Chapter 12 - Light of Burning Bronze


”I do not seek to destroy them, only to make things even. If it brings them harm, so be it. Such is as they deserve. But even if they were to benefit somehow, such would be the will of Allah. I would hold no jealousy or ill will.”

”But are you certain this plan of yours will work? I will need certain assurances before I am willing to commit my resources. As I said, I will not gamble on your grudges. I need you to give me proof, something I can hold as a guarantee of profit if this plan of yours fails.”

”What is it you ask?”

:smiling_imp: ”His daughter. Bring her here to me.”

This takes place sometime after the council meeting. There are certain events that are still to unfold there, mainly concerning Inigo and Octavian. But after that, at night when everyone has returned to their sanctum &/or gone to bed, the following events take place.

First, an alarm is sounded. Dimir Taar hears it first as he is closest to it. It is an Imaginem effect enchanted upon the door of the Vault of Valdarius, designed to warn of intrusion. He will be first on the scene, and will discover that the giant marble slab which is the door has been reduced to rubble.

Other peole are runing around, your characters are reacting however they do. But within a few minutes there follows an explosion. The top floor of one of the towers, where Carmen's Sanctum is located, it is entirely engulfed in flames.

Dimir Taar puts on his gauntlet, lift his swords, and runs towards the alarm.

:imp: :imp: :imp:

Yes, he is visibly and clearly angered by this.

For a few seconds, Dimir Taar seems to hesitate. But then, he regains his cool. If carmen is dead, she's dead. If she's alive, the grogs will find her. But the Vault... This could be dangerous, and must come first.

Other peole are running around

I'll try something: MuIm base 1 (Change one sensation of an object, but not its type), Creo requisite (+1 mag, to enhance), R: Personnal, D: Mom (obviously), T: Ind (sound). I just want to enhance my voice to great levels, like if I had a speaker. Total magnitude: 2. Mu(Cr)Im: 8+aura. I don't need fatigue for this.

Once people around him quiet somewhat
This may be a distraction. You(to some guys), spread the order, seal the covenant at once. Nothing, no one, gets in or out until this is settled. You (points some grogs), go see to carmen, and ensure the fire doesn't spread. You (other group), split up. Alonso, Bartolomé and Camilo, come with me. Jorge, Elena and Esteban, guard the door. We need to ensure the vault is safe, and nothing gets stolen.

That being said, I cast my various warding spells, and then venture into the vault, the grogs at my side.

Marie hears the commotion. Paeaking out of her sanctum, she sees the fire. BOOKS IN DANGER!!! [size=50]Oh, and people, too.[/size]

She grabs her magical gauntlet and rushes to the burning tower. Yelling at the top of her voice, she directs her magic towards the fire, tries to grab it and yank it away from the structure into the sky over the inner courtyard where it will die.

ooc: Leap of the fire (ReIg10; 15 in this case for a bigger fire); spontaneous fatiguing magic: Re20 + Ig 6 + 1 yelling + 2 Stamina +5 aura [+ 6 Ignem (focus moving things)] = +29 [or +35]+ dice result
She will repeat this until she gets the fire extinguished. Then she will make a grog use the glove to refresh her.

Ameline hears the alarm and she takes off in the direction of Kesara's quarters as fast as she can. She knows her first duty and responsibility. She doesn't know how an enemy can easily use powers and abilities here but still she is going to be careful.

Your shout is most effective at putting an end to the panic & bringing the grogs to a state of discipline and order (and really it is more like confusion, as everyone is trying to find something to do about the alarm then the fire). Captain Alexandro and Sergeant Moses are placing the covenant on lock-down.

And I like the fact that you have named more of the custodes :slight_smile:
Alonso, Bartolomé, Camilo, Jorge, Elena, and Esteban shall be added to the rolls. Do you want to stat these guys or should I? Or are they wearing red shirts? :laughing:

Entering the vault, the disintegrated door seems to me the only thing amiss at first. No one has ever done a really good job of cataloguing the contents, but everything seems to be in place as far as you can remember. Though granted, the place is a bit jumbled and disorganized to begin with.
Except for one thing. Bartolomé points out a shattered glass case in one of the corners of an isle. Dimir Taar knows this as a case containing a rack of enchanted weapons. There is a battle-axe that can split the earth asunder (very huge, it takes a large strong man to wield it), a javelin that strikes like a bolt of lightning (a charged item that is almost empty), the Black Mace of Bertran of Flambeau (a member from an earlier generation, no one has bothered to investigate the weapon he left behind), and other things.
But one item is missing.
The Phoenix Sword of Andorra.

You mscalculated. You have 40 plus a die roll (20 + 6 + 1 + 3 + 5 + 6 = 40)
I rolled at home, got a "6". You are most successful. With your spell you pull the entirety of the fire out into the air where it quickly dies out.

Carlos and Oscar run up into the tower. Lots of damage, but no Carmen. She's gone.

That would be Inigo's sanctum. She is either safe with him (and he sends her with you back to your sanctum while he goes out to see what the situation is); or she is with Octavian. We will have to wait and see how Chapter 11 plays out, but either way she is protected (for now :smiling_imp: )

Thanks! :slight_smile: I thought it normal for DT to know their names, as they are "faithful and loyal servants".

I shall stat them more on the grogs page if nescessary and/or if I have the time. They're all 20-35 years old, as I see it. And no more red shirts than any man out there :wink:.

GREAT!!! :smiley:
Save for the sword, I shall stat them one day, and included them on the wiki :smiley:
This can't be good. They knew the place. Stay alert. The ennemy may still be here.

Ameline is glad to have Kesara with her and heads back to her sanctum.

Marie reflects for a moment before casting three spells on herself: Wizard's sidestep for defense, then eyes of the owl, which is an easy trick that adapts her eyes, which she makes up on the fly, and then her flying spell, which she uses to rise into the air the other magi. She notices some commotion at the part of the covenant that houses the treasure vault, but looks out for foes fleeing the covenant (though she has little hope of success - she knows quite well that someone who can enter Andorra unbidden so easily probably has the power to teleport away.

ooc: Anyone of you strong at intellego - there are tons of spells I'd love to cast - but I can't (that is something to learn int he lab for me!!!).

To refresh your memory, the last one to wield the sword was Rodrigo. He is actually a very weak magus, so he depended on using a lot of old enchanted devices to compensate. He had the sword with him during is seven year Twilight. You will recall that, upon his return, he gave it back to Antonio who gave it back to you (Dimir Taar), because it was acting strangely and needed a check up. The one who held the sword before that was Antonio. He had stored Ignem vis in it at one time, drawn from the defeated effreet many years ago. He botched with this vis, reforming the jinn during his battle against the giant's cousin. The Phoenx Sword of Andorra dates back to the Schism War, and is ment to symbolize a rebirth of the Order. It was created by your ancestor, Valdarius of Verditius (turned Flambeau). It is chock full of enchantments, some understood and others still a mystery.

Yeah, that's the scary part. You guys have a level 60 Aegis. Yet whoever is responsible for all of this has enough power to enter and use high level spells/powers withinside. Maybe it was an inside job? Or maybe you are dealing with something with an earth shaking power level.


Okay, back over here (the juicy bits!).

Marie is scouting around and can detect no sign of the intruder. In fact, the custodes report that there is no sign of break in. Maybe they teleported or maybe they flew (though no one reports spotting any unusual flying about). The only physical signs are the shattered vault door, the stolen sword, and the explosion in Carmen's sanctum.

Antonio is of course freaked out and totally raging. He has some Intellego. No sign of Carmen though. That is frustrating, as he should be able to locate her (he has an AC after all). Then he tries "Tales of the Ashes".
His face grows grim, then twisted in anger.
Then he shouts...


He speaks of course of the efreet.

Uh-Oh (not that DT wouldunderstand him, as he's in the Vault)

News eventually reached you down in the vault. Sergeant Augusto comes to you, accompanied by two mail-clad soldiers.
[color=red]Master Dimir Taar, I have been sent to assist you in securing the vault. The Seven Champions have been ordered into action and every guardsman has been put on active duty. I have also been informed that there is an emergency meeting to be convened in one-hour, upon orders from Master Antonio. He believes that Khyron is behind this attack, and that he has disintegrated or abducted Mistress Carmen.

When Marie sees her worst fears confirmed, she returns to the ground and goes to find the Verditius in the Vault.

Oh. I see...
Thank you, Augusto. This is bad news indeed. I've already given orders to guard the entry. We're making sure everything's okay, although I doubt our ennemy's left. Still, we must make sure he left no traps behind him.

Well, as a magus of the covenant, I guess the guards let you enter the vault, as I gave no specific orders against that.
And as we're searching and ensuring everything's okay, we're slow, so you'll find us soon enough.

Yes, they let her pass because of her rank as Mistress. If she were a Journeywoman, they might have required her to wait until they informed you she was here and get your permission. But she is of equal rank.

Marie, right after the part where Antonio shouts, you see the rapid rush of activity. The orders are issued, the custodes assemble in the yard, the Seven Champions rally around Captain Alexandro (who is also quite angry and upset, since Carmen is his sister), and you see Antonio give the orders for the emergency meeting in one hour.

You head down into the underground passages and tunnels, eventually reaching the Vault of Valdarius. You see that the massive stone block that was its door is now a pile of dust and rubble.

Unaware of who knows what Marie storms into the Vault, and informs Master Taar of the events above ground, as far as she witnessed them.

She also asks what this place is exactly and if anything important is missing.

ooc: there is a bit of chaotic redundancy at the moment (which befits the in-game situation), but I suggest to proceed to the meeting as quickly as possible so everyone is can post more easily.