Chapter 3: Travel to the covenant in the Novgorod tribunal

[color=red]There are a few extraordinary pieces of art if I may say so my self, you noticed the pavement perhaps out side and there are a few pieces in the library. Perhaps I’ll show them to you later this evening… or we take in the morning. Constantia looks at Henrich with an intense glare, perhaps to determine what thoughts goes on in his mind.

I guessed as much. Magically-enhanced good looks would do that to you.
I wonder how we can use that... Thanks for the info :smiley:

[color=red]Thank you very much, lady nods

[color=red]Nothing special I'd just like to speak with you all a little, learn to know you more, in a less formal fashion... It would be good also to speak slavic, as I haven't in some time now, and I miss it.
As such, heinrich's proposition is as good as any. I think we could leave more formal matters to tomorrow.

[color=blue]ooc and ooc (out of curiosity) Intense glare? Would Heinrich feasibly be able to spont a IN/Vi Invisible Eye Revealed - lvl 15/General at level 3 or 5 without using words (-10) and using a subtle/camouflaged gesture (-2) in the midst of a foreign covenant under their aegis without botching and then transgressing etiquette rules in a covenant. If not, forget it! :laughing:

Heinrich looks down from the intense glare and briefly wonders if his mind might be peered into.

[color=blue]OOC: Perhaps she hit on Heinrich perhaps she is provoking reactions. After all a beautiful young maga almost invited Henrich to give him a private tour of the covenants art works. I hope that the hint got through.

No magic’s at the table, even modest gestures (that is above none) will be noticed at a dinner table full of hermetic magi.

[color=blue]Twenty years past gauntlet is young? :wink: This could be amusing. Heinrich perhaps is mistakenly taking her as being some elder maga with a glamour of youthful beauty, but feels he is in no way ready to deal with a covenant leader he is not familiar with. :slight_smile: Heinrich is going to be low key about whatever in front of a group of magi from a strange covenant.

[color=red]I, too, thank you for your hospitality, Constantia. I look forward to touring your covenant and meeting with you again on the morrow. Krispin heads outside to stable Halfrid and his mule (who have come with him unless there's a reason I don't know about for them not to have). He steels himself privately for an "argument" that will probably involve him avoiding several kicks from the mule. He'll stable them himself, although Weiland or other grogs might help - Krispin doesn't particularly care about the effect on his social status.

[color=blue]As regards the InVi spell: I've always thought that casting magic on a guest would be at best incredibly rude and at worst a flagrant violation of the Code - so unless she's a lot more of an enemy than we think she is, I imagine we're safe. Using magic in another covenant, in the presence of their magi, without at least asking your host first, would probably also be considered very rude, and possibly provocation for hostilities. That's my 2 cents, at any rate.

The dinner draws to its end and the magi eat and drink much to their satisfaction. The conversation is perhaps a bit stale as if the other magi Arduus collis seems to not dare to speak in the presence of their mistress.

Once the dinner is eaten one of the servants show the magi to the guest wing. There are a few small sleeping chambers all connected to a larger chamber that holds a table and a few chairs, on the wall there hang a few tapestries woven with intricate patterns. The servant shows the guest laboratory that is adjacent to the guest’s common room. The laboratory seems like a standard laboratory with a focus around a large desk and the chamber is only about 350 square feet. Perhaps the are a few missing pieces of equipment but at least the room is full of elegant decorations along the walls and the ceiling gleams of magical light. The servant who escorted you shows a bell that can be used if they need to summon a servant. If not halted he bids you a good night and exits the chamber, leaving you alone.

Heinrich states and asks, [color=blue]ooc - in a well-paced manner - I'm listing questions I'd like to ask if I can draw the servant out - [color=red]Thank you good servant. What is your name? How do things fare with you and all here at the covenant? Where will Weiland be quartered? And where might I procure drink for a mid-evening moisturizing?

[color=blue]If Krispin is still at the stable I'd use at as an excuse to wander towards him without meandering, but to make myself an opportunity to come in contact with magi again. But it's only the first night so I'm not trying particularly hard. Heinrich yawns - a long enough journey and a long day to end this part of it, but is still full of excited mental energy.

[color=red]Once we're alone.

Well, at last we've arrived, and our hostess seems like a fine and fair lady. I look forward to learn more about her and her covenant.
And heinrich? I'm impressed. I had heard of your house's diplomatic skills, but never met a jerbiton before. You must make your pater proud.

At first distracted, Heinrich replies - [color=red]Hmmmm? Oh, it's nothing. I do hate rambling on, though. I'm extraordinarily curious about the covenant and there must certainly be something more than a tribunal border good relations. Are you from anywhere near these parts of Novgorod?

[color=red]More from the north-east in fact. The novgorod covenant is very vast, and, although I traveled it a little with my parens [color=blue](which, IIRC, was named... konstantin :laughing:)[color=red], I don't know it as well as I could.
Suffice to say this is closer in climate and lifestyle to Ad Fons than to my old covenant

[color=blue]OOC: Max: I leaved Ardath's home covenant deliberately blank, in case you wanted to do something with it. If you don't, I can fill it, either with an established one (IIRC, there are interesting stories to tell with Novgorod tribunals) or a homemade. Or nothing (I'm a lazy bastard sometimes :blush: ). Just tell me what you'd prefer.

Replies from the servant to Henrich: [color=red]My name is Krzysztof and things are fine here at the covenant. We servants toil ever happily and we are kept in the best way our masters can afford. Madame Constantia is a fair ruler who cares for us and defend us. Your guard will be in the guest quarters for servants, that is behind the stone building to your right when you get out of this building. Not to far from the stables. If you need anything chime the bell that I gave you and I will come. I am your personal servant for this stay.

[color=blue]Ardath come far away from here. And no one know from where at the moment… But it is far from here.

Krispin comes in (from wherever… sorry about confusion earlier) somewhat later and plops down into a chair. [color=red]“Such luxury. Even the horses live like kings,” he remarks.

To Krispin - [color=red] Mayhaps the covenfolk are treated as well? I was just talking to our guest servant - Krzysztof and he intones that staff is well-treated. We are to use this bell if we need for anything. To all - [color=red] What do we do now? Can anyone recommend an itinerary? As much as I enjoy being abroad I feel like I haven't settled in back at the covenant. And I am not experienced in these matters, so how long do we stay?

[color=red]Well, for now, we're just paying a courtesy visit to our neighbours, and shouldn't stay here too long, as we've got no reason to.

So, we tour the covenant, learn to know them, what they can bring to Ad Fons, what Ad Fons can bring them in exchange, and then, we come home.
Then, if all did go well, we invite one of them back.

Great :smiley: It seems like you've got an idea (or reserving the possibility), I like this :smiley:

[color=red]Oh, and now that I think of it... There's a little matter we could settle while we're at it.

You realize you'll both need a lab. 2 are currently available.
Heinrich would like to take over Frederich's lab, which would leave you, krispin, with Manius Niger's. Are you okay with this?

By the way, heinrich, maybeyou could have weiland fraternize a little with the locals, not only the covenfolk, but also the village people (:lol:)

Heinrich says to Krispin easily - [color=red]Yes, I have happened to see Friederick's lab and know it has easy potential to be redressed. But the former laboratory of Manius is shall we say... non-descript. I just don't have as much a sense of what condition it is in. I'm sure either lab will take me a few moons to dress it to a Jerbiton's liking. But I am no Verditius, so I shan't need a lab for excessive creations.

to all on Ardath's idea - [color=red] Mmmm... perhaps Weiland and I can both fraternize! I just hope he can hold his beer! Heinrich smiles and mutters audibly. [color=red]I hope I can hold down my own.

Heinrich will find Weiland fraternizing :slight_smile:
He finds beer very helpful to this end, as he doesn't speak a single word of the local language -yet...
For the time being, he is speaking with his hands.

I meant through his hands.
Erm no, i meant using gestures, pointing and pantomime.

I understood :wink: We say "parler avec les mains", which is the exact translation of "speaking with the hands" :wink: