Chapter 3: Into the council chamber again

Justus replies, [color=red]There are five pawns of teram vis in our stores and five pawns of corpus vis. Each year there have been a harvest of eight Aquam vis, six vim vis, four animal vis, four herbam vis, three teram vis and three creo vis.

Last year we saved some vis, though I can’t remember why we saved the teram vis I know that we saved the corpus vis in case of an emergency, the vim vis where spent on casting our aegis and the rest spent on books. I expect that at the council meeting at winter equinox is the time when we agree upon how to spend our vis. It is my expectation that we take those vis that are needed to communal project and put them in our store the rest get divided equal amongst the covenants members.

[color=red]I concur.

Hum... We should maybe work on a system for vis and books distribution, in case two of us want the same thing and can't agree.

Maybe something like this: Every time such a conflict occurs, the magus who gets the contested ressource gets one "debt". If 2 maguses can't agree, the magus with the more "debt" has to concede. If they have the same total and can't agree, a friendly certamen will resolve things.

By the way, getting the town council to hold feasts and tournaments is a good idea, as the funds will come from it, not from us :wink: And they'll also feel that we trust them, which is a good thing for their morale

[color=red]Ahhh... our noble tradition, certamen. What say we make it a monthly exercise like the throwing axe competition? I, for one, would care to never grow rusty ESPECIALLY with rogues absconding with our texts.

I like the debt system.

Good idea. It would keep us sharp, and a yearly certamen contest could also be the summit of the festivities, and greatly impress our mundane servants :smiley:

We could also practice our parma magica in a similar fashion.
Would you mind if I cast a surprising animal spell on you from time to time? Even if they breach your parma, they won't do you harm :slight_smile:

And as soon as we all know some flashy spells, we could do this in public to impress the commoners with forceless casting:)

Another question: could I get one pawn of herbam vis up front to get my project done?

[color=red]Debt system sounds good to me, and I'm alright with Yannick taking the vis as soon as it's available. I'll probably need two pawns of Herbam myself. [OOC: My understanding was that we need to wait for it to be harvested first?]

[color=red]Is there a Tytalus in the covenant I don’t know about :wink:? For myself, I think I’ll stick strictly to certamen, and little enough of that, if it’s all the same. Unless of course you'd like me to poison your food to make sure you're keeping up on your Intellego... :wink:


[color=red]Practicing Certeman has its uses but for a real training in conflict the Dimicatio is about as close as you can get or the wizards mellee. Alas I cannot provide spectacular spells for the edifiaction of the masses. My spells kill or destroy Flash is for the school of the Founder and some other schools like Apromor I prefer a more direct and subtle magic.

[color=red]I think that we can conclude our meeting here, we all seams to agree upon a debt system. We see what we can arrange for magical competition, I think that the main purpose is to show of our magical capabilities to the covenfolk. However the funds for any feast must come from our coffers, the town council can’t fund it and we must show the proper generosity of our status as lords. Thus we improve their trust in us if we are viewed as powerful magi. Justus points towards the gathered food on the table.[color=red] Let’s eat and drink but no more than we can handle so that we can meet with our esteemed guest in the morning.

[color=red]I'd just add that I have no use for herbam vis, so, so long as there is enough for both of you, feel free to use it :smiley:

Heinrich will be spending some time in addition to larger projects like the Novgorod trip working alongside (when possible if I don't have Gentle Gift) and monitoring our covenfolk leaders (Horst, etc.) and covenfolk getting to know the mundane aspects of daily covenant life. I'll be getting my hands dirty doing some limited mundane work to understand the mundane life

I am curious about vis stocks and trying to do my Jerbitonish job of making sure all magi have a covenant whose basics are secured so that we all may move onto our own Hermetic projects. I figure I'll take on the role of the mildly sullen (because I was sent - not volunteered), but humble youngster and newcomer who perhaps ought to be playing the part of the Hermetic "workhorse" who not only pays his dues but does so as one of House Jerbiton should.