Chapter 2: In the Winter of 1210

(What are the plans for this season? Note that Herman and Lothar will be introduced in Spring 1211.)

Japik will either read the Vim summa or the Rego tractatus depending on what Prochorus wants to do.

Corpus summa.

Japik studies the Vim summa then.

Summary of activities during the season:

  • Japik: Reading the Vim summa (L11 Q9), which raises his score from 0 to 3(3)
  • Prochorus: Reading the Corpus summa (L6 Q7), which raises his score from 0 to 3(1)
  • Grogs and covenfolk gain 12 xp for the year, in addition to what they earned for stories, if any

Other items of interest during the season:

  • The tax man stops by to collect what is owed to the lord based on the number of hearths for your houses on Oberland. This costs the covenant 1 pound of silver for the two small houses.
  • The tax man stops by again for the tax owed for the former inn in Meden town. This costs the covenant another 1 pound of silver.
  • Yulia announces that she is pregnant. Hjalmar puffes his chest in pride and rumbles some unintelligible comment in Danish.
  • Bernhard returns with the silver from the sale of the Perdo vis. He was only able to get 35 pounds of silver. Apparently the magus whom he was selling to decided to "renegotiate" the deal, feeling perhaps that Bernhard would have little in the way of arguments. The poor redcap shivers and stammers as he tells this story of woe to Japik and Prochorus.
  • The winter weather proves much as one can expect -- windy and cold, with many storms and heavy sea. The Baltrum is often forced to remain on the island much of the time, particularly after one of the sailors almost drowns when the knarr hits a sandbar and almost capsizes. Trading revenues drop to almost nothing for the winter.
  • Price of goods rise dramatically during the winter, essentially doubling the cost of food (except fish), fuel, etc. Meden town is a shadow of itself over the winter, with its population dropping by half as transient sailors and merchants leave.
  • The newly finished lab on Oberland sits unused (except perhaps for one of the magi using it to read). It proves even colder and windier than what the magi experience at the inn. Even if unused, it still needs to be heated, to prevent some of the more delicate lab materials from being damaged by freezing cold and humidity.

While reading the summa Japik spends the season down at the inn. Going out to talk to the crew of Baltrum once in a while as they spend most of the season at harbour. He also takes short swims in dolphin form just for fun and sport making sure he is not seen by anyone during transformation.

Yulia and Hjalmar are also spending most of the time at the inn, perhaps in bed. :slight_smile: They go up to Oberland a few times each week to check the situation there and give Japik a report of anything happening.

Yulia spends her 12 xp in Area Lore: Helgoland, Intrigue and Guile (5,4 and 3 points)
Hjalmar spends his 12 xp in Area Lore: Helgoland, Hunt (mostly fishing I guess) and Athletics (5, 5 and 2 points)

Trond and the other crewmen haven't been stated completely. Do they count as full grogs or are they just "semi-grogs"?

Semi-grogs. They are basically your source of income, so they don't really need stats at this point. Trond might eventually be statted out if someone wants to spend the time doing it, but he is of fairly limited use outside of his sailing/trading duties.

I'm fine with them as it is. If someone wants to stat him then feel free.
We should perhaps hire some local fisherman or sailor to provide us with a smaller boat when we just want to do minor expeditions around the island and perhaps as far away as the pillars?

Bernhard introduced Dietlinde to one of his contacts on the island who is a fisherman. See "The Cast". Of course, he knows nothing about magi and such, as far as you know.

Wits, I think your grogs haven't been updated for their yearly xp.

Grogs updated.