Chapter 10: A council meeting

Aelianus has summoned his soldaes to the council hall. Once everyone is there he speaks. Soldaes I have heard word that at the next tribunal there will be a vote on establishing the Lotharingian tribunal. I would like to hear your view on the matter.

Since his return, Hiems has been busy with Clara and Edward, and spent much time with one of them or both, simply enjoying the compagny of his wife and their child.

The council meeting is a disturbance to him, but a duty, so he'll be the first to answer aelianus call...

The What?

(Yeah, spending your time split between family and lab leaves one little room for gossip and politics)

I have to agree with Wirth , whats a Lotharing? Do we care?
Iolar does not pay a lot of attention to politics either

Aelianus: The Lotharingian tribunal is a new tribunal formed from some of the Rihne and Normandy tribunal. (Aelianus gives a long explanation and it is obvious that he likes the idea) It is the best of both worlds. I personal long for a tribunal where I don’t have to defend what is rightfully mine from fellow magi of the Order and where the feudal system is no more, at least for magi.

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OOC , Yes I know what the Lotharingian tribunal is , just in character I pay little attention to such matters
"Oh yes , someone stole some of our supplies a while ago I remember that annoyed a lot of people. I expect this new tribunal will annoy a lot of people , particularly the ones who are already strong, so if we support it won't we make a lot of enemies? Really I have had enougth of enemies for a while

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Aelianus: Yes that is a distinct possibility but if we can summon enough support for this then I will spend a few seasons crafting weapons for our allies. Enough to deter any who would like to cause trouble to us. Even if I just built lesser items with expiry date it would be more fire power than most magi in any covenant could muster. Force alone we can deter with some determination.

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"If you really thinks its going to lead to violence perhaps we should avoid supporting the issue. I don't see what anyone could gain from creating a new tribunal which is worth killing someone.

IMO, we should try to position ourselves to become an important faction. Pro or against it.

For that, we should avoid engaging ourtselves yet. Once we've chosen a side, we're no longer interesting.
We should make it know that the matter interest us, so that both sides will try to sway us. The more favours we can gain before, the more powerful we'll be later.
Becoming a powerful covenant in a new tribunal would be better, of course. But we should'nt rule out this one if we can grab enough concessions.

Remember that one half of our Sigils are in possession of Florum. We are a very weak voting block at the moment. How can we strengthen our position? We have the gift of 300 pawns of silver. Should we use it to pay off our debt or strengthen Novus Mane so we become more independent later?

Wirth frowns

I had forgotten that :imp:
I'd say pay of our debt. We won't be able to do anything, shackled like this.

Aelianus: Florum is a strong supporter of the Lotharingian tribunal and so am I. Supporting Florum would give us freedom as well as there will be no feudal imitations in the new tribunal.

Because Florum is a leader in making the Lotharingian tribunal and we are their vassal we will be voting for the new tribunal. Given that and that if it passes we will have our independence but are we ready for it? How close are we to supporting ourselves without selling all of our vis? We need reports on how the fishing fleet is coming and any other efforts we have made to increase our income. Can we have Mistress Boone to tell us any updates. Then we will be able to decide what we need to do to fill in the gap.

Aelianus: I will look into the matter.

By now everyone knows that this task will be conducted by the first minion Aelianus gives the order, he does not like to concern himself with simple mundane matters.