Chapter 1: The Council of Fengheld

"Sure, why not ?"

(Splitting off into seperate topics. Into the Wolf's Den for Renatus and Visiting Fengheld's Library for Ludovicus.

The next evening, the three magi meet again.

"I have spoken to Caspar, and he has confirmed to me that there will be a turb of grogs assigned to us when we leave for the chapter house. About a dozen of them, which will replace those currently there with Indulius. Fabianus told me that will also travel with a few additional servants and craftsmen, as well as the supplies we need to complete the covenant. That," he adds, "includes the lab equipment that we will need to properly install our personal labs there, as well as a visitor's lab. We may not get all of the lab supplies at once, but should have all of them before a year."

"Good. I hope I haven't made you wait too long. Do you know if they managed to cater for my need of a Latin speaker grog among them ?"

"Caspar said he'd look into it. Though some of the grogs do pick up a bit of Latin as they become more experienced, it isn't common by any mean. Most often, those who do are often the squad leaders, who use it to interact with the magi. But he said that there was one possibility that might pan out before we have to leave."

"What about you, were you able to learn what kind of library we would be able to bring with us?"

"It seems that spelltexts are not really an issue, at least those we need for now. Concerning Summae and to a lesser extend tractatus, only older or damaged books can leave the walls of Fengheld. We met with Horst who suggested we could bring 2 summae each in addition to the spelltext we talked earlier..."

"Yes, and I'll be copying what I hope is a decent Vim summa this coming season, to bring with us to the chapter house. How often, do you think, will we be granted leave to return to the library here?"

"Hmmm," Renatus says, "I'm not certain, but the Council has charged us with developping the chapter house, so they will expect us to spend most of our time there. Out of hand, I believe that one of us will reasonably be allowed to spend a season per year studying here. But not the first year, since they want us to strongly establish our presence in the bog before next summer's tribunal meeting, where the creation of the chapter house will be formally announced."

He shrugs, "We will be busy the first year, anyway, as we will probably want to set up our sancta and laboratories. This will take half of the year, after which we'll want to study from the texts we brought and learn some spells. As well as learn more about the area around the bog. And of course harvest the vis source and try to discover more."

"Indeed we won't have a lot of time for study in the first year. Still It's probably useful to bring a bit more that what we'll be able to study in a year, especially labtexts so that we can adapt to the situation there and make some enlighten choices. Is the chapter house given small stock of virtus, in addition to what is needed for Aegis, shall the necessity of producing enchantment occur ?"

"Not much," Renatus answers, "just a few additional pawns. It is understood that, should we need vis for specific projects, we will submit a request to Fengheld and they will send us the vis. We can also use our personal vis stocks for a covenant-related task and ask the Council to compensate us for it, provided the use is justified." He nods, "I have a few pawns accumulated myself, so I may be able to front a few such expenditures if needed."

We'll have to bring the list of what we need to master Horst, As we'll have only 2 seasons of study the first year, I plan to bring Ritual Communion as you suggested so that we can both learn it and a Rego summae so that i'm sure to be able to learn Gather the Magical Essence in a single season next year. In case our plan change I'll also bring an intelligo primer and Clothe the Naked Form. One thing is certain, we'll have to get other books for the next year either by making the travel to Fengheld in one year or by arranging for redcaps to deliver them and pick our books.

"As I'll probably need to attend to the Council meeting here to report on the progress at the chapter house," Renatus says, "I should be able to bring them back with me, as well as return those that we no longer need."

"That would be very convinent indeed. Do we have a map of the areas around the covenant ?"

"I'm afraid not," the scarred Jerbiton answers, "though mapping out the area would certainly be a good idea once we are there.. He thinks for a moment, "Perhaps we could even ask the redcaps to provide us with copies of those maps they have. They might not have the level of details we wish for, but they would give us a head start on that. I've been told that the chapter house is somewhere between Hamburg and a town named Honovere, south of the Lüneburg Heath. Would you see the redceps and find out whether they have anything on this area?"

(OOC: I haven't had time to make a map, and am unlikely to have time soon. But do a search on Google Maps for "Grundloser See, Walsrode, Germany". That's where the chapter house is located.)

(ooc : we can still pretend we have one in game to use with certain spells even if you don't draw it ^^)
"Sure, maybe If you're both finished with your books selections for the year to come I can bring the list to Master Horst and ask him at the same time."

(OOC: Indeed, you can consider that the redcaps provide you with a general map of the area. It just shows the main watercourses and towns of Lower Saxony.)

"If you can arrange for a summa in Mentem or Aquam for me, that would be good. Please also ask Theodorus to arrange for a copy of a good work on Artes Liberales for the chapter house." He also gives you a list of lab texts to be added to the list.

(OOC: I'll add those to the list in thge library thread.)

Renatus prepares a list of every books and labtexts we arranged, he also mentions Renatus Ex jerbiton's wish for a copy of a good work on Artes Liberales for the chapter house to be done by a scribe at Fendheld. The list of wishes is separated by magus. He then brings the list to Master Horst for agreement.

"Sorry to disturb you again master Horst, I bring you the list of all the books and labtext we ask for the chapter House" He hands the list to master Horst "Renatus Ex Jerbiton also asked If Theodorus could arrange a good worl on Artes liberales for the chapter House"

Horst looks over the list and says he will speak with Theodorus about selecting the appropriate books to fulfill your list.

(This pretty much completes this chapter of the saga.)