Chapter 3, The Temple of Nehalenia.

Good call. Far be it from me to step on your d in this matter. He is reckless, but respectful.

I ignite the sword. Now, you do not need to roll concentration to maintain a spell while doing what the spell is designed to do, in this case battle opponents with a flaming sword. However, other activities do require a concentration roll. i would have to roll incredibly bad to fail, what with my Imperturbable mastery and all. Still, I do not engage in conversation or anything. I just stand their, ready to fight if Wirth gives the word or if these fellas make any sudden threatening moves.

Aelianus and Diodorus tries to find Iolar while walking around the covenant grounds. They only one who outshines Aelianus proud and pompous stature is Diodorus, a king amongst cats.

Aelianus and Diodorus are trying to find Iolar, when one of the covenant servants runs up to him (Bob Backtalker, the guy that made a punk out of Roberto that first night).

[color=red]Master, there is trouble stirring in the villiage down by the shore. That scoundrel Ulrich is back in town, and it appears that those two magi that insist on laboring like peasants are about to start a fight with him. Come quickly before things spiral out of control!

Quietly as Okeanos leaves
[color=red]I do love a megalomaniac .

She thinks ok , either he is incompetent, scheming or paranoid in any case there seems no need to worry about trying to cooperate with him and help him investigate this matter.

She turns and heads in search of the other mages of the covenant.

After taking to the air she finds Aelinus but by the time she lands some covenfolk is babbling at him in the local language. While he finishes she restores her illusions .

Seeing the drawing of flaming swords, Kilica draws her own blade and prepares to move into action.
She smiles, it has been a while since she has had a chance to fight , it will be good to see how the locals fight.

Her Latin is good enough that she can understand the simple words [color=red] Wait for Wirth I smile and nod at her. Even though she is a woman, I respect her prowess, and I know that look in her eye. I too am interested to see how well the locals fight.

Bob Backtalker knows just how one should speak to Aelianus. If he weren’t stirred into action he would have noticed and reacted to the servants insult to his soldaes, after all a servant should not insult his master even if he points out the truth.

Aelianus looks at Iolar. [color=red]Soldae there are some trouble brewing down at the docks. We must go there but later I would like to speak with you.

[color=red]Diodorus, Aelianis looks at his companion, [color=red]stay out of this one I don’t want anything bad happened to you.

Aelianus turns to Bob, [color=red]Exactly where where the trouble? Aelianus draws his wand as he speaks.

Once given the location Aelianus moves there by steady pace and/or The wizards leap. Diodorusis curious to he moves towards the docks but not particular fast.

[color=red]We will speak later, if we are not massacered by outraged Mermen, or swallowed by the sea.
With those last words Iolar assumes her Heartbeast form , leaps into the air and flies down to the docks to see what is goinf on.
Seeing the confrontation she lands on a nearby roof and watches with interest the show below.


coming upon Lawrence...
(if this is by surprise i would probably have wave at my back up for added propulsion i don't know if that would give a bonus or not because i imagine my swim skill would still apply for course corrections that we would make)
[color=red]ah do you happen to know another merwoman by the name of lucy?

[color=blue]OOC Filling in for Marko as I don't think he is around until Monday.

Lawrence replies
[color=red]How many mermaids called Lucy have you made promises too? Lucy and our parents are waiting for us . You will come now or you will be late and keep Lucy waiting


Looking around seeing the flaming swords...

[color=red]Oh look at this, the old man has more of his kind here now and they come to the aid of a peasant...

Pulling Walter in front of himself like a shield,

[color=red]Look this wretch entered into a contract for services rendered.
said service is rendered, and now compensation is DUE!

looking down at the man he is holding before him then back up at those with the flaming blades

[color=red]If you have a problem with me manhandling this mouse of a man then perhaps you can pay me instead?

(by the way does this current location count for "ways of the town" ?)

Yes it does, you are in an urban area

[color=blue]And sadly its only 1 flaming sword :frowning: Kilica hasn't got one yet.

I will come, lead on...


:imp: :imp: :imp:
For a few seconds, it seems like Wirth is gonna do something harsh, but then, he relaxes.

[color=blue]The joys of silent casting... :smiley:

Without any gestures (Nor words^^), I cast my [color=blue]Call to Slumber (ReMe 10) spell on Ulrich.
Casting total 12, + 4 aura, -5 gestures = +11.

Assuming this works at all, speaking to Kilica: [color=red]Please, wake him. And ensures he stays calm. We need to sort this out.

I don't seem to be very happy, be it at Ulrich or Walter :imp:

Aelianus enters the area where the other magi have assembled. [color=red]What is going on here? Aelianus uses his authoritarian voice when he demands an answer. [color=red]A servant reported that there where some trouble brewing here. Aelianus look at the magi that are at the location holding his wand in the hand.

Iolare continues to watch from the rooftop, not seeing any need to do anything. She is fairly certain those already involved can deal with things and if necessary she can launch a pilum of fire from here anyway.

Havlard is reading a book outside and wonders how many magi it takes to handle a drunk mundane? Back to reading.


Roberto ends Concentration on his flaming sword. He is mildly disappointed, ecause he hasn't herd the din of battle in a while. But he does admire Wirth's subtle and effective efforts. Joel would be proud of his technique. Reminds him of the story when Antonio of Flambeau battled against the renegade Vegetius (who was cast out of Flambeau and the Order). Antonio, master of destructive magic, came upon Vegitius by surprise in the enemie's camp. Instead of unleashing lightning bolts and fire balls, Antonio used Loss of a Momen's Memory, which easilly penetrated, and while his opponent stood dazed, Antonio ran him through with a mundane broadsword.

Yes, Roberto admires Wirth's style indeed :slight_smile:

Fred the new pirate leader is gonna vouch for Ulrich though, and tell them the full story. Back when Petre was in charge he used to press on Walter a lot. Ulrich charged Walter protection money to stand up against Pete. It was legitimate bodyguarding and not extortion at all.

So, Roberto is totally gonna let Wirth handle it. He will simply lean over and whisper a suggestion in his ear [color=red]"Let's sit these guys all down somewhere and have us a little talk"

With Ulrich down Kilica quickly disarms him , keeping an eye on his compatriots.
She then prods him awake with the tip of her sword , indicating that he should stay seated . Although she says nothing to him
(Because she assumes he only speaks the local language and she has not got a clue what the local barbarians jabberings mean, if only it was greek to her)

Iolar flaps down from the roof to land next to him and still in Eagle form asks
[color=red]"You claimed to know about faeries before, what do you know about merman ? Our local merinita seems to have decided that talking to fello magi about them is some kind of crime so I was wondering what you think is going on with them. I am trying to decide if the storm was a deliberate attack or accidental faerie damage and what our response should be
She tells Havlard everyting she knows (See various earlier messages) unless he tells her to go away