Chapter 1: The Council of Fengheld

"Actually," the scarred magus says to Ludovicus suggest a way to differenciate him from the Bjornaer, "it would be improper to call me a master. The rank of Master has a specific meaning here in the Rhine and I do not qualify for it. As such, should one hear you address me by that rank, it might be seen less than favorably." He briefly touches the band that hides his left eye, "I have been given several nicknames, but none which I would care for you to use with me." Turning to the other Renatus, he asks, "Would you consider using the name of your animal shape as a nickname, when there is the potential of confusion? An ibis, you said it is called?"

Moving on to the other questions, he explains, "The name of Nimbosa Myrice was, I believe, selected due to the fact that the bog is quite misty and located at the edge of a heathland. As such, 'Misty Heath' was deemed suitable. It remains to be seen what the locals call the place."

"As for servants and grogs, those will also be provided by the covenant. There are already several craftsmen and grogs at work over there. When we leave at the end of summer, we will probably be travelling with a squad of grogs as well. I still have to get caught up with the exact plans, as deployment of grogs to the various chapter houses must be coordinated with our captain, Caspar."

"I do not believe there are plans for adding more constructions once the tower has been completed. The island where we will be is a rather small one. And it is not the purpose of the chapter house to be a source of income or a place to lodge a large number of people."

I chose the name Renatus to express how deeply I felt changed after the ritual that unleashed my heartbeast. So this doesn't really make a difference, I'll take it as a token of your understanding that I really am an Ibis as well as a human being. It would not bother me at all as longas we keep proper protocol with full name if there's other magus around.

"Certainly," nods Renatus, "I wouldn't consider doing otherwise."

"Do you have other questions? Should we start planning what needs to be done before our departure at the end of summer?"

"You mentioned there was a witch there, Is there a chance we should face some of her kind there ? This might be a simple question but I'm not really sure what art would be needed to interact with the bog itself ? is is mostly herbam due to the surface being mostly an accumulation of plants or Terram as the plants gradually turn into soil ?

Other than that, planning indeed seems to be the proper course of action. I have to meet with Eule or whoever will be my praefectum before I make definite statement but from my travel to this tribunal I've learned the hard way that I really need to borrow a labtext for a spell to create clothes, this is a common spell among Bjornaer so I hope I'll find a copy in the library. The course of action is a bit clearer now that we're aware of the location and the purpose of the chapter House.

In my opinion we'll have to search for spells to ease the process of collecting the virtus. From what I hear, but maybe i'm mistaken, the eruptions seems random and unless we can predict them, we'll waste a third of our seasons patrolling the bog. So We'll probably need intelligo vim spells to locate the virtus and understand the creation of eruption itself. Understanding how the source can provide virtus that is at the same time auram and ignem would probably also require its own spells .
I might be able to develop a spell to imprison the gas inside water bubbles if we can predict where the eruption occur to ease the collecting.

Investigating the sources, known and to be discovered, will probably require to dive inside the water of the bog, I already have spells to breathe and see in water but not really to move around inside water, once again there might be interesting labtext in the library.
We'll probably need to secure decent summae of intelligo, vim, aquam and probabaly rego at least...

This is from the top of my head of course I might be mistaken as I'm only reasoning on a description of the site.

"I was simply told that the witch had been dealt with," says Renatus, "and that should wouldn't be a problem anymore. It was Indulius and Günther that hunted her down, which is why Fengheld has a claim on the site."

"Deciding which lab texts you need to borrow seems like a reasonable plan. The library here contains a good number of common spells, so if you say that this is a common Bjornaer spell, then there is a chance we will have it in the library. Otherwise, perhaps Eule or her filius will be able to help you get access to one."

"I already know two spells that allows the tranferance of raw vis from one container to another. The regular Gather the Essence of the Beast was not so useful in this situation, so I was directed to learn a more flexible version, Gather the Magical Essence, which works at voice range. That's what I did last season. It would probably be best if you both learned it as well as soon as you can. And perhaps Indulius will be able to provide us with additional hints on the gathering of the vis when we get there. He's been collecting it for the last few seasons, while overseeing the construction at the site, so he will have acquired some experience on how to do it with some efficiency."

"I also know a basic version of the Aegis, so we will be able to raise it next year. Though I am far from a specialist, so I lack the sufficient skill to raise it with much strength. So if you can learn Ritual Communion to assist me, that would be useful as well. We probably ought to secure a lab text for that spell as well. I no longer have my personal notes, but I am sure that the covenant has copies of it at several different magnitudes. We would need at least six more magnitudes of effectiveness in order to use it for a basic Aegis of the Hearth."

"The spells you suggests are all Rego Vim, this is far from my specialty. I'll have to increase my knowledge of those arts, especially vim, before I can help you efficiently in the matter I'm afraid"

"Well, these are the spells I can think of that will be of definitive and immediate use. If you have other proposals, I'll be happy to hear them."

"But those Arts -- including Muto for Ritual Communion -- are very useful in general, so I don't think you would lose much by studying them a few seasons. And," Renatus adds, "considering that your animal form makes you well-suited to vis searching." He pauses before adding, "Though if finding vis sources was as easy as flying over a region with an active spell, then those sources have probably been found and claimed already."

"In any case, it is probably a good idea to consider asking for a loan of one or more summae in those Arts when we depart."

"This wasn't a complain Renatus, just a reminder that even with the best intentions, it will take me time to learn those spells at an appropriate level. I'd be happy to increase my knowledge of Rego and vim to some extend and learn those spells. Most magi learn them at some time during their life anyway."

"Understood," says the Jerbiton magus with a nod. "I indeed had to do the same when I joined Fengheld, even though neither Art had much interest for me at the time. The Council is very much in favour of all its members being able to lend a hand when casting the covenant's Aegis, or that of its chapter houses. Learning one or more of those spells can even be considered as one of the seasons of service that is outlined in the charter."

"Speaking of which, our chapter house will have its own charter as well. I brought it here and can outline its morew important items now, if you wish, while leaving you the possibility of consulting it in more details later." (OOC: The charter of Nimbosa Myrice has been added here.)

"In short, everything the chapter house has belongs to Fengheld. We are there to safekeep it, defend it, and develop it. We are members of Fengheld, residing at the chapter house. That is what makes us members of the chapter house. Are voting rights are the same as those we would have here. In fact, the charter of Fengheld still applies to us, unless it specifically says otherwise."

"I have been named praetor for the chapter house. That nomination is at the discretion of the Council of Fengheld and remains in effect for as long as I am not replaced. This gives me the responsibility of the governance and temporal concerns of the chapter house, as well as determining what will be considered surplus resources that can be distributed. Finally, I am in charge of determining what constitutes service to the chapter house and what the rewards are for performing these services."

"Vim has been the Art of most interest for me since my Gift was opened. My second master did not allow me to pursue that interest, but I was able to learn something about it from my first. Since I would like to expand that knowledge anyway, my plan was to borrow either a Vim summa or several tractati, if available. Depending on the period of the loan, I would copy or just study from them. This might lend itself to the immediate magical needs you mentioned."

"Then it seems we will have to clarify with the librarian just how many books we will be able to borrow and for how long. Would one of you like to undertake that task," asks Renatus, "or should I take care of it?"

"I would be happy to speak to the librarian. Is there anything I should be cognizant of when interacting with them?"

"Good, sodalis, you take care of that," Renatus says, brushing aside a strand of hair slightly shot with grey. "You should know that Theoderich, as the keeper of the library, reports directly to Stentorius. He can be a bit... stubborn in the way he addresses his task, which is to maintain and protect the books under his care."

Then he opens a new subject. "I would have encouraged you both to visit the library anyway. The covenant has a number of guest laboratories here. If you wish to spend the season performing some more urgent work in preparation for our relocation to Nimbosa Myrice, then we will need to arrange for a lab. That is something to consider, since it will be a few seasons before the labs at the chapter house are set up. And the aura is stronger here as well. Have you considered this?"

"Also, when we depart we will have only a small store of raw vis for the chapter house's emergency use. So if you think you will need some vis, it might be a good thing to discuss it beforehand. You may be able to extract some in the lab, otherwise you will need to approach one of the other magi."

"Well, I'll have an interview with Eule first, assuming she accepts to be my praefecta we'll probably discuss season planning, so I'll visit the library afterwards. Do you want us to go together or do you prefer to go alone Ludovicus ? "

"It might be good if we spoke to the librarian together. I will go there and start looking at what texts are available while you meet with Maga Eule, and wait for you to join me. Unless there is some other task I can take care of Renatus?"

"Nothing specific right now, I think. For my part, I will speak with Caspar and Fabianus to discuss how many grogs and servants will be joining us at the chapter house."

"Do you know where my current sanctum is? I can show you both, so that we can meet again there in... say tomorrow evening after the evening's meal?"

"Sure, let's meet tomorrow evening. I don't know where your sanctum is located, so I'm walking your way.

While the group walks to Renatus's sactum, he asks Renatus

Could you explain me where Eule's sanctum is located and if there an official procedure to reach her ? She asked me to come later so I'm expected but i'd better avoid any social blunder."

Renatus points to one of the tower, "She shares this tower with her filius, Günther Lupus. Her sanctum is at the top floor, but you will probably have to speak with her filius first." He hesitates before adding in a low tone, "She is quite old, you know, and spends much of her time in her owl shape."

"I see" He seems disappointed "Well, I'll make up my mind after the interview"

(Moving along a little bit)

Later, when the young Bjornaer visits Eule's tower, he is first received by a servant. When Renatus asks to speak with Eule, he is told by the servant that the Mistress is currently sleeping, as it is day time. Would he like to see lord Günther instead?