Chapter 1e: Visiting Fengheld's Library

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"Well I wasn't clear, I'm sure all your books are in perfect condition or at least as good condition as you received them, probably often better. I've heard you're making an excellent job maintaining them. Let me rephrase this what's the most praised summae for beginner or tractatus in vim"

"Well, as I was explaining to the magus here before you arrived," Theodorich replies pateintly, "we have the most consulted summae in every arts already set up for study in the library. The beginner and intermediate summae on vim are both available for the next season, should you wish to study them. I can check the books titles and authors, if that is want you want to know."

(what season are we already ?)

That's probably what I'll do, I'll confirm in a few days. Let's move to labtexts, I'm sure Ludovicus already asked you about a spell to transfer virtus at voice range, we'll have to borrow this for sure. So I'll ask for something personal. I'll need to borrow a labtext for a spell that's common among Bjornaer magus, it's a spell to magically create clothes, It can be either Creo Herbam or Creo Animalem either way it's a low level spell. Is there such a spell in the library ?

"I believe so, magus," the librarian replies politely, if a bit stiffly.

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"Great, what about Wizard's communion I'm sure the library has some labtext about the spell, but in particular do you have a 4th magnitude version ? That would settle a whole year of study...
How does transport to the chapter Houses are handled ? Is there a transportation service at the covenant for such fragile documents?"

(OOC: You are probably interested in Ritual Communion, the D:Sun variant which can be used with ritual? I'll assume that's what Renatus said.)

"Of course, magus, we have texts for several variants of that spell. As for transportation, it is usually the magus who signs for those texts who handles that, or another of the members of his chapter house. We do not entrust arcane texts from the library to mere mundanes outside of the covenant grounds, except occasionally for redcaps."

(OOC : you're right Ritual communion it is, that makes reaching Renatus Ex jerbiton goal of 6 magnitudes way harder ^^)

I see, that was to be expected. We'll have to find a way to make this transportation safe. I'll ask Renatus Ex Jerbiton how he plans to transport his belongings.

maybe some of the senior magus could use magical teleportation, with adequate requisite they could carry books instantly and if the master the spell that's probably the safest way...

Does this also apply to books about mundane subjects ? We will probably need maps or books next year about the local geography of the chapter House and maybe about local myths and legends to help us finding new vis sources.

"Mundane books are still valuable, so we prefer when it is still the magi who handle them. And you still have to sign for them in any case. But there are certainly supply trains which will travel to your chapter house,, so they might be able to bring some books along. Or a redcap can carry them to you as needed, perhaps. It all depends on what Master Horst will authorize."

(OOC: The chapter house is only about a week's travel from Fengheld, so it's not that far anyway. Do you see the transportation of books as a significant problem at this point?)

(ooc : well a two weeks round trip is almost enough to lose part of a season of work if I remember well and we're going to travel in a bog, moisture and such are very bad for books, but maybe I'm just paranoid.)

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(OOC: Just to be clear, Theodorich indicated that to be allowed to take some books to the chapter house or to make copies, you will need to have it authorized by Horst. This may also apply to lab texts, to a lesser extent.)

"Very well. It seems we should speak with Master Horst to see what he will allow. Theodorich, what is the best way to meet with him? Is it likely he will see us if we go to his rooms, or does he have an attendant with whom we can make an appointment?"

"Master Horst usually spends his day at the Mercer House," he considers the both of you before adding, "that is the large building right beside the stables. If he's not there, the redcaps on duty should be able to tell you whether he can be disturbed or not."

" Thank you for your Help Theodorich "

He then walks towards the exit of the library to consult with Ludovicus whether he wants to visit Master Horst now.

"Yes, thank you Theodorich."

To Renatus: "I think we should go visit Master Horst now. I will definitely need to copy any summae that I plan on using, to avoid damaging the original, so I will ask him about that. We should also ask about the different spells we require. For those that we can't learn this season, we should find out if we can have them sent to the chapter house at a later date, or if we have to copy them too."

Alright, let's meet him.

Horst proves to be present at the building where the Mercer House has its operations. The two young magi are surprised at the relatively low-key activities going on there. A pair of redcaps are reading messages and penning down notes, with Horst himself doing pretty much the same thing. There are numerous shelves in the room where the trio is working, with books lying flat on those shelves and stacks of parchments held together by ribbons. A large map of the tribunal hangs on one of the walls.

As Renatus and Ludovicus present themselves before the older and rounder Horst, the man holds up one finger to signal them to wait while he completes writing something. Then he starts cleaning his pen, while looking up to you and asking, "What can I do for you?"

"Hello Magus Horst. We have some questions about bringing texts from the library here to the new chapter house. In particular we wanted to ask permission to make use of a Vim summa, and some spell laboratory texts. What restrictions do we face in their transportation or transcription?"

Indeed Master Horst, we're planning our installation in the chapter House and we need a few informations to plan our activities ahead.

"Hmmm," he ponders for a moment, then rises from his seat and motions you to follow him. "Let's move to a more comfortable location. Have you had lunch yet?" (It is actually late afternoon, quite late for lunch but far too early for dinner.)

The portly redcap leads you to a well-appointed but not overly luxuous lobby, with a few Roman loungers and low tables. Soon enough, servants have brought some cheese, grapes, wine and cold meats. The redcap sets himself on one of the loungers, and signals the two magi to do the same. Then he gets down to business.

"So, you would like to bring some books with you to the chapter house. That is certainly possible, although it would not be one of the summae made available are the standard sutdy texts. Fengheld has an established policy of only allowed the less-valuable books to leave its walls. But I am sure we have plenty of somewhat older books that you could borrow, if you want. They may not be quite as good as the current texts, but should still provide you with valuable knowledge. It would also save you from having to scribe a copy yourself, though that is of course an option if you wish to invest the time."

"Lab texts are less of an issue. Provided that we have the text available, you can borrow it for a few seasons. So long as you return it to the library on time, you can study it or make a copy."

Renatus lays on one of the loundger and picks a few pieces of cheese and grapes. He's not really hungry but believes this is basic politeness.
There are indeed older books they're probably suitable in most case to gain basic levels in most arts but concerning our areas of specialization, copies will probably be needed but would most higher level books be even open for copies ?