Chapter 1: Tribunal of 1221 (ooc)

This thread is there to deal with the ooc parts of the Tribunal.

There are several decisions you have to take

  1. Who goes to tribunal? I recommend, most/all magi go, because this event may take several months to roleplay. If you want your magus to remain at the covenant and do research instead, you should consider playing a grog
  2. Who else goes to tribunal? How many of the grogs and servants do you take with you? Who remains behind at the covenant site?
  3. What do you take with you? Which books, vis, other things?
  4. How do you transport yourthings?
  5. Do you walk? It's about a week away, if you walk.
  1. Cornelius certainly wants to go. I think it's safe to say that all the magi will want to go. It's our first Tribunal meeting since Gauntlet and we will be officially registering as a new covenant. From an out-of-character point of view it would certainly be boring for one of the players to leave his magus at home and play grogs. From an in-character point of view it would probably be preferable to leave at least one magus at the covenant, but the ooc penalty in this case is just too severe.

  2. We should probably only bring 1 or 2 grogs with us. We need to leave at least some of them to protect our new home. And with that many magi we should probably be able to defend ourselves on the road.

  3. We should bring all the books that were copied for trade. We should keep the originals. Same for the lab texts of spells. We should bring all of the vis we have so far, in case we can use some of it to purchase books. We'd also bring a sizeable amount of silver (20-50 pounds), in case we can purchase (or order) some mundane books.

  4. We have teamsters, who probably use donkeys to carry stuff to the covenant. We can use a few of those to carry the heavy stuff (books, silver and provisions for the trip).

  5. We should walk until we reach the Rhone, then if possible hire a boat to carry us down the river to Avignon. Then walk the rest of the way. If we can't hire a boat, then walk all the way. It's one of the well-travelled roads for pilgrimages, so we should be reasonably safe. And it's not like any of us has a magical mean of transportation. :laughing:

  1. Clovis is going
  2. I believe we should take one shield grog each, specially if we walk to there.
  3. We should take all vis, the labtexts we copied, the books we copied (no occitan summa) leaving a copy of each book St' avery wrote and taking all the rest.
  4. We should take a horse drawn cart to put the docments, in well protected boxes.
  5. 1 week walk seems reasonable to me, still that's not the most dignified transportation, If we can find a second cart for our transportation that would enable us to arrive without exhaustion and to me a better impression.

If we bring 1 shield grog each, then that leaves none at the covenant. We only have 5 grogs. Doesn't seem wise to me to leave no grog at the covenant. :wink: We can bring a couple of servants instead.

As for a cart, if we want to cut across the mountains to the Rhone, then it may make travel more difficult unless it is a very small cart. I believe that much of the transportation of goods in the area of the covenant area was done with donkeys in this time period. The books and lab texts can still be well-packed into waterproofed boxes for the trip, even if those are strapped unto donkeys. But if Pralix says a cart can be used I'm all for it.

Alright, leaving no grogs isn't the best idea, also Clovis will certainly agree we don't need all this security because everything will be fine (Optimistic) and even if that turns bad and we're stolen of something, that's not a big deal (carefree).

Well I wrote horse drawn, but sure a donkey is fine.

You have got 4 of these (but your donkeys are uglier): ... 019168.jpg

We'll probably be using two of those, then. Since Cornelius has travelled this road previously (that's how he arrived at the covenant), then he would know whether the road is practical for them.

They'll do.

This sounds fine to me; St. AVery would like to bring Emily along - mainly because Tribunal is fun, and they'd both like to see their friends and family from Negravala(?) again.

I'm assuming that St. AVery is leaving the original copies of the books, but that he actually IS brining the original Clarified Texts - as the (3x) mass-trading benefit offsets the fact that he'll have to spend another season clarifying texts.

And yes, I agree that we should bring our vis stocks - although St. Avery would like to trade his (newly-acquired) 3p of Rego Vis for 5 pawns of Terram vis - as he'd like to make a flying rock sled, so as to avoid having to make this trip again by foot.

He'd also like to propose that we offer to lease out the new vis source to any experienced magi who wish to study it. (once a year it counts as an XP source, if you don't collect the vis from it.) If anything, it's BETTER as an XP source than it is as a Vis source, as it gives 1p of vis a year, but counts as 6p of vis if you want to study its annual mystic experience. This only grants a 1d10+3 xp, but it works for someone who studies it up to Rego lvl 30. So...basically archmagi. But it's still a good deal if we only charge them the equivalent pawns of vis (1 Technique or 2 Form) - and it's a nice favor we do for the tribunal.

Bastion has no pressing research so he'll certainly tag along, he'll bring the lab texts of the healing circle spell he made.

Correct me if I am wrong. If you don't I will start an ic thread tomorrow based on the following assumptions.

You want to travel by mule cart (2 teamsters).
You travel without servants and without any grogs.
You bring all texts you have a spare copy of and all vis.

Emily is coming along, and she TECHNICALLY counts as a servant. And Emily will want to have at least 1 body-servant to share between the two of them, as they've both been to Tribunal before (as apprentice/sister-to-apprentice), and they know how busy it can get.

I'd like to bring at least a few shield grogs, just to act as meat-shields in the case of bandit attacks. Because - let's face it: we've got all the expensive stuff from home with us. Guarding our hole-in-the-ground labs and 2 books is nice (and sure - someone has to do it), but we're actually more important than that.

(So I'd say 3 servants and 3 grogs.)

Actually, to recapitulate what we've stated previously...

We are bringing 2 grogs (leaving 3 behind to guard the covenant)
We are bringing 2 servants (leaving 3 behind to keep the covenant in order)
We are bringing 2 teamsters and 2 carts with the associated mules.
We are bringing the 3 copies of the Rego summa (leaving the original behind), copies of the spell lab texts and all the vis.

I suggest that we also bring the original of the Vim summa, so that we can show it around and promise to make copies to be delivered within a year of the Tribunal meeting.

They've already been copied 3x each; With a 5+1 skill level, Emily can copy 36 level's (18 + 3x ability level) worth of summae in 1 season; that allows her to make 6 copies (at -1) of them in 1 season; Unless it's understood that such a delayed bargain could be made, in which case, sure. That would allow us to have a L6Q11 book made, instead.

From what is indicated in ArM5 p.166, a scribe can copy (Scribe) points of summa in a season, or 3 times as much if copying quickly.

So, by my calculation, that means Emily can quick-copy only 18 points (i.e. Level) of summae in a season. So she didn't have time to copy the Vim summa, only the Rego summa and the lab texts. At least, according to the seasonal activities on the wiki.

Elizabeth will go. People to talk too! Things to see! Cases to vote on!

Hm. My book says the following:

"Every season that a character spends copying a summa carefully, she accumulates points equal to 6+her profession score...(for copying quickly) she gains 18+3 times her Profession: Scribe score."
Her skill is 5+1, so that makes copying quickly be 18+3(5+1) = 18+3(6) = 18+18 = 36.

Is this a Revision/Edition difference? As I've got an extra +6 written in there.

My bad, I misread. It is indeed 6 + Scribe. :blush:

Correcting the wiki now.

From the in-character topic:

It has been clarified in the last few posts here that we have copies of both the Rego and the Vim summae available by the time we leave for Tribunal. Your underlining of the Art (singular) seem to imply that we don't? (It is an ambiguous change, since "summae" is still plural.)

Seems like an excessive reaction, perhaps? We have 3 normal-Gifted magi (Bastion, St.Avery and Clovis) in a group of 11 people. None of the magi have Blatant Gift. Provided that the normal-Gifted magi stay in the background during any interaction with mundanes, we shouldn't have that extreme a reaction.

ArM5 p.75 states:

So far, we are simply passing through another village, without having spoken to anyone, and children are throwing stones at us? It seems to me like a reaction that would be directed towards someone with a Blatant Gift, not a fairly large group including some magi with a normal Gift. Is this a reaction that will be typical for this saga?

Just trying to gauge how "normal" such a reaction to us passing through might be, before we react. After all, the group includes two visibly armed and armored guards, so it seems bold and aggressive for the children to do that. So this might be an atypical reaction. We simply need to know. 8)

In English, only the second of compound nouns is modified in plural: strawberry cake - strawberry cakes
C'est l'héritage francophone qui nous fait penser qu'il faut modifier le premier mot aussi: *strawberries cakes

In other words, the art summae means the summae on arts.

As for the reaction of people in general, there are several people dressed as magi traveling (clothes), and more than one is obviously gifted. If you see a group of people and some of them look dodgy, you'll suspect them all at first. It's like shit and wine:
If you have a barrel full of shit and add a spoon of wine the result is shit. If you have a barrel of wine and add a spoon of shit the result is still shit. :smiling_imp:

The kid's reaction is mildly unusual. After all, you have been travelling through 10 or 20 villages without being attacked by children. But then, children are not robots (except when they are :mrgreen: )