Chapter 11: Light of the Spring Sun

Pedro Gonzalez, one of the lowly servants, shakes his head and grumbles as he sees to the task. He places a single small log in the fireplace, which is the symbolic action that triggers the enchantment producing magical flame enough to mildly warm the hall.

Marie doesn't acknowledge Gonzalet action in any way, but a chair deflty moves away from the table and Marie collapses into it. A scroll opens itself in front of her. She pours over the letter until the others arrive.

Octavian enters the hall quietly. The winter season had drained all the color from his face into a porcelain white mask. He took seat near one end of the table in silence. His robes were slightly darker than the last time the council had met, but still there were traces of blue with the reflection of light.

Ameline arrives straight from her morning prayers. She is wearing her usual grey wool habit and considers the warmth of the room. She settles into a seat with bible in hand and seems to be reading it while making small notes. She has over the seasons managed to continue to spend most of her free time tutoring and working with the children of the covenant.

Vares arrives at the hall in silence, his mien outwardly subdued, manner unremarked despite the weight of the occasion. He does not take his place right away, moving around the periphery instead. His attention is directed both on those assembling and on other matters.

Wrapper in fine black and red cloth with gold embroidery and jewelry, Dimir Taar enters the room as if owning the place, pausing slightly enough to make his presence aknowledged by all. Then, having drawn attention, he walks calmly to his chair, seats himself comfortably. A gesture to a servant in order to have a cup of fine wine, and then, drawing a faceted purple crystal, he absorbs himself in its colored defts, gazing to sights unknown.

Carmen arrives dressed in fancy feminine attire (for a change). She carries herself with the regal countenance that is to be expected of a maga. She sits amonst the others, drinking a glass of wine, waiting for the arrival of the Pontifici.

The Pontifici enter the chamber, Archmagus Antonio of Flambeau and Rodrigo of Mercere. Antonio is accompanied by Captain Alexandro and Sergeant Moe Mendez, Rodrigo is accompanied by the Steward and Chamberlain (two unnamed characters not yet created). Following behind them is Jehan, Rodrigo’s apprentice.
A roll-call of the membership is made…
• Senior Potificus Archmagus Antonio Perez of Flambeau
• Pontificus Rodrigo of Mercere
• Master Marcellus Glacius of Flambeau
• Master Dimir Taar of Verditius
• Master Xalbador Inigo Elezar of Flambeau
• Master Octavian of Tremere
• Mistress Marie Norris of Tytalus
• Mistress Viola of Merinita
• Mistress Carmen of Flambeau
• Master Decimus Scribonious Lepidus of Mercere

[color=green] Antonio:
[color=red]Okay, everyone line up. All of you have voted by secret ballot (the balloting process consists of each of you secretly placing a red or green token into a bag, green affirms and red denies)[color=red]. The Pontifici of Andorra, Rodrigo of Mercere and myself, have counted the ballots; producing this sworn, signed, and sealed scroll containing the results.

He hands the scroll to Jehan, whose ceremonial duty is to carry the scroll to Rodrigo. Rodrigo opens the scroll and reads aloud the results.

[color=red]By majority ballot, the Council of Andorra has elected the following petitioners to receive membership as Journeymen of Andorra…
• Vares of Flambeau
• Ludovicio of Tytalus
• Ameline Ex-Miscellanea,
• Valentino of Flambeau
• Txatxu Sorgina Ex Miscellanea

After a short pause, he continues. [color=red]
The following petitions were declined, but applicants are invited to try again in the future once they gain more experience and dedication to the cause…
• Theseus of Merinita
• Gerardo of Verditius

another pause
[color=red]The vote for Kallista of Merinita is as of yet undecided.

Totals (for/against): Vares (7/3), Ludo (6/4), Ameline (9/1), Valentino (9/1), Txatxu (7/3), Theseus (3/7), Gerardo (1/9), Kallista (5/5)

Octavian raises his hand. "It is Octavian of Tremere." He corrects. "And I remove myself from this covenant by year's end. Good day."

He bows and walks off.

Ameline rises and moves towards Octavian, "Sodalis, for you to leave us is your choice but I would ask that you speak what objections that you have so that perhaps they can be addressed. Is there something that provokes you to prepare to depart from this society?" Considering that he is queasitor and the infernal is likely to target this covenant, it makes any weakening suspect.

(My bad! Octavian of Tremere. That was not a roll call error, that was me being sloppy at some early morning hour)

Anyways, after Octavian storms out, Inigo gets up and follows him to try to talk. The meeting otherwise continues on as normal, though Antonio looks quite peeved.

He stops for a moment as if to consider the question. His hand rests gently on the door handle. He turns his head and glances towards Rodrigo for a brief moment. "My apologies, but there is little point." He leaves casually (OOC and not in a fuss Marko :p) through the door.

Marie looks up from her letter. "Does that mean, there is an empty lab? With all those new faces" - she looks at everyone who joined less than two winters ago - "we might run out of labs. Methinks, we have about a dozen - and we do not want to antagonize any traveling Mercere or other high-ranking guest. I suggest, we plan in some funds for more labs - including one that allows non-magical spying, perhaps? We might allow the magi just to set them up or we might demand something in return - from singing bawdy songs to writing a tractatus - I'm for the songs by the way."

Ludovico arrived in his usual manner of 'state'. When the results of the secret ballot are announced he smiles, then his attention is taken by Octavian and his announced departure. A slight frown comes over him then, and he clasps his hands behind his back as he stands impassively. He sighs slightly, then walks his way over to stand near Vares, giving him a nod. [color=red] "Mutual congratulations are in order it appears, my friend."

A slight smile crosses his lips, then he shrugs his shoulders and looks after Octavian. [color=red] "I am however less than well pleased at the decision of our local quaesitori. I am certain he has his own reasons however."

Dimir Taar looks deeply at Antonio, and then, gets up from his chair.

He bows to Carmen, hesitates a second, and then, with an amused but almost friendly smile, also bows to ameline.
You'll have to excuse me, myladies

And then, he follows the Quaesitor and Inigo

Marie observes Dimir's behaviour over the brink of her letter. She ponders his behaviour and tries to see how Antonio reacts to all these characters leaving so curtly.

Is it a game? A plot? Why the peeved (OOC: I had to look up the word!) look on Antonio's face when the Tremere left? How is he going to react to this second affront? Or is he in on the game?
She then tries to sneak an obtrusive glance at the others around the table.

(OOC: Marko: roll awareness dice secretly if he's trying to bluff)

Ameline speaks up, "Those of us becoming members will need to know what is available for permanent laboratories. There are obviously some things we would want probably. I know that I will want to have certain features that don't cost much but would be a primary focus, namely a place for treating patients and healing the sick. There are also obligations to fulfill in some way, I need to know what will be required of me though I admit that I have some unique talents with regards to casting rituals."

Marie asks Ameline:

Your practices won't defile our Aura here, will they?

Vares is expressionless as the preamble of the voting is read. He listens with interest to the results--and is somewhat surprised that his own petition, let alone Ludoviccio's, has been accepted. The two who are declined membership are a source of some uncertainty, as is the one undecided vote.

Whatever might be said next is forestalled by Octavian's announcement. That it was not made as part of the general declaration, combined with his manner, suggests that it was not the consequence of a simple change of venue, which would have been related in advance. He watches Octavian go--and the others after him.

He turns to meet Ludoviccio as the other Magus--Sodale--approaches. "Congratulations on your own admission. I have been wandering long enough that finding a place to become 'home' is...unusual."

"It should not. While my labwork is likely hard to understand for one that is not of the faith strongly, my lab will likely be one that any of the order could use without much effort. Ameline answers. Developing a dominion aura for her lab would take a lot of time and effort to achieve and not one that she is likely to take the steps for as of yet.