Chapter 2a: Renatus Ibis

In Ibis form, Renatus searches the letter for signs of scratches at the end of the letter that would reveal the message was written using a quill. if there's any, he tries to see if the scratches continue after the end of the sentence that would mean that she used some king of invisible ink.

(perception 2 + awareness 4 +dice 4 =10)

If he finds scratches, he tries to cast spells to reveal the hidden message (muto aquam ?)
If he finds nothings, he shows the letter to the Jerbiton.

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No scratches that you can see. A few small spatters of ink, as if the writer had hurriedly put her quill aside.

When you show Eule's letter to Renatus of Jerbiton, the older magus reads it silently before passing it back. "What of it? The last paragraph seems confusing, but otherwise she is right. Considering that you can fly back to the covenant, I'm surprised that you haven't done so for a few visits."

"Alright, I was wondering if this could be some sort of hidden message that you would help me decipher. Thanks for your time, I'll make sure to visit her in the next few days if you don't need me for anything special at the chapter House."

(how long does the flight takes assuming so complications ?)

(Based on the time it took your party to travel from Fengheld to the chapter house, probably a bit less than two days of flying. You estimate that the more trips you make, the shorter these will become as you establish lanmarks that you can follow to take a more direct route instead of following the rivers and roads.)

"Humm everything considered, I should probably wait summer when i'm not in gathering duty anymore..."

He makes arrangement to visit Eule as soon as he's done with his gathering mission.

(What kinds of arrangement? I would assume you are sending a letter to her to let her know of your intentions and letting the other Renatus know of your plans. Anything else?)

(I'm consulting the most precise maps available, to search for landmarks.)

While Ludovicus is searching for the purple sheep, Renatus Ibis is flying back to Fengheld to meet Eule. The message he received left him perplex to say the least.

Renatus arrives at Fengheld. Where does he land? Outside the walls? On the walls? Within the courtyard? On one of the tower? Directly on Eule's window?

He lands outside the wall, speaks to the guards outside to let them know who he is then asks for them to get a steward to open him a room where he can change himself into human and the bring him the clothes he left here for this occasion.

The guard is unfamiliar with Renatus, but summons one of the stewards. In short order, your clothes are brought to you and you are in the covenant.

it's probably too early to meet with Eule, I leave a message to the steward for them to deliver to Eule when the time is right to announce her that I've arrived and that I'll come to meet her this evening as planned.

If Günther lupus is available, I'll visit him first to learn if anything special happened in the covenant, If he's got fresh news about our House or If he had the opportunity to hunt the "wine merchant".

(OOC: Does this happen before or after the peregrinator arrives ?)

(Depends on how soon during the summer Renatus decides to leave. Konrad arrives at the end of the first week of the season. So we can easily say he arrived a few days before Renatus' trip, if you want.)

Renatus soon learns that Günther is currently busy in the lab, but will probably seek him out at the end of the day, while Mistress Eule usually sleeps during the days and will probably only learn of his arrival once the sun goes down.

(Ok let's assume i left after I met Konrad, I know Eule sleeps that's why said it's probably to early to see Eule and asked the message to be delivered when the time is right.)

As they're not available, I go to the library and ask Theoderich whether Konrad is permitted to borrow certain books or tractatus from the library and whether is allowed to spend seasons here to study.

I also leave a message to the leader of the covenant Stenorius, to be delivered when he's not busy to inform him of my presence if he wants to see me for any reasons.

"Peregrinator?" says Theodoric, "Absolutely not! A visitor is not allowed to take out any book out of the walls, magus. And Master Horst is to be consulted if said visitor wants to take the book out of the library and into their sanctum. They would, of course, be allowed access to the public library while visiting. That is part of the reason that they visit, you know."

"That's more or less the answer I was expecting, thank you Theodoric. Has there been any recent addition to the Library ?"

"Always, ser magus. But essentially minor additions of tracatus on various subjects. We also received a copy of last summer's tribunal proceedings."

Interesting, may I consult the tribunal report ? I'm interested in anything related to interaction with mundane, the wild and the great forest.

"I'll have one of my assistants prepare the volume for you. Would this afternoon be satisfactory?"

While he's at it, can you ask him if there's anything related to a sheep turning purple before attacking shepherd or their dogs or any book of legends from around the place the chapter house is located ? We believe this legend might lead us to a secondary virtus source."