Chapter 2: The prince by gold and the prince by blood

During the last few days a new priest has settled in the village and the tithe commission has made its visit. They concerned themselves with the village and left the covenant alone. The new priest seems to be a humble man, with a passion for vine and a great deal of tolerance with magi. From what the magi understands he once lived at a covenant that where almost destroyed by a rampaging water elemental. By some strange reason Polycarpus seems a bit bothered by the story every time he hears it.

As it is an anarchy covenant the magi seldom meets for anything else that to discuss a few common topics and to eat at the same time. This particular afternoon Polycarpus have summoned his soldaes to a meeting it seems as if the covenant is about to get a new member. Soldaes we have a few things to discuss, Polycarpus draws for breath, I have here a magus who wishes to join us… Perhaps it is best if you introduce yourself? Polycarpus looks at the new magus.

Standing, the new Magus inclines his hooded head towards Polycarpus "That I would Magus Polycarpus. I am Romolo ex Tytali, Master of the Arts of Necromancy." Bowing slightly to the group he continues "I stand here before you seeking the safety and privacy that this Covenant has to offer. All too often have the Magi of my craft been wrongfully accused of heinous crimes. I simply seek a place where I can pursue my studies without fear of persecution or unfounded accusations of infernalism."

Anyone who studies Romolo notices a number of things. Naturally he is wearing robes of the darkest black... Second, the sword strapped to his waist that seems to be made out of human bone. Last is the large amount of jewelry that he wears. There are a large number of rings on his fingers, the most prominent among them has a bident engraved on it. He also wears a number of bracelets that seem to be made out of links of bone.

(( Stats coming very shortly here. However what folks need to know is he's from House Tytalus, had an Infamous Master ( Necromancer, suspected Infernalist etc ) until he was killed by Romolo in the 8th year of his apprenticeship. This of course means that Romolo was considered to have passed his Gauntlet and made a Magi. However being a good little Necromancer, Romolo simply summoned up his former Master's Ghost and continued his training ( So I just went by the normal XP rules for Apprenticeships ). Other than that Romolo is a member of the Disciples of the Worm ( Cabal Legacy ) and from a proud line of Necromancers ( Legacy ). If anyone has second sight and is actively using it, let me know and we'll hammer out what ya see! :smiley: ))

For a moment Nestor tries to remember if the name rings a bell - but of course it doesn't. He tries not to show his displeasure too openly. Nevertheless, he is worried about an obvious Tytalus Necromancer at the covenant. He'll just be visiting, he tries to tell himself. Then he remembers the new priest in the village and bites his lip. He wonders if the newcomer has been given an Aegis token.

He asks:
"I hope, you had a pleasant journey. It is always nice to have visitors. How long do you intend to stay with us? My second question is: Did you take care to disguise your looks when traveling through the village at the ford?"


  1. For lack of a detailed geography, I call the village "village at the ford".
  2. My character is a kind of homo novus in the order, and he is someone whose characteristics, abilities, arts, and gentle gift incline him to seek peaceful relations with neighboring mundanes. If the powerful magi in this covenant distrust this necromancer, he will be willing to throw the first stone to show the local archmagi what a loyal magus he himself is. He will vote against this new magus joining (unless there is a good reason not to) and threaten to stop writing about magic for the next 10 years if he does (He's a Q14 writer, so the covenant has a lot to lose). If the magus becomes a council member though , I'll have him do his best to cooperate - but I (the player) expect GIJoo to play a very subtle necromancer, not one that runs around in the village with a sword made from human bone strapped to his hip. Running around with such a person kind of devalues my character's gentle gift (because people will judge him by his companion).
    I (the player) am not particularly thrilled with having a near-diabolist at our covenant - unless this is a story hook chosen to lead to trouble with the neighboring village. There are zillions of character concepts (healer, artist, knightly flambeau, big monster hunter, animalist, tree hugger, verditius item maker,...) that are less disruptive. I can live with a necromancer, if that really has to be, but I 'd like to ask Max to keep a close eye on character creation and the charcter's potential to be part of a team/covenant/story.

A slight smile appears on Romolo's face "Worry not Magus, I did not run about the village announcing my chosen profession. There was an... incident the last time I did not take precautions. As for the length of my stay, it is currently undecided."

(( The character wants nothing to do with the Mundanes. He just wants to have his lab and conduct with study / work in peace. So yes, he'll be subtle, since he doesnt want mobs with torches and pitchforks trying to burn down his lab.

Near Diabolist? How is someone who is focused on summoning up the ghosts of dead people a Diabolist? Necromancy does not equal Diabolism mate. If a character ICly feels this way, that's totally natural and acceptable ( especially given his flaw choices ). However on a purely OOC level, Necromancy is not Infernal. In fact two of the founders came from the same lineage of Necromancers...

Now this isn't to say that said Necromancer will be following Nestor around, or even being a part of the same stories as him. I thought one of the points of an anarchy covenant was to allow Magi to be involved in different stories, not having them run around as one big group. If Nestor wants to run social scenes, then yes the Blatantly Gifted Necromancer will not be joining him. Given the nature of the Covenant I didn't think that would be an issue.

I switched characters to try an avoid all the religion mess with LadyP's character. However if this is going to be a big deal, I can always change concepts again... I'll grumble and mutter for a bit, but it's fine. ))

ooc: ok

Polycarpus: If the council does not objects then I would suggest that Romolo is allowed to stay here and in time be given membership of the covenant. I must point out that we have just gotten a young priest who is more familiar with magic that the average man of the cloth so heed caution in your research. I think we have a lab that you could use…

"I have no problems with necromancy though it is the opposite of the magics I pursue and should make for interesting debate. I like those with a spine and backbone but yet respect the traditions of this tribunal. I do have to ask, do you have any shards?" This is something that would influence her feelings about the man.

(( How do we want to handle shards and the like? I know not everyone has the book... ))

OOC: Not at all for now. I don't have the book...

Now magus Romolo it seems as if you are welcome here. We have no extravagant wows for you to swear just stick to the spirit of our covenant and help out where you can. The resources granted by the covenant is your to handle and if you wish to have something from another member then you are free to make a deal with that magus or maga. Polycarpus gestures towards an empty chair at the table.

As I told you my soldaes I have another thing for you to discuss or rather inform you of. I have received a letter from a redcap that introduces a merchant that wish to come and speak with us. He is a man of good standing in Venice and is know as Checo di Dardo. The redcap told me that di Dardo is a name of some importance in Venice. He will arrive in the next week if I am right.

Polycarpus: I am not sure what a merchant from Venice would want with us but it must be some importance otherwise they would not make a visit here. Should we make any preparations or just wait for him to arrive?

"There is much to be gained from the Venetians - silver and rare books. But on the other hands, they are responsible for the sack of our beloved Constantinople - they are sneaky ones.
I suggest, we welcome him in style. We can always show him his place with a bit of magic, should he turn out not to be deserving of respect. I don't think we should treat him any better than we'd treat a peregrinator, or a redcap. We'll be friendly, hospitable and all, but no red carpet or anything. He's a mundane after all."

Time passes…

A week later the magi are alerted about a ship making port and it is obvious that it hails from Venice. The magi assemble at the formal dinner (even blatant gifted ones) and after the best in food and vine that the covenant can produce the conversation goes into more important matters.

Checo di Dardo: My guild is as you might know a rather prosperous one in Venice and we are making plans to a more eastbound expansion. My guild wish to establish and office and a warehouse here at your island, perhaps even make a few modifications to the dock as well. And as I see it you are the Scholar-Lords of this island and thus I turn to you. First I want to know if we can take up some space down at the docks and then I wish to negotiate terms.

OOC: Everyone that speaks must make a stress roll + charm (first impression or similar speciality applies) + gift mod. +/- and rumour that a merchant from Venice might have heard.

Nestor replies:

Well, Sir, the coast is long. Why have you chosen us? And what is in it for us if we agree?

[size=85]ooc: Nestor hasn't got any applicable are lore, but he'll try anyway:
Int 3 + roll 6 ( = 9 [he has got area lore constantinople 1]

his charm roll:
charm (wrong specialisation) 2 + Pre 1 / Com 5 + gentle gift + oustanding writer 1 + roll 6 ( = 10 or 14 [there may be a minus for his sodales' gifts][/size]

Romolo stays in a shadowy corner of the hall far away from the guest, letting the other Magi do the talking. Anyone close enough to him might hear a conversation being carried on in hushed tones, though they can't quite peg where all the voices are coming from.

Kalliste is quiet initially on the arrival but then extends her parma over the merchant so that the gifts of her sodalis do not penalize their intereactions with this guest. She recognized the benefits of a good agent and information source and will cultivate this one. "I look forward to hearing more of what you are offering for the docking and warehousing. Perhaps a portion of the profits from all sales as opposed to a fixed amount. Perhaps we can even partner you, especially since we can provide some protections for any warehouse and know the sea here very well."

Extend my parma over his: only gives him MR 0, but that is enough to protect from effects of gifts for all of us. Aura of ennobled presence as active spell.

Area Lore mediterranean: If stress: 4 + roll (1+7) = 18, if simple: 4+roll 1 = 5

charm: Aura of ennobled Presence 3+ Charm 0, Pre 2/com 0, Roll: 6= 11 or 9

Area lore results: This site is currently without a toll and has a good natural harbour. There are some feuds between the local nobility that has lead to hostilities and thus the tolls have risen. And then magi of the Order are known for their apt defences of their homes.

Checo di Dardo: This is for now a toll free harbour in this region and my family wishes to expand in this region. Also scholars of the Order are known for their good defences and care for their home. Also I know that I can provide both goods that you are looking for in your esoteric research and we can provide most lucrative deals. I have a opportunity that I wish to speak with you about if my guilds presence is acceptable here…

"You will understand that we cannot decide without prior consultations amongst ourselves and a good night's sleep. I hope you will find the guest house comfortable.
But the night is still young - the more concrete your offer is, the better the chances that we will give it serious thought, and maybe come to a favorable decision. Anyway, here comes the mutton. Bon appétit!"

Checo di Dardo: I understand that you cannot make this decision in this instant. I wish to negotiate terms with you when you have reached a decision. I hope that you desire co-operation with my guild and family. I have a few samples on what treasures that comes from Venice. Di Dardo calls for a servant who holds a box. From the box he produces a few artifacts. A vial made with great skill that is made so pure glass it is almost invisible, a bar of iron and a small lead pebble. Checo di Dardo speaks again. This glass is a sample of what our glass blowers can make; it is alchemically refined and made with esoteric research in mind. This bar of iron is also alchemically altered so that the mystical qualities of iron are enhanced. Last but no least is this small lead pebble, as a scholar friend of mine told me it is the raw material of the mystic force capsuled in this small container. This is just a selection of what my guild can offer besides books and silver, I did not brought any sample of them as I am sure that you are already familiar with them. Di Dardo smiles. I will taste the mutton and let’s feast. Tomorrow when you are ready we will speak.

Any plans before you meet with di Dardo the next day?

Romolo is going to go visit the Merchant after the dinner to have a private discussion.