Chapter 3: Into the council chamber again

This meeting is almost like any other meeting of the covenant council, the food and wine is excellent. Justus sits in his almost throne like position at the table and starts to speak as soon as the magi have seated themselves amongst the magi there are two new faces. Justus clears his throat and begins to speak; [color=red]I like you to meet our two new members of this covenant. They will be introducing themselves in a moment. But first our servants have to report the state of the covenant. Before I let them speak I need to mention that a quesiatoris are coming tomorrow. Justus summons the servants. [color=red]To you who are new let me introduce them, Erich the captain of the covenant guard, Gunter who has is in charge of the covenants bookkeeping, and Horst who are the representative appointed to speak for our covenfolk and father Gerald our new priest. All of the covenfolk bows in turns as their name are called. I’ll let them speak in turns and then we can ask them questions.

Erich is allowed to speak first. Erich is a forceful man who speaks with a stern voice. [color=red]I have the following to report, The losses amongst the guards have been replaced with capable men from the militia. From the fighting with and against magi exercises I have a idea that I wish to suggest to you masters. I think that it is wise to order the manufacture of throwing axes for the militia and the guard and order them to practice. Reward the practices with a few annual feasts and accompanying axe throwing tournaments. The benefits of using throwing weapons are that they need little preparation time before they can be used. That is if sudden attacks occur. A there is little cost for the covenant as whole.

Gunter is a slender man with a cruel look upon his face and speaks with a soft voice. [color=red]The covenant’s funds are still rapidly decreasing… There are still 92 silver left. The silver smith and the sword smith will save some but that doesn’t cover the entire loss of silver. It is my firm belief that the covenant must stop leaking silver into the surrounding area. The effects on the local economy will hurt us in the long run.

Horst is next one to speak. His average height and has a sturdy body can easily mistake him for a peasant rather than the head of the villagers. [color=red]The town hall is finished and we now have sufficient room to conduct our duties properly. Every magus have seen the new building it is almost grander then the covenant main house with your council chamber, it is smaller but made out of stone and with an imposing entrance. [color=red]I have a suggestion that will perhaps be useful in the future. As you all know the covenant secure funds even from villages a bit away from the covenant and they have been crudely administrated. If it where possible for me to hire a staff of clerks to sort out this mess it would be good. It will make the taxation more efficient and that will have the following effects, in times of need we can take more funds out of the peasants, hunters and swine headers and in normal times we can make the taxes more just and thus improving the good standing of your rule. I have a scribe standing to make a full report tomorrow of our affairs down at the town hall. If my masters wish I can order him to convey the full details of anything tomorrow or any day after that. For my tax efficiency operation I would need some silver to cover the initial recruitment cost to implement my plan. Also when I mention it I is my firm belief that a few feast a year would improve the morale and show that our masters pay what most villagers believe is proper respect to holydays and harvest feasts and such. The town hall can take care of any of such arrangement if you masters hand us the funds or least us take the necessary food and beverage from the stores.

Father Gerald steps forward and starts to speak. [color=red]Blessing of the Lord upon you masters of this covenant. Me and my housekeepers are most grateful for being allowed to live here amongst us. I have a little request and that is that some writing materials would be needed for my writing. I write a great deal in the liberal arts, theology and concerning natural philosophy. The villagers are pious folk and visits the sermons regularly, it is a pride and joy of our Lord. If anyone of you masters wish to make a visit to my household you are most welcome. I have a library that could be most interesting to view for scholars such as your self.

Justus Felix cuts the father short and thanks them. The servants and covenfolk exit the rooms so that the magi can deliberate in peace and wait to be summoned. [color=red]Fellow soldaes I forgot one thing… Jusuts pauses for a moment. I received a letter of invitation to a newly established covenant in the Novgorod tribunal. It is inviting us to visit and is located near the coast but further east. What shall I write back? What are your opinions on the matter at hand concerning what our covenfolk just have told us?

Krispin rises from his seat at the back of the table, and begins to speak. He’s smiling, and his voice is steady without being loud.

[color=red]Salve, future sodales. I am Krispin ex Miscellanea, healer and herbalist. I’d heard that Justus sought one of my skills for the covenant, and it’s my pleasure to place them at our mutual disposal. May we all prosper from each other’s unique talents.

The issue of mundane funds is always a pressing one, I fear. A first step could be to establish ourselves as part of the local economy, perhaps by enticing more craftsman to come, and by keeping good track of taxes. With that in mind, Master Horst’s proposal seems worthy to me. Also, we can reduce costs we incur ourselves – while this wine is excellent, I cannot imagine it is grown nearby, and it must be frightfully expensive. We might save money by living just a bit more simply, and also endear ourselves to the covenfolk, who’ll see that we do not hold ourselves aloof during hard times.

To supplant our funds in the long term, perhaps each magus or maga could agree to find or make an additional source of income, and keep the excess for his or her own projects? Or, alternatively, we could agree on a large communal project to which we could all contribute resources and reap benefits – further expanding that scribal school Justus mentioned, perhaps?

I cannot speak to military defense. I agree that our covenant should be well out-fitted, with a strong Aegis and good defenses, but I will not fight, and I will not train with the grogs. I will work for peace and leave the violence to my sodales who are better suited to it. He looks a little sad at this, but perks up as he continues to speak.

[color=red]As for this newly established Novgorod covenant, I’d say a visit would be wise and hospitable both. Even given what little I’ve heard about the troubles we’ve faced and what might lie ahead, I believe we’ll need to cultivate as much Hermetic goodwill as possible.

From what I’ve seen, a covenant isolated is a covenant lost. A festival is a good start - have we considered making overtures to the local merchants, or even to holding our own small Faire in the coming seasons to accompany the feasting and festival? And have we dealt with whatever mundane lord claims these lands?

There is clearly much to discuss. I thank you for your welcome, sodales, and look forward to knowing you all and to contributing to our continued success. He sits back down, and waits for others to speak.

[color=red]Krispin Ex miscellanea. nods
[color=red]Welcome to Ad Fons.
I hope you'll feel at home here. Your talents will certainly be appreciated, although you'll forgive me if I hope they won't be needed.

[color=red]I also thought that cheap ranged weapons might be useful for the grogs. Whatever their form, I approve of this.

Economicaly speaking, Erich is pretty right. We must find a way to create wealth locally in order to replenish our accounts instead of the other way around. The latin school is a good way to do this, but it'll be many seasons before we have useful scribes.
We should really try to increase local craft and ressources, as well as our sources of income. Thus, I support Horst's proposition.
Nevertheless, Krispin is right about our lifestyle.
Shows the table and the food
[color=red]We do not really need this, and can do without fine wine and goods. We'll thus show the covenfolk and villagers that, as we said, we are in truth one people, and share both the good times and the bad.

Aside from the latin school, we should have little needs, shouldn't we?

Hum... Maybe we could use some minor magics to enhance our mundane ressources? Krispin, I beleive you're a master of herbam magics. Maybe you could design a spell which would enhance the fertility of our fields or protect our plants?
Also, I remember yannick said he could create simple ring wards to protect our grain from vermin, although most of us are skilled enough in ReAn to create such. This would probably greatly decrease our losses.

A fair and festival is also a great idea, it generates a lot of ressources, will boost covenfolks morale, and will also bring us many goods. However, we must take care this doesn't bring us the enmity or jealousy of any mundane ruler.

As per father gerard's request... It is a sound one, and I'd normally support it, but I fear we won't have any ressources for him. If we have any spare writing materials, I'll happily share them, though. If we don't, I'm sure he'll understand our current problems.

On a final note, as some of you may know, I myself come from the novgorod tribunal, and will be happy to get there again and visit our sodales. Would any of you care to join me in this endeavour?

Heinrich sighs and reluctantly leans forward:

[color=red]Sodales, greetings! I am Heinrich of Saxony. I ran my gauntlet under the aegis of House Jerbiton and Oculus Septentrionalis. Saxony, first. Jerbiton, second. We should always remember who we were and where we come from. easing up, and not haughtily

[color=red]I am but two years past gauntlet and was suddenly dispatched here to be of aid, sighs subtly [color=red] but also to conduct some rather uninteresting political studies. Interesting to me, but of little interest to most of the Order - even for Jerbiton. I am doing an esoteric comparative political analysis between borderland Mundane political entities and Hermetic ones. Not a dram of vis to be used or a whiff or sight of any sigil, let me tell you - most uninteresting.

Despite all the good pragmatic discussion on home, hearth and lab I can't believe I am hearing that my sodales are considering giving up good wine. If we cannot live tastefully then how are we to live with any quality in life? We are magi, not smithies. As we would not lessen the quality of our inks and pages in books so we should also not lessen the quality of our libations. We would lose beauty in life and lab without sacrifice. A seemingly minor matter, but one that is telling.

now smiling[color=red]But, I am all for making nice and mingling with the covenfolk.

[color=red]Mmmm, a fair would do nicely! Perhaps we could serve as a center away from urbanity to become a regional center for scribestuffs? We could be 'bookeries' if there is demand, or if we can generate it. But, I am new and am lacking in newcomer humility when suggesting ideas and knowing so little.

Travelling is good for my humour and east to Novgorod is even better!

turning to Father Gerald [color=red]Library, eh? I would be most interested in perusing it.

Looking at Heinrich, Mariella smiles and icy smile and raises a glass in a toast.
[color=red]"Of course we should remember who we are and where we are from. We are mages of the Order Of Hermes and anyone who forgets that when dealing with us will soon be corrected. I am sure the borderline political entities you refer to will learn this themselves."

She pauses before continuing and assumes a more natural facial expression
[color=red]"I would like to welcome both of our new sodali's to this covenant.
The issue of Francisca to our grogs seems sensible and a tactical decsion needing little debate here.
I agree that it may be necessary to cut back on luxuries for a while until we can secure a solid economic income. Particulary as we are at war with a powerful enemy and as such we must maintain a cash reserve in case of sudden need . I have few ideas as to how we can increase our economy but will aid others who may have a better idea. However for the forseeable future I will need to hone my combat skills as if we face more threats like before it is not acceptable that I be found wanting again.

Celebrating the feasts at Easter Christmas and the important local saints seems a good way to reward the covenfolk for their hard work and should not be a major expense. We must be seen to reward hard work and loyalty.
As to visitng our brethren of the Novograd tribunal at the moment I think the security of the covenant site must take priority so I will remain here and at least one other magus should stay with me .
I think we should all stay until the Quasitor has completed his investigations in any case.

Be welcome Krispin, be welcome Heinrich.
I'm very pleased to have both of you here. Your talents are of great value to all of us. And I'm pleased you share my opinion regarding the wine, Heinrich :slight_smile:
Good wine is a basic need for diplomacy :slight_smile:

Erich, your proposal is a sound one. Those axes will serve as tools as well, when we're travelling. Good thinking.

Horst, if none of the other magi is of a different opinion, please do as you proposed.

That should cut our expenses a little in the future, right Gunter?

Anyhow, I'll check on those wards I did a few seasons ago. They'll probably need to be renewed. I will need a craftsman to etch those wards into stone and wood in order to make them last. You will see which buildings need to be enhanced this way, Gunter and Horst, and tell me when you have that decided.
As this enchantement does only take me a couple of minutes to perform, I can do it as often as you like. We'll discuss the details later.

Father Gerald, I'll be pleased to follow your invitation. We could arrange something for you with the scribe school regarding the writing materials.

As for the invitation Justus, two or three of us should go there. I'll stay here at the covenant, though, unless you absolutely need me there. I would like to get this item done, finally...

[color=blue]Remember the magi are alone in the chamber as the covenfolk have left them alone to deliberate amongst themselves.

[color=red]I think that we all can decide upon the following… Justus makes a short theatrical pause and then continue.[color=red] We order the issue on the purchase of throwing weapons and the order for all of the militia and guards to practice with the at least once a week. We let the captain impose those who don’t obey with some suitable punishment. We give Horst the funds he needs to both hold feasts at appropriate times and to make the necessary changes to our administration. Perhaps we can even give him the order to try to recruit craftsmen and other key personnel to secure our covenants welfare.

[color=red]There are however a few points that we do not agree upon. Saving upon our own standard of living is only significant if we make significant changes, for those of you who grew up in a peasant home perhaps can remember the living conditions. As to the statement that less fine wines or even no wine will endear us to the servants I can only say that it is my firm belief that we earn our covenfolks respect by being benevolent rulers who rule with their and our welfare in common not by trying to look and live like them. There is no doubt I think that our covenfolk will view us as their leaders and rulers not ever like their equals. In times of need however when we stand on the brink of famine or is our covenfolk are starving I will live like a monk on penitence if that makes our shared strife easier.

I also must protest against any suggestion that we should make our feast some regional fairs. Yes they will gather some income but at the price of exposure. As you all know, except for those of you who are new amongst us, I can only that we have no right to this land. I secured the right to fund a covenant of owing a great deal of magi a great deal of favours. For the secluded location that is our home would be exposed if we became a regional commerce centre and that would bring the attention of our mundane lords. If we in the future have the opportunity to erect a castle by terram magic then perhaps it could be a wise idea but not until then.

I have the following suggestions for them moment. We all meet with the quesiatoris who is coming to morrow and that we all agree to visit the father of our faithful congregation here. We show him some respect and get to see his library and make friendly contact with him. We will be one of great power in our community so we better get on good terms with the man. Horst suggested that a clerk would read all that has been decided by the town council, is that something we wish to hear? I agree with Yannick that it is in our best interest that we all do not go to the Novgorod covenant. For my own I think I’ll remain here. I have full faith that all those of you who wish to travel there have the necessary skills to go there and make some diplomatic connections that we need.

For our new soldaes you can either chose one of the labs of your predecessors or take the guest lab. It has been a custom so far that everyone make a contribution to the library when they first arrive and settle here at Ad Fons and I expect you to follow that tradition.

I also have another suggestion that can be sound I think. I suggest that we all devout one season each year to make some covenant improvement. The suggestion I have for a communal project is the creation of a Longevity potion lab that can be used by both our own members of this covenant or be used by travellers. My intention is that if we can make a laboratory that is state of the art in its field we can invite magi from other covenants who need to use the laboratory for a small price, perhaps the donation of a new book or a few vis or even silver. Thus we can create wealth and not break the oath.

Justus looks to the other magi for reactions and empties his glass of vine. As Justus just have placed his cup on the table one of the servant girls enter the room. Her eyes are clearly clouded and she ask humbly; [color=red]Do my lords wish for some more vine? She scans the room and then the clouded eyes clear.

Quicly Mariella makes a gesture for Silence
[color=red]"So all of us will leave for Novograd once the Quasitor has left we are agreed . Good. Then let us break for refreshments.
Turning to the Girl
[color=red]"Thank you for the wine, Please Fetch the Fresh Bread from the kitchen we where expecting along with the fruit preserves

Once the Girl leaves
[color=red]"Thank you for cooperating I felt it wise to try and spread a fasle message to our enemy. The clouding over of the eyes may well be the sigil of our enemies spells he was wither controlling or reading her mind . No one drink the wine until it has been tested for poison. Can anyone trace an arcane connection as I believe out enemy must have an arcane connection tio be reaching the girl from beyond line of sight and we may be able to track it when she returns
(OC I have In3 Vi 10 and can try but cannot find my rulebook today so I can't see what I need)

Mariella returns to the original discussion before the girl returns

[color=red]"I see no need to endear ourselves to the peasents by lowering living standards. However I am willing to reduce living standards if it is necessary to save money for the covenant while we get secure a lerger money flow. I agree with Justus leadership is about how we lead not by being one of the masses.
I am not particularly interested in attempting to hold a regional faire, our location is not the best for it and given our security problems it would be a needless risk. I am not concerned about mundane objections we can make a reasonable claim to this land and if necessary could eliminate most mundane threats.
I will be meeting with the Quasitor and remaining here , I already attend church services and have met our priest.
Devoting time to a community project is only worthwhile if we have a clear objective and our abilities would clearly contribute. As to a longevity potion lab we will not be able to compete with Durenmar or other covenants with a strong Aura. We may be able to offer services to nearby urban covenants who ahve to contend with a dominion aura but otherwise the larger and old covenants are stonger in this area than we are.
What may be useful is dvelpoing our ability to search for Vis we are in a wilderness area on the edge of the tribunal if we can find more vis sources which seems possible we could trade that with other covenants for much that we need and do so without competing with the powerful established covenants.

Krispin has finished his first glass of wine and serving of food early in the discussions, and has notably refused any refill throughout. He takes note of the girl and of Mariella’s assertions. If the girl or another misty eyed person comes back in, [color=blue]he’ll try a Deft Probe the Secrets of the Flesh (InCo15, casting total 23+simple), casually touching the arm as they walk by. ((OOC: Anything interesting? Humors disturbed by magic at all? Diseases, bodily propensities, suspicious scars or tattoos?)). If no one else volunteers, he’ll also spontaneously cast (w/ fatigue) Touch of the Pearls on the wine (ArM5 p.122 casting total 14+stress/2).

[color=red]If we have not dealt with the mundane lord, I’d agree that a faire would be risky and perhaps premature. Nonetheless, it seems to me that power always attracts power, and we cannot remain isolated from our mundane neighbors forever, especially as we grow. Since we are small now, it may not yet be the time to deal with our noble neighbor, but I cannot help but think that time will come soon. Also, I can think of nothing that would challenge a local lord more than building a castle – we have more subtle powers than ostentatious display. If we deal with the problem of mundanes, we can reevaluate the idea of a faire.

[color=red]Expect, Justus? While I’ll willingly contribute to a covenant tradition, your wording makes me wonder if we new members are being… taken for granted? I hope that, even if you refuse a common standard of living, you have not forgotten common courtesy.

[color=red]The suggestion of a communal lab specialized in longevity is a sound one - as a healer, I'd fully support it. Mariella is right, however; competing with Durenmar in that arena could be difficult. Possible, but difficult. I’d prefer to try – Durenmar is known for its theorists, not its healers, so with enough time and specialization we could distinguish ourselves.

Krispin chuckles. [color=red]I’m hardly a master, but I’d gladly give it a try.

Once we have met with the quaesitor and Father Gerald, I believe I will go with Ardath and Heinrich – my feet still have a touch of wanderlust in them.

[color=blue]Result of the spell casting: Mariella fails to discover any connection, the wine isn’t poisonous and she servant girl is about to get the common cold.

Justus looks at Krispin, [color=red]I didn’t mean to offend you in any matter, merely stating a duty that is imposed upon you. After all you have been accepted as full members of this covenant with equal share in our vis harvest and full rights to read in the library and of course the already set up laboratory. Justus is seemingly annoyed by being accused for lack of courtesy, however justified it may be. Justus makes a short pause and then continue.

Still looking at Krispin; [color=red]I’ll believe that you are right, we can compete with other covenants by enough specialisation. A greater aura is an advantage of most of the other covenants but their guest laboratories leaves in most cases something to be desired. An extraordinary laboratory with a clear specialisation towards the making of longevity potions and rituals can be a way to both secure funds and get some renown. It is my vision to place Ad Fons on the map so that we will not be the covenant at the edge of the map.

Justus turns to the rest of the room. [color=red]What do you other think of a communal project? And what do you think that it should be? Or in the case of that we all think that it is too demanding both on our resources time can we at least agree upon devoting a season to improve the covenant in some way? I think that in setting up a laboratory we can all contribute by making improvements and increasing the laboratories specialisation. Once the chamber is constructed it would develop into a spectacular laboratory in a two three years or so.

A communal project certainly is a good idea.
While setting up a lab sure has its advantages, I think such a project should rather be centered on the forrest surrounding us. There are plenty of resources in that forrest: Vis. Wood. Animals. Werewolves. Herbal ingredients for potions. A strong magical aura.
We should concentrate on making use of these resources. As soon as we have done that, we can do other, a little more fancy things. But first things first.

We could even integrate the forrest into our covenants defenses.
Trees make the use of siege engines impossible. Even using horses and archers gets difficult.

I know that herbam and animal aren't your first choice, but this is what we have at hands. And in plenty.

What do you think?

[color=red]So we come back to what I once said. Learn everything we can about the local mundane lords, their strength and weaknesses, and how they would react to us. Without this nescessary information, we're walking blind here.
So, we should delay the fair idea until we know precisely who we may be up against, and what they'd do.

In my opinion, one of our biggest problems is the lack of books. That could have been somewhat offsetted if that bonisagus hadn't cowardly run off :imp:
We'll have to make do, and a communal project is a good way to do this.
We do not need to concentrate all on the same thing, however. Some could work on a dedicated laboratory, which'll be usefull to us anyway, while some could try to use the forest or go hunting for vis. I would be especially usefull in such an endeavour, as my [color=blue]Eyes for Vis[color=red] spell let me detect vis on sight. However, this may be dangerous, as our ennemy is still out there, and he may not be alone.

On a final note, as Yannick said, the forest is a potent ressource, one we mustn't overlook. A trained cadre of magic-enhanced foresters could cripple an invading army, and the forest can also supply its own perks, like wood we can sell, animal-derived products, or vis. It would be way better if we had craftsmen able to use these, anyway.
However, I think we should behave differently from the mundanes, and not deplete the forest. Planting 3 trees for every we cut down, as yannick suggested before, is a good step toward this, but we should also take into account animal ressources.

[color=red]There is a limit of what we can do about the book situation without trading with other covenants as few of us are capable of producing Summae which would be useful to others. We could produce tractatii which would help each other but that would take time and such tractatii would be difficult to trade.
I am not certain how much danger you would be in from our enemy. He seems to be avoiding direct attacks upon magi by himself. If he intended to kill magi in person then Justus would currently be dead, and from the available evidence he could have overwhelmed any one of us individually.

Justus looks at Mariella,[color=red] I don’t think that we shall underestimate our foe. The only reason I am still standing amongst you is that a servant broke our foes attention so that I could escape and that I knew some things that our foe wished to know. If I hadn’t have any value to our attacker then who knows what could have happened. Justus is still seemingly shaken by the event. [color=red]After all as we all have concluded this must be a Tytalus that pursues his agenda of making us stronger by forcing us through trials.

[color=red]As books are concerned I am trying to produce a few that could be interested to spread throughout the hermetic community and thus trade for some equal tomes. Thus progress goes slow but at least we have a independent book production.

in part, because of a character in progress ; ) >

(subtly tongue-in-cheek) [color=red] Hmmm... I've heard no one mention the pigfarming. Bacon! We could become an area center of foodstuffs. More seriously, of course, I will be later interested in the survey and contact with neighboring lords and powers.

This covenant must certainly get past its early spring-like duties so we magi can focus on our life paths. But I defer - initially - to my sodales who are founders. Direct me to an efficacious activity and I'll be reluctant, but! satisfied enough to get to work. Or give me clear choices to vote on.

Should've read:

*Heinrich has been listening quietly [in part, because of a character in progress ; )] *

[color=red]Agreed, Heinrich, of all the maguses here you seem to be the most able to deal with mundane powers.

Yannick, while you're going into the forest, could you bring some grogs with you? Not only for your protection, but also so that they may learn to know the forest as well. If need be, a cadre of trained foresters shall be precious.

On the pigfarming, I agree to. This is also our ressources, and we should make use of them. Simple spells can enhance both the crops and the pigfarming, thus bringing us wealth.
Spells like:
[color=blue]Alleviate the pain (CrAn 10, base 3, +1 touch, +2 sun)
This spell gives an animal a +3 to recovery rolls.
[color=blue]Process the Animal Remains (ReAn 10, base 3, +1 touch, +2 group)
Treat and process items made of animal products, greatly speeding what we can do with our pigs
[color=blue]The Healthy Crops (CrHe 15, base 1, +1 touch +3 moon, +2 group)
Ensure that a plant or tree grows well for the duration of the spell. Cast on seeds, and later on actual plants, this could be a great boon, especially in regard to the woodcutting, as it would help us preserve the forest.
There's also a similar magnitude spell that would ensure a plant doesn't become sick.
[color=blue]Process the Harvest (ReHe 10, Base 5, +1 touch)
Treat and process items made of plant products

[color=red]I think that it is time to draw our meeting to a conclusion. Justus speaks in his normal leader of the covenant style.[color=red] I no one object fiercely I suggest that we decide upon the following. We fund the equipping of the militia and the guards with throwing axes. We order every militiaman and guard to train the use of the throwing weapon. We let our town council get the necessary funds to both hold feasts at the appropriate times of year and a axe throwing competition, perhaps even other competitions that test our guards and militiamen’s skill at arms. We let Horst try to recruit new craftsmen and reform our tax system. We visit all the quesiatoris in the morning and those who wishes to the priest in the evening. Then those who wishes travel to the covenant that made contact with us. We can also decide that we all strive to improve the covenant in a matter suitable to our own skills; personally I will spend some time upon expanding our libraries. Anything else my soldaes wish to add?

This sounds sensible. Maybe we should decide who is responsible for what exactly, to avoid things getting done twice or not at all. I guess I already volunteered for anything that has to do with the forrest :slight_smile:

BTW, what's our reserves in Vis?

[color=red]Agreed. For now, let us all contribute in the manner we deem most fit. I will work to help plant growth around the covenant, either from crops or the trees we re-plant. For long term contributions, I would like to improve agriculture and overall health of our covenfolk. If there is vis available, I would prefer to make my first contribution as an enchanted item – that way the covenfolk could more easily use it and integrate it into their planting.

Also, have we decided how vis is divided up between covenant members?