Chapter 1 - Travels to Horsingas and Six Pillar Hill

thread for the magi heading to Six Pillar Hill and Horsingas, should the magi kick off that invitation.

Maximillian has sent a letter to both convenants expressing apologies for an unavoidable delay due to recent attacks on the order.

[i]Delays due to recent and very substantial attacks on the order across Europe (and from what we are hearing other areas as well). It is currently unknown when we will be able to attend as we deal with the ramification effects of these attacks. We wish to apologise for this unexpected and unavoidable delay and trust you understand that our delay in no way reflects on our good intentions to establish positive and mutually beneficial relationships with you. We hope that you have been informed of these events and that you were not too badly affected; either directly or indirectly. We hope that we will be able to meet with you when these matters are resolved.

We welcome any additional news you may have on these events and will send news of any updates should we receive them. When we are able we will send word, and if convenient for you will be pleased to meet.

Per. Covenant of StormWatch.[/i]