Chapter 1: The morning after

I assume that this is when Simon appear. Polycarpus is at the time busy in his laboratory. Anyone still at the covenant can make a post as well.

Does Simon have a lab here yet?

Yes there is a lab for Simon.

Then that is where is has been this entire time.
Only just now does he emerge...

(speaking in Greek) [color=red]I have done it! I have perfected my Maximum Pain Relief Formula!

Polycarpus and Simon meets later at dinner time, any other magus or maga that remains at the covenant may also join. Polycarpus to Simon: How goes your research?

[color=red]Fantastic! I have just invented a formula that will ease and alliviate pain for an entire season.
This lamb is good! Juicy, and lots of garlic. The way I like it.Pass some more of that Manesta please? Not the Oviolemono. I hate that stuff.

Most interesting, Polycarpus pause for a moment, as you know my spell casting hurts me quite a bit. Please tell me more… Personally I am into bringing hermetic magic closer to Plato’s theories so I have been experimenting with some elemental magic. It would sure be nice to have a tame water elemental around here.

[color=red]That may be a little extreme. How will my mother react when she walk in to find a living water squid playing in the fountain?

As for your painful magic, I think I can help with that. Maybe. I am familiar with the condition, but i have never encountered it. I am unsure if it is a physical pain caused by the syrge of magical energy, or if the pain occurs on some metaphysical/spiritual level.

Polycarpus sip some vine. In my case it is a most physical pain it goes from my chest to where ever my magic is released. So you can guess that I prefer spells with touch range rather than those that need eye contact. I have heard of some magi with a condition similar to mine who cast spells then drink a tonic of pain reliever that make them drowsy instead and then drink some tincture that invigorates their bodies. Is it really good for ones health to have those habits? Polycarpus looks a bit worried. Another thing… Do you know much about the diseases of animals? Sheep in particular? I heard of something strange going on around a few sheep flocks some distance into the island. My maid told me and she is a little worried for he brother who keeps sheep further into the island.

[color=red]If it is merely a physical pain, then it can be suppressed with Rego-Corpus as natural. However, I suspect that there is something more to the condition than that, otherwise magi with the affliction would just create an enchanted ring or something to counter it. I am sure it exists on a different level of consciusness rather than the physical alone. But i am willing to experiment if you are :smiley:

As for animals, that isn't really my thing. I mean, any of us could invent animal healing spells, I just as well as anyone. But my focus is in human anatomy and physiology.

Polycarpus: I see… With a tone of hesitation. Sure one experiment or so would not be that ill for me. Rego corpus magic is not a difficult thing to make but tinctures of a more natural magic have I not yet used. But I am willing to try. Do you have any recipes that I can hand to an apothecary or do you have anything in store? If you don’t mind then could you consider taking a look at the farmer’s sheep? I suspect that someone of your magical interest is quite skilled at Creo and I think that it will be a good thing for our covenant to gain good relationship with our neighbors.