Chapter 1d: Into the Wolf's Den

(In which Renatus has a private meeting with Günther Lupus, the filius of Mistress Eule of Bjornaer.)

The servant leads you up one floor to a fairly luxuous meeting room with a balcony that overlook the courtyard. He asks you to wait here while he fetches Günther. The wolfish Bjornaer arrives a few minutes later.

"Well, sodalis, how are you finding our covenant so far? Not yet wading into water that is too deep for your legs, I hope?" His pointed teeth catches your attention as he smiles.

Renatus is leaning on the guardrail considering the covenant's buildings. He returns Günther's smile, but doesn't really feel reassured.

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People have been welcoming so far. I still have to get used to the protocol and sense of hierarchy because the relations were very different in my previous covenant that was only made up of Bjornaer magi. But i'm confident I'll adapt just fine, this is one of the few covenants where I'll have a chance to accomplish my goals.
As for wading too deep, I wouldn't say so, yet my first two days were quite...interesting for the lack of better terms. You know like in the old curse "May you live in an interesting times", But overall I believe I served the covenant adequately which is not too bad considering I wasn't a member yet.

Anyway, I'm sure we all end up biting more than we can chew sooner or later, that's what sodales are for, work in team to rise to the challenge aren't they ?

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"You certainly have made an impression at the Council meeting. And some were wondering where you disappeared to between your arrival and that meeting. There were rumors that you'd decided to leave, much like that puffed-up Verditius did." The wolf-man paces in the small room as he speaks to you, looking at you after this last comment.

"I've made an impression indeed, a good one, probably not. Next time I'll make sure my words are more unequivocal, Its pointless to dwell on past mistakes. One way or another, I believe no one was expecting me to suggest I would ask Master Eule to be my Praefectum".

He turns to face Günther and adds

"From your reaction, I'd say you were especially surprised and maybe bewildered that She agreed to have an interview with me, am I right ?"

Renatus snorts as he tries to stop himself laughing out loud as Günther mentioned the hypothesis of his departure. "Well, whoever's spreading those rumors is either a joker or someone who doesn't know me. I'm astonished doing a small service on behalf of a member could lead to such non sense. I don't know how much that member will reveal about my actions, so I prefer to keep a low profile on this, but I won't apologize for helping a sodales and the covenant""

"Surprised? Not really. Or rather, surprised that you would be so clumsy as to announce it in front of everyone before discussing it with my mater. You realize, do you, that should she turn you down now, it is doubtful that any of the others senior magi will want to accept you? To be considered a second choice would be a loss of prestige for them. Which, for you, might very well result in being sent away at the end of your probationship, if not before that. So you've nicely cornered yourself on this issue."

"I, however," the pacing has resumed by now, "would not be so constrained. She is my mater, after all."

"You need to understand something, sodalis. My mater is old, whether she admits it or not. She may not have lost any of her magical prowess, but her grasp on day-to-day life is no longer what it used to be. So having her as your praefecta may mean that some of the things she asks you will be unrealistic." He smiles at you, "I just felt that you should be aware of that."

"Really?" Günther replies questioningly, "a service for one of the other members, leading to the discovery of a diabolist? My, my, you have been busy. You must tell me more about that, certainly!"

That's a generous offer, I already gave my feeling about our collaboration at the council. I still believe you'll be an excellent advisor that conversation shows I was right. Still, this exchange also confirms that I'll never be at ease at your side. I couldn't trust you with my guts even if logic tells me otherwise, instincts rushes me to leave your company at once. That's being said, I'm here standing next to you, so that's not something I can't deal with.

That's probably right, but I owe your mater an interview. I'll see for myself.

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Well I guess this isn't a secret, he mentioned he will rise the issue at the council anyway... I went to investigate an issue with a wine's merchant. It turned out he was a diabolist summoning demons in Peter's barrel to infect the drinkers with strong urges to drink more. The number of people infected is worrying to say the least...

The other Bjornaer shrugs, "Suit yourself. In this world there are only three kinds of people: Predators, Preys, and Pack."

More seriously, he adds, "However, should Eule asks you for some service, I'd advise you." he pauses, "advise you strongly, to speak to me first before undertaking it. As you've just seen at the Councile meeting, there can be unforeseen consequences to the most innocuous demand." That grin again, sending a shiver down Renatus' spine.

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"So, that what it was about. Hmmm... do you remember the name of the merchant, by any chance?" The wolfish grin is back, "I may have to take measures, if you get my meaning."

"and Bjornaer are led by a bird specializing in aquam " he smiles.

That's probably more than I could ever expect, thanks you.

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His name is Wolfgang Weintraub, be careful though the situation has already drawn the attention of the abbess...

"Well," Günther says, "House brothers and sisters fall into the Pack category... for the most part, so you don't need to worry about this."

Concluding the meeting, "You probably won't be able to see Eule today. Spending the day awake for the meeting probably exhausted her. But if you come back tomorrow after nightfall, she will probably be awake to see you."

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