Chapter 2: The Winter Storm


As an aside, whomever is paying attention to the docks and ships (David &/or Okenos), you noticed that their is one merchantman vessel that seems to be in excellent shape. If asked, the reply is that it doesn't belong to the covenant. It is privately owned. It is the source of a large portion of our supplies.

The men that operate this ship, they seem rather a gruff and rough lot. They also display conspicuous finery that seems above their station, and they are all armed with knives and shortswords.

A strong winter wind is whipping up. Freezing rain pelts the ships in the harbor. As the day turns into night, the winds blow harder. The three small ramshackle fishing boats and the merchantman are all tied to that creaky wobbly dock. The boats rise and fall with the swells, the dock trembles and shakes.

creeeeeek, creeeeek.....


The dock gives way.

The merchantman capsizes, and the three fishing boats sink.

People would be running around yelling aout it, but it is too damn cold out. They all have their doors closed and windows shuttered against the winter storm. No one even knows yet, nor will they until the storm subsides.

The freezing rain has formed an inch thick layer of ice on the ground.

A wolf howls out in the distance, crying out as the ships are wrecked by the storm.

There is a big commotion in the town by the dock. The fishing boats are sunk already. When the dock collapsed from the weight of the ice and force of wind, it caused the merchantman to capsize. The mooring line snapped, and the ship will take a while to sink, but there is no saving it. However, the people are screaming and crying because there were a few men still on board.

They send someone running up to the covenant to get help.

Dragor, in wolf form, also runs to get help. He runs faster though :slight_smile:

He gets back in the wall the same way he got out (a crumbly section that he can jump over as a wolf), and heads for the council chamber. One of the covenfolk, the guy that barely knows how to hold a spear, he spots the wolf. He goes to cry out and take an offensive stance, but he stops. Dragor can still use Entrancement as a wolf, and though he cannot talk or thing in wolf form, he can cause people and prey to freeze in their tracks at least.

[color=green]Jan Axel wasn't very far, and soon arrives on the scene

Is there a useful rope somewhere?
Or, better yet, a piece of wood long enough to reach to the boat, maybe something I could topple over the boat so that the men could use it to reach us?

All of the above. I presume that Jan Axel is in the midst of the situation helping as he can. Having you hold the rope ashore while others streatch the line to the ship will definately improve their odds.

[color=green]Jan Axel

Ok, here's the idea.
First, I link a rope to something heavy enough to serve as lest, like a piece of wook.
Then, I throw this to the ship, yelling at the men on board:
[color=red]Take this, and attach it firmly somewhere!!!
I either do the same here, or give it to someone ([color=red]Hold this a little!!!) if this aint possible.

Then, still with all the help I can get, I try to topple something on the boat from the shore.

The idea is to create a kind of makeshift, narrow bridge on which the men can leave the ship, while holding at the tightly held rope to avoid falling to the waters.
The rope can be either attached here too, or held by me and as many helpers as I can get.
EDIT: Ouch: Hadn't seen the ship had capsized... Will have to rework things a little... Later. Goind to bed now :laughing:


Rope bridge plan is helping though. One guy made it out.

In some unknown compartment on an unkown deck, two guys float in the dark with maybe a foot of airspace left.

Sam: "George, I always loved you..."
George: "Yeah, don't care, I still don't swing that way. Let me die in dignity".

Havlard cast Cloak of the Duck's Feathers((known spell) on all who are outside but on the shore.

[color=red]"I will try to give them more time to save them or the boat. "

((Casts A spontaneous Break the Oncoming wave.

Casting roll 18+botch die trying for a level 10 spell.

Rego +5 Aquam +4 Aura +3 Stamina +2 Night +3 Voice + Gestures))

If successful, Havlard will wade into the water between the waves and the boat. If not then he will probably sink the boat.

Well, since Halvar succeeds on any roll except 0, I will give it to him.

All these little efforts combined are having an effect. Mainly, this is to bbuy some time. Iolar kept the men in the water from freezing as fast, Jan Axel and in turn Halvard have kept the ship from slipping further out to sea.

And now it is Roberto's turn!

Roberto is sure that he is super cool, and knows that he will make all the difference. He mutters something about the first duty of the Crusader is to tend to the injured.
[color=blue]Sta+1, Creo +8, Ignem +11, sponted without fatigue equals level 4; Base 2 warm an object to touch, +1 Touch, +1 Diameter; He goes around warming peoples coats up and saving wet peole from hypothermia. He then uses Purification of the Festering Wound to deal with scrapes, broken bones, and etceteras.

As Halvard wades out, some rescuers look at him askance, but begrudgingly accept his assistance. They have affixed a rope to climb over the ship with, knocking on the hull to try and locate the missing sailors still abord (there is confusion as to how many there are, but there is 2 or 3 at least)[/i]

((Halvard could use some CrIg lovin. Hint...hint))

Well, I'll tag him too then. It doesn't last long though!

Colijne is out in the rain as well, leading the sailors and bystanders who can walk to take the ones that can't and get them inside a nearby empty warehouse.

[color=blue]Fixed! That's what you get for writing responses in class. >.<

The Chirugeon's Healing Touch won't help. It is a ritual spell and you have no vis :wink:

However, Colijne's leadership is what is most sorely needed here!
Go girl!
Get these people organized. They are doing more harm to themselves than good for the sailors. The warehouse is the best place for the injured (lol, more rescue workers are injured than men aboard the ship!). A head count would be good. Right now, they know George, Bob, and Pete are missing. Frank made it out, and they are pretty sure only those four were on board.

And no one seems to know where Okenos is....

Running out the door with the rest, seeing what is happening, casting a spontanous [color=blue]creo(5) ignem(0) (sta +1) spell level 5 - (base 2 (heat an object warm to the touch) +1 (touch) +2 (sun) + Individual) - on himself to stay warm as he peels off his clothes and heads out to the water. followed by a [[color=blue]i]clear sight of the niad[/i]
(known) - (InAq 5) +13- and Push of the Gentle Wave (known) (ReAq 15) +18- to give himself added mobility, [i]Intuition of the Body of water/i (InAq 10) +13 to remember the way to shore, which way is up, how deep the part he is in is, and what way the current is moving. Okeanos heads out under the water to asses what needs to be done, naked greenish hair looking like a bed of seaweed and eyes as large dark orbs, almost polished obsidian saucers, ... (he also has an effective swim of 5 (3 +2) and survival with a specialty for underwater)


A response is forthcoming.

Okeanos sees what he sees and does what he does. I had a side private chat with him. Essentially, he saw something down there. They all did. It swam away before he could talk to it. Okeanos is able to locate Bob and George (with Faerie eyes, he can see in the darkness under water). Pete is dead already, but the other three got off the boat okay (Tom, Dick, and Harry). The six of them were playing cards when the storm hit. It was an exceptionally powerful storm and it has now subsided. They have seen worse, but not much worse and not in a long time.

I will presume it is just a matter of time from here. Colijne is doing the right thing by simply leading. Halvard dived right in to lend a hand, and though scorned because of his gift, gained a modicum of begrudging respect. Jan Axel was first man on the spot, and though he seemed slow witted and confused :wink:, he pitched in any and every way possible. He became the anchor! Dragor played lassie :slight_smile:, and Roberto is just super cool. Iolar, good thinking with the warmth-giving spell. That’s where I got my warmth idea from (though Roberto will not admit that).

Wirth seemed confused, but he tried his very best. Aelianus and Kilica did not do much of anything. Where is Ulrich One Eye? Marcello was doing something I am sure, but I don’t know what. Okeanos saved the day, even though he had to be prodded :wink:, but essentially I wanted Okeanos to encounter what he did, and I was hoping to see one or more players exhibit initiative and leadership (which they certainly did! :smiley:).

But everyone is fatigued. Roberto is certainly. We will need to have a meeting first thing tomorrow though. So, if you will, migrate over to the council chamber :slight_smile:

As a side note though, folk claim that they saw sea devils swimming around the ship as she sank the rest of the way.

Once the rescue activities are over Iolar will soar into the sky to commune with the winds. She is annoyed they neglected to tell her about the extent of the storm she will return to the covenant after a couple of hours of flying
[color=blue]Nature Lore (Hoh Mystery cults)

[color=green]Jan Axel
Hey! I'm just a man of action, not a nerd! :open_mouth: :wink: