Chapter 2: Opening a dialogue

On the evening we discover the unknown Verditius items and are making our way back from Alexis' homestead Atlas says, Nestor, would you walk with me, please?

Nestor, who had been absorbed in thought, replies: "Yes, what is it?"

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"I must express my apologies for my behavior the first time we were out here together. "What activities did you have planned for the coming season?

"I thought I could open the arts for my second child. I'd love to teach two apprentices at the same time. Why are you asking?"

"Well, as you're well aware, your reputation precedes you. And of course, it could be something of interest to Tremere. Not the old guard, necessarily.
"No, I was wondering if you'd thought about any research regarding teaching the Arts to more than one student at a time. I speculate that it is possible, but probably requires a breakthrough on the order of the Parma Magica."

"I am not sure a breakthrough in teaching the arts is needed, because if you have enough apprentices you can always make them read a book. Opening the arts of a group of people at the same time would be helpful though, as would be teaching spells."

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"Just how many books do you have with you? I have but two, and poor ones at that.

Nestor scratches his beard: "Well, right now, it's just two tractatus, written by myself. I forgot the titles, but one is about gifted children, the other one about longevity rituals for ungifted females. But I'm going to write some more as soon as I get around to it."

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"Nestor, I have a rather vain summa on Intellego which appears to discuss effects of 2nd magnitude. You may find it useful in your teaching, and if you do, perhaps we could come to some arrangement? You'd be free to borrow it whenever I'm not using it. And if your plan is to open your other daughter's Arts, it may be suitable for your other daughter's instruction, if you've already taught them to read Latin, of course. What were there names, again?"

Advanced Concepts for the Dedicated Practitioner bp:16
Type: Summa; Total Quality: 6; Quality: 6; Level: 10; Topic:
Intellego; Language: Latin; Author: Arthafain ex Jerbiton

Nestor feels panic rising inside him. Somebody is appreciating his writings. But his daughters? Their names, their names, their names...

He blushes realizing that he forgot their names again and says: "Eh, well, now, you see, I mean, of course. Read them. I can ask one of my daughters to read this summa of yours. Maybe her footnotes will improve this book.

"Well, that might be compensation enough, for me." Atlas continues, "If your intention is to have something for a daughter to do, it may be useful. Soon enough both your daughters arts will be open, and you'll do nothing but spend half your year teaching, anyway. And don't forget, we have a Bonisagus in our covenant, he may just decide to take one for his own apprentice."

Atlas picks up his pace, his long legs easily outpacing Nestor, continuing towards his tower.