Chapter 1 (Spring 1013) Morning on the Battle Field

It takes a couple of hours for Janus to fully recover, giving you all plenty of time to discuss your future, your past, and whatever you might want to do before you leave the horrors of the battle field behind you.

Luciu is still focused on trying to get everyone across the border. He offers Janus the back of his wagon to rest in, to minimize the delays, and continues asking everyone and anyone if they know which way the border is.

The sun is unobstructed and you know that the border is to the North, so the only real risk is ending up on a road unsuitable for driving.

Rubellius orders the grogs to tie the ankles of the two, he examines the beautiful sword, unsheathing it, and asks them who's the true owner and how far we'll need to go North in order to exit their lord's territory. He specifies we'll need to travel through wagon-able roads.

Then agrees on departing as soon as possible. During travel he'll keep the tying rope's end in his hands, specifying to the two that a failed escape will mean certain death.

Rubellius surely takes time to tell the others how Wulfric had disappeared by being caught by a magical wolf. He'll also prompts the others to ask questions to the two.

Edwin knows enough of the languages to translate for the others.

Using his modest knowledge of Mercia he will point the best way out of here, and ask if the magi prefer finding a town or just getting distance away from here.

Luciu directs the grogs preparing the wagon for departure. Janus, exhausted, lies next to the scorched body of the presiding quaesitoris. The large seashell that the quaesitoris clutched in his hand, is now loose, rolling into Janus' hand. The beautiful helmet he wore, is also coming loose. The sword, in contrast, is safe in his belt. I am not sure what happened to the burnt fragments of a diary in the quaesitoris' clothing, it may still be there, crumbling as the body was moved.

Rubellius returns with two men from the woods. One of them carries a sword, still in its scabbard, in his hand. As they enter the fields, one of them tries to run off, but the grogs are quick to hos aid, and reel them both in and tie them up. They pass by the two scorched knights. One of them has a beautiful sword, half drawn, in his hand.

When you cross the battle field, assuming you head for the Northeastern corner, you see the diversity of people taking part in the battle. There are commoners with cheap weapons, knights with expensive armour, a giant with a club, obvious wizards with peculiar items in their hands, a huge bear, and so on. As the Sun rises higher in the sky, the smell becomes unbearable.

In the Northeast, you can see where one of the armies must have approached. Branches are broken and shrubs are tramped down. It looks driveable. The other driveable approach is to the West, wherefrom Wulfric arrived. His cart is still there, with the horses attached.

Any loose ends to tie up or last actions before you head North?

Edwin begs "Please masters, let us leave this accursed field as soon as possible. There must be somewhere safe if we leave."

If Luciu notices the diary, he will try to preserve it as best he can. Otherwise he is in complete agreement with Edwin's desire for haste.

Rubellius agrees on departing as quickly as possible.
He'll examine the sword in the scabbard the next mealtime.

While Luciu salvages the shattered diary, Rubellius wrestles the scavenger for the sword. Janus makes himself comfortable next to the quaesitorial body, and Edwin directs the grogs to pack the more mundane things and ready the carts. To avoid running over dead bodies, whether you worry mostly about the corpses and their departed souls or the cartwheels, you have to go around the edge of the battlefield until you find the path where one of the armies seems to have arrived.

It is not a Roman road, but it has probably been a good bridleway which has been widened by the marching army. You have to go slowly, for the ground is rough, but it is reasonably good as a cartway.

After the eventful morning and rushing off without breaking the fast, you need a meal after only an hour or two. Rubellius inspects the sword, which is beautiful craftsmanship. It lies well in his hand. With no relevant abilities, he is unable to say anything more than that, neither about its quality nor its origin.

Janus does not get much sleep during the bumpy ride, but with the late breakfast, he should be halfway rested, and extending the break just a little more than the others appreciate, he should recover fully.

In the afternoon, you are starting to think that you should have a rest and a meal now, if you are going to push forward until nightfall. Just as you contemplate this, you see the end of the woods, and a cluster of half dozen cottages between the fields. The most perceptive among you (say awareness+perception 12+) thought you saw somebody moving, but when you approach it looks deserted.

What do you do?

Edwin points ahead to the houses. "I think there's one person moving around, but these houses seem oddly deserted for this late in the day. People should be around this close to sunset."

Luciu shrugs, "Maybe they've all gone in for the evening. Let's keep going, we'll find out. We may have to camp in the town square, if there's no inn, but that's probably a bit safer - and definitely less offensive to the lord - then camping out in the woods."

Looking at the sun makes it obvious that it is not quite evening yet. You have about one third of the day left before sunset.

Luciu turns to look back into the bed of the wagon, hunching over to hide the gestures as he casts Sight of the Sigil. Then he turns back around, and motions the grogs to keep going as he maintains the spell, watching the area.