Chapter 1a: A Faerie Regio in the Temple of Neptune

The doors are solid marble; there are no visible hinges, and Viola is too small to open them.

Viola pauses, hands on her hips. Just to see what will happen, she tries pressing on the doors, and then, if that doesn't work, knocking.


Gregorius frowns, and repeats his question.

"Viola? Is there an urgency to explore the regio I don't understand? At the very least, we should inform our other sodales of it before passing through - I am not sure if either of them have the Sight or magic to find it without assistance."

Viola turns, looking annoyed. "You....Can, yes?" She then points to the Cat: "She sees."


(Actually, you should roll to determine how well you do see.)

Not very well: Per +2 + Second Sight 3 (2 with a spec. in regiones) + stress die 2 = 7

While she's there, though, the Cat might have a look (but she's not going inside):

Per +4 + Second Sight 4 + stress die 8 = 16

Oh yeah, and Constantine:

Per +1 + Second Sight 4 (3 with a spec. in regiones) + stress die 14 = 19

I suppose I could have the kitten look as well, but she's not statted up yet. :slight_smile:


[Scott, I think you forgot to include the effects of the aura on your rolls.

Gregorius: Second Sight 3 + regiones speciality 1 + Per 3 + Aura (2?) + die 8 = 17? (]

Gregorius studies the door for a few moments, then turns and speaks quietly but intently to Viola.

"I can see it clearly. But nothing I can see is so pressing that it cannot wait until tomorrow, once we've settled in."

He pauses, and is visibly trying to surpress his frustatration. He then continues in a more normal tone.

"If you do intend to explore it now, do you require our assistance? I am loath to abandon exploring the covenant site."

That would make them 11, 18, and 21, respectively (unless Constantine somehow gets the benefit of Faerie Magic as a result of being bonded to a Merinita, but I don't think he does). However, for seeing into a regio, the important thing is the difference between the levels, because one is added to the score and one subtracted from it; therefore, I don't usually think about the base aura level as a straight modifier. :slight_smile:


Viola shakes her head. "Alone. And now. Needs now. Yes?" Seeing Gregorius's frustration, she pulls a quill from inside her her traveling cloak, and holds it out before her. In a moment, its image becomes that of a small writing slate, and as she speaks, the tablet fills speaks in place of her fractured grammar, as well as displaying moving pictures depicting her thoughts.

The tablet shows the doors opening and Viola entering the regio, and then speaks: "I need to do this now. To the faeries, we are visitors. It's hard to guess what etiquette these faeries follow, but they probably mimic Kipchak customs in some way, and hospitality is important to the Kipchaks. A good guest introduces herself immediately. The question of good etiquette is also why I need to go alone, rather than risk you or someone else saying or doing the wrong thing."

[Just to make sure she's right about all that:

Int +4 + Faerie Lore 3 + stress die 3 = 10. Also, she's got a specialization in faerie lords, if that's relevant, and after I finish modifying her for correspondences, Faerie Lore should be 4 rather than 3, so probably that roll should be an 11 or 12.

Int +4 + Etiquette 2 (1 w/spec. in faeries) + stress die 5 = 11]

The tablet pauses for a moment, and then, weirdly, begins to depict Viola in the midst of lab work. "Also, I'd like to start setting up a lab as soon as possible, and I would prefer to locate it in a regio." The tablet pauses once more, as Viola looks reflective. "And right now, I'm bored."


Viola's knowledge of Faerie Lore confirms that this would be a reasonable assumption to make if the inhabitants of this regio are influenced by the current local human tribes, however, she also knows that, being located inside the ruins of an old temple to pagan worship, and that unless the local Kipchak tribes still observe pagan practices (and they don't), these faeries are likely to be more influenced by the past than the present.

The cat, Constantine, and Gregorius can all see that there is a regio boundary, but none of their rolls are sufficient to see the way into it (the aura outside is magical, but the regio within is faerie).

Anyone with local area lores or perhaps any lores relating to pagan rites and/or protocols?

[Just to check: I thought we were inside the (remains of the) temple within a faerie aura, and there was a second faerie regio to which the doors led?]

[Gregorius doesn't have any appropriate lores. His knowledge of pagan rites probably extends to "they're probably secretly infernal, and even if not they're still not a good plan."]

Gregorius relaxes slightly, and nods.

"Ah, I see a little better now. Thank-you. In that case, I will leave the matter to your expertise, and concentrate on the more mundane covenant site. Please send a message informing us of the method of opening the regio before you go through, however?"

With that, he leaves a few grogs with Viola (including any she's particularly taken to working with, or requests he leave), then leaves with Theodoric and the other grogs.

[Jean-Michelle, what's Aetos doing at this point? Gregorius will expect him to come with him, but will leave it to Viola if he wishes to stay.]

He's heading next for the stone tower, and asks Theodoric what he knows of it.

[I'm glad Viola is less braindead than I am today.] In any case, hospitality is an important value in many cultures.

Viola has a score of 1 in Black Sea Lore, with a specialization in the northern coast, and there's still a lot of Greek settlement in the area, though of course it's all Christian now.

Here, I'll roll a die for it:

Int +4 + Black Sea Lore 1 + stress die 4 = 9

I would think that this might be more a question of history, and so here's a Philosophiae roll:

Int +4 + Philosophiae 2 + stress die 8 = 14 (the specialization in moral philosophy not being real helpful here)


There is an altar in the portico; Viola knows that in the Hellenistic era, men would curry favour with the gods with a sacrifice, which in those times was actually more akin to a barbecue party. A large beast was slain, the skin, bones, and organs set upon an altar and burned, whilst the flesh itself was eaten by the men (usually an army).

OK, let's ask Theodoric where we might find a large beast. I would assume that the ring of trees around the site isn't big enough to support one, but the woods to the north might be.


(Sorry, should I be handling Theodoric for the purposes of this thread?)

Oops, I was wondering about that. You should be handling the forest. :slight_smile: Decide if it's likely to have a beast large enough, then speak through Theodoric, who's the one person here who would know--he is a grog, after all, and anyone can play him :slight_smile: (I hope to have him statted up in a couple of days. Right now, he's not likely to come with to the woods anyway, because he's helping Gregorius out, and so he just has to point us in the right direction.


Theodoric has been living here on his own that he should have no trouble guiding you to good hunting spots. Unfortunately he seems to be tied up at the moment so the timing is a little wonky.

Well, if he'll point us in the right direction, we're happy to go without him, unless he thinks that unwise, of course.