunal? Is that official? Did we have to ask the rhine tribunal for allowance of founding our covenant?
And if it is so, what about all the other covenants that could form the lotharingian tribunal? Are they all from the rhine or partly from normandy?

According to GotF yes, Almelo is in the Rhine - and by the same book all new covenants need the approval of all the other Rhine covenants. So unless ROF has something different in mind (and it does not seem the case, since the Quaesitor is asking for our support), we are official, sanctioned members of the Rhine.

As for the covenants involved, most of them are in the Rhine. One or two are in Normandy, IIRC, and then there may be the odd Provençal covenant who decides to join later on or who knows.

What Yan said :smiley:

And what about the chapter house? What does "not so strict rules" mean?
Do they absolutely need our support or could they open it without it?

And then of course: What the *** is the "Lost Library of the Octahedron"??
Would a roll of Order of Hermes Lore help? Whats the lost library? (1d10=7) 7+2 OoH + 2 Int = 11

As for establishing a chapter house...well, it's a tricky issue at best. See there is no precedent (as far as I'm aware OOC) of Normandy covenants even having Chapter Houses - it is a Rhine institution. That said, there is precedent of a Rhine covenant establishing a chapter house within the Normandy Tribunal, so arguably he has the right to. In the end, it would depend on how the case was brought up, defended and accused, and then voted - and having the support of as many covenants as possible is a good way to ensure a win in votes, right?

Now about the library thing... I'd like to know that myself... Any clues? Should I roll or are you going to roll it all ROF?

Vibius magic lore roll: 4 +2 OoH lore + 5 Int = 11

Saevitius' roll for information about the library: 2 + 2(Int) = 4
I think there might have been some libraries somewhere... :confused:

So I completely botched some aspect of Chargen and ended up with no ( :open_mouth: ) OoH Lore...

I do have Normandy Tribunal and Lotharingian Tribunal lores with History specializations but no OoH Lore. So what do I do here?

... You weren't the only one... :unamused:

Also, is Aristacus a Traditionalist? I'd assume so...

His comments about the possible tribunal seemed to indicate that, but in an earlier post, ROF stated:

Which led me to tell Avellana and Pelegan that he shared a similar viewpoint with Magnes, ie Transitionalist.

So Aristarchus' comments have me a little confused. (But then, maybe Saevitius mis-remembered the information he had on Aris.)

Yeah but Magnes should know if he is Transitionalist or Traditionalist, I think... like, for a fact. :slight_smile:

Sorry Masters and meetings have taken up time :slight_smile:

Magnes you know Aristarcus is a Transitionalist... :slight_smile:

Lore: Normandy Tribunal (History) - 1d10+6=7

  • Second Roll: 1d10=6
    Total: 6*2 +6 = 18

Lore: Lotharingian Tribunal (History) - 1d10+6=8
Total: 2+6 = 8

I should think we have a few guest quarters.
Regarding Aegis, we do have a lab text of a weak Aegis ritual (Level 15) but neither does anyone of us know the spell nor do we have a casting tablet for it. So if we do have an Aegis, it wasnt cast by one of us. Maybe we do have one cast by someone else, like the Great Work that was done by some Archmagi. But i would think that we don´t have one and either way that it should be one of our top priorities.

Which leads us to my inquiry about our charter in the covenant section. While it might not be important now, i think we need to have a charter ready before our first batch of advancement.

Yeah might as well.

Also, damn, someone needs to learn that spell... I'll do that first study season we have.