Chapter 3: The Purple Sheep

Three weeks before the end of spring 1208, Renatus asks the other magi to join him for a short meeting of the council.

When his two sodales have joined him, he relates to them that Martain has brought him information about a possible source of raw vis for the chapter house. "Apparently, there is a tale shared by the shepherds of the Lüneberg Heath, which is not so far east and north of us. I think it might be worthwhile for us to investigate that tale, as it may provide us with some additional and much-needed vis." He then proceeds to tell you this tale.

It is said that every summer, there is a strange sheep that wanders the heatland. This sheep uses the cover of night to inflitrate a flock grazing the heath, until such a time that a sheepdog -- and occasionally a shepherd -- comes to gather the flock. It is then that this sheep turns purple and attacks, biting and sometimes devouring the poor victim.

"Do you have any idea how we," he smiles, "and by that I really mean either or both of you, could pursue this tale to try to find that purple sheep and see if it can be harvested for vis?"


This seems like some kind of magical creature hunting, this isn't exactly my speciality... I'm decently prepared to deal with mundane and animals but against a magical creature of unknown might and the magic resistance that goes with it that's another deal. I'll probably be safe flying but we need a plan.

We could probably use night vision with something like eyes of the cat and placing circles of beast warding around the sheeps groups. That way if we see a sheep entering the circle or going from one group to another we could identify it before it attacks. Alternatively, we could use a sheepdog as a bait. Then well, I can trap it if we can lead it to a body of water, other than that, we'll have to rely on the grogs with nets and sticks to knock it of.

"Such a task is not really in my area of expertise either. My interests are more in line with studying vis sources than with killing them. But I may be able to assist in the detection of the beast. I have some facility with finding magical animals. No formulaic spells yet though. So if the beast is not too powerful, I might be able to find it before it turns deadly. Then we might have the shurple peep - eh purple sheep - at a disadvantage, and the grogs could debilitate it? For capture...?"

((Unless "supernatural beings" doesn't include magical animals...))

Well I see neither of us have reliable ways to capture the beast... Maybe we should set up a trap of some kind ? A hole ? A solid cage for transportation ?

"The way I see it," says Renatus, "is that we first need to find this purple sheep and determine its nature. If we don't know what it is and what it can do, that capturing it may prove impossible." He shrugs, "It may not be possible at all without killing it. But if we can, then we need to determine whether vis can be harvested from it without harming it, or whether there are more such creatures ranging the heath lands. Who knows, maybe it is the influence of a magical aura that transforms a regular sheep?"

"It seems to me that locating it is something that you help with," the scarred magus says to his namesake before turning to Ludovicus, "while analyzing the nature of the creature would be something that falls into your specialty. I spoke briefly to Oswald, and he feels that he could spare one or two grogs to help you."

"I shall do my best. It does sound like something worth investigating. When should we leave?"

"The stories mention midsummer as the night when this purple sheep most frequently appears," says Renatus, "but perhaps you will want to investigate before that, to try and chase down additional information."

Do you think we'll do a better job investigating together Ludovicus or do you prefer to lead the investigation alone ? If I'm not needed, maybe you could try to find some leads early this summer while I visit Eule and we could go together mid summer to capture the beast, or extract the vis one way or another, If my magic is better suited then ?

"Sure, I could go take a look without you. Not that I expect to do better on my own. But if that fits your plans best..."

"That's settled then."

"Right. So I will take a grog, or maybe two with me? At least one who speaks Latin, since my German isn't that great yet. And may I also take some vis with me? If we have any to spare? Either Vim or Intellego would come in handy, I think."

"I'm afraid we don't have much in the way of vis stores, aside from what we harvest, and none in the Arts you are asking for," replies Renatus. "As for the grogs, yes you can borrow one or two of them. But aside from Andreas, who has been assigned to Renatus here, I don't think any of our grogs know much Latin. Perhaps your personal grog has learned enough German in the last year to translate for you?"

(assuming trogdor wants to play Andreas...cause he's my grog so I'm not suppose to play him)
"If all you need is my authorisation, you can take Andreas with you. While I'm doing a round flight to Fengheld, he won't be able to follow me anyway. But won't you need someone more expert at scouting, hunting or such tasks, Like Burkhard ?"

((Sorry for the delay!))

"Sure, Giuseppe could come. If he can be made to find enough motivation. He's been learning German these past several seasons. The second escort would ideally be someone local, I think, with a good knowledge of this region. Who would be best for that?"

((I updated Giuseppe's info with 15xp in Low German, his advancement for 1207.))

(OOC: So the initial group would be Ludovicus, Guiseppe, Andreas and Burkhard? Who will be playing whom? And what will be the strategy for proceeding with the task before you?)

(ooc : Andreas is my grog so I can play either Giuseppe or Burkhard. I have a little preference for the latter)

I'm happy playing either Giuseppe or Andreas. I probably have a slight preference for the former, but it's not a great preference.

((My thoughts are to ask Praetor Renatus if he knows roughly where rumors of the purple sheep were heard, and then go talk to the locals there. Plenty of opportunities for wild goose chases, but maybe the search party will get lucky and find a good lead. If they do, and it leads immediately to the sheep, then Ludovicus will decide whether to go for the capture or to go get Renatus Ibis.))

(In that case, the grogs could probably start by getting together with Martin to learn more about what he's learned. Would you all like to play this out? Since the grogs, are not tied to seasonal activities, it is much easier for them to investigate each lead, possibly getting into smaller adventures in the mean time, then report back to the magi. I am putting this as an opportunity to have some action mixed into the saga, with a magus occasionally joining in for a particularly good lead. This can even take place over several seasons.)

Yes, let's do that. We can have the grogs do the leg work.

I'll play Giuseppe, since Andreas is probably too lazy to take the initiative in the investigation.