Chapter 2: In the Autumn of 1210

Yulia departs for Bremen with the Baltrum in the middle of October. The ship is gone far longer than is usual, over a month this time. When she comes back, she lets Japik know that finding a stonemason willing to relocate to Helgelund to work for the covenant was not easy. Most simply turned her down, while others asked for extravagant payment. Eventually, however, she was able to locate a stocky stonemason willing to travel to the island. Still more expensive than what the magi had hoped for, but this was a master of his guild. He would only arrive in the spring, for he had to complete his current jobs and relocate his family. (Yulia gains 5 xp in Bargain for the season)

Trond reports that the additional delay required to assist Yulia will impact the revenues from trading, although he was able to limit that loss by trading for more valuable items to bring back to the island. (To be detailed in The Business of Trading, as usual)

The oak is harvested for Perdo vis, yielding 4 pawns. Bernhard takes 2 pawns with him in November to sell for silver. He only returns with the silver at the beginning of Winter. (I have updated the Vis Stocks to reflect this)