Chapter 1bis (Spring 1013) Arrival in Calais

«OK. I see.» The guards seem satisfied and turn to smalltalk as they go behind the workshop to inspect the other wagon. They brush past the horse, taking the care appropriate for a mundane, horse, into the backyard. The journeymen are just installing the last wheel and look up. «Oh, there you are. Just in time. The wagon is ready to go. We'll bring it to the front where you have the horses, for you.»

The guards raise a hand to caution them. «Let's just have a quick look first.» The look, however, is as cursory as for the first wagon, and they do not ask you to open the strongbox, where I assume the books and other unspeakable items are kept. It takes only a moment before the workers can bring the wagon to the front.

«OK, we have seen enough,» says the older guard. «Will you be staying? Waiting for lady ...» He hesitates. « ... Catelynne, maybe? Or are you heading North straight away?»

Benedict engages in the smalltalk, and when the older guard addresses him, he says, "I'll have to check with Catelynn, we'll either be leaving today or tomorrow. If she was out shopping, maybe she'll be up to travelling, I don't know. Do you need us to check in with you before we leave?"

«We were hoping to talk to Catelynn, when she ... euh ... returns.»

"I see. Well, I'll try to arrange it. Where can she find you?"

«At the gatehouse,» they say, pointing towards the palisade. «Thank you. One last matter. Have you seen a little boy, about ten years old, hiding around here?» They don't give much of a description. «Well, have you seen any boy on his own?»

You have, of course, seen a few boys in the crowd, but the one hiding under your wagon (did you see him at all?) was the only one who stood out.

Benedict shakes his head. "I saw a boy or two running around out in the market, before all the trouble started, but nothing other than that."

«OK. Thank you. Enjoy the fair, and stay out of trouble,» say the guards, as they bid their goodbye and move on to search the next stall.

You are off the hook and free to leave, or look up more trouble. What next?

Once they are out of sight, Benedict lets out a huge sigh, and half collapses into a lean on the horse.

Head near the long equine ears, he whispers, "Loki take me, I've never been closer to being burned at the stake. Maga, can we please stay out of towns from now on?"

Obstetrix's horse form does it's best to do a laughing sound. One never knows what awaits you in the future, though avoiding towns might be good as a general rule.

You get your horses and wagons and set off. Ruedi knows where to find the other magæ, but the path across the field is not suited for wagons. There is a decent carriage way going around the town to meet the main road to Nottingham North of town.

The bard (was it Finn or Flynn?) has already headed North, but nobody else knows that, certainly not for sure. The magæ in the woods had a magical gaol break in the brewing. I don't know if they do that before you meet up or afterwards,

This was the post. Not much has changed in my thinking. I'm waiting until the wagon is close to the woods, since Cath'rinne wasn't sure she'd still be standing after the effect.

What do you mean by «close to the woods»? If it means the same to you as to me, you damage the crops bringing wagons through the fields.

You see the wagon leaving the fairground, and stalling as Ruedi points out the footpath through the fields.

Mordred does as you ask, so you can continue from there. I was assuming you would tell me what you do in a little more detail when we get there.

No, I did not mean that close to the woods, I meant on the road, close enough that we could get out from the woods and into the wagon without attracting attention by walking through the grain field, and be ready to get on the way. Cath'rinne will not want to tary in the neighborhood, with a jailbreak. :smiley:

That would mean moving half a mile North through the woods.

Imagine a motte and bailey castle, with the motte North of the bailey, maybe a hundred paces across the two, and the bailey fifty paces wide. Around that there are fields extending at least 150 paces in each direction. You came on the main road from the South, leading straight through the fairground to the main gate. It also continues around the town, between the town and the fields on the Western side, towards where you are, and then onwards to Nottingham. There are a few lesser roads which are driveable, but they cut through the woods several hundred paces from where you are, and driving back to the main road, would bring you within spitting range from the town, although there are not that many people spitting from the motte.

You can of course, make your way on foot and on wings through/above the woods, and make rendez-vous on the main road where it enters the woods to the North. Half a mile if you move safely in the woods, quarter mile if you follow the edge around the fields. I don't think you make an agreement, but I guess Ruedi can run through the fields with instructions.

If nobody tells him differently, Benedict will be on the driving seat of the front wagon, leading the caravan down the main road toward Nottingham. (He's letting the grog drive but can also drive himself.)

Once they get back to the others, Obstetrix will resume her human form, and dress. "If we are to free the boy's father, it's best if just some of us move closer, preferably, those of us who are mobile. Cath'rrine, you can cast the spell to retrieve the boy's father, and once freed, he can ride on my back, to get back here."

Revising to take into account the other posts.

Cath'rinne, seeing the wagon exit the town, will return to the group in the wood - Betula, Ruedi and Mordred. She remains in heartbeast form, for now.

"They're leaving the town. Let's join them. I can try to help your father as we leave. Let's catch them on the north side."

She flies back to the wagon, trying as best as she can to lead the group in the right direction using her flying vengeance point of view as needed. She can inform the wagon as needed if the group is too slow. She will rejoin the inside of the wagon with Mordred, informing Benedict and the driver to go ten miles north, but not much beyond that "Some place I want to look up while we're arround here."

From there, she communicates her intent to Obstetrix. If the wagon is within 500 paces, she'll attempt her spell from within after asking Mordred to warn her father. If not, she'll abide by Obstetrix's suggestion, casting from the wood north of the town, so they can easily rejoin the wagon after.

The wagon continues North at a steady pace, making about five miles before sunset. The others regroup and move through the woods, and will catch up half-way. or so. Cath'rinne did not ask them to wait within 500 paces from the Motte (or elsewhere), did she? Finn was ahead, but I suppose he stops to wait for the wagons, so that he can join them before they camp.

I did not quite understand Cath'rinne's plan.

  1. What spell would she cast?
  2. She could fly down and creep inside the wagon as it approaches the woods North of town, while the others walk. The treeline is a couple hundred paces from the Motte.
  3. If she joins the group to guide them with care, the wagon will move out of the 500-pace range.

Quoting the spellcasting for ease of reference.

Either way she needs the kid with her. If necessary, she'll ask the wagon to wait until they catch up, but remain within that range.