Chapter 2: Naked and helpless

The woman is naked. She is also gorgeous. Most importantly she is spread-eagled, tied to four trees in a way that reveals much, much more than her voluptuous breasts. Hands are sneaking towards her from all sides.

It is equal measures beautiful and disturbing, pornographic and disgusting, the picture that is the only content of a letter found one day on the steps of the covenant. Menatia immediately knows who the author is. It's him.

ooc: It is for Bearlord to decide whether his character shares the content of the letter and its background. Not sharing the content is unlikely to make the problem go away, but whatever you do it will certainly have an impact on the next story chapter.

Who found the letter on the steps?
Menatia asks the servant grogs to find out who found it and if someone saw who delivered it. She will not involve any of the magi yet unless someone saw the letter delivered.

One of the children from the village gave it to a grog, who passed it on to the steward, who passed it to you.

Menatia asks the steward which grog got the letter and then she tries to find him/her to ask what the child looked like, or even if the name of the child is known.
Then she will put on a simple dress to look more like a peasant and go out to the village to try to find the child. If she finds him/her she will ask about the letter, what did the person that delivered it look like? Of course she will pay a few coins for the answers, if they are helpful or not.

(OOC: She knows who sent it, but she wants to find out if HE is close by.)