Chapter 3: Travel to the covenant in the Novgorod tribunal

The resulting journey is arduous but goes without trouble. The magi arrive at a costal village where there is a uncommonly large harbour and atop a nearby cliff there stands a collection of stone buildings. There are no defences of the stone buildings other than that there is no other way up than a small passage, the cliff is rather steep and not likely to be climbed with any ease. Painted on a banner that flies above the stone buildings are the heraldry of the covenant that you are visiting. Close to the harbour there can be seen a stone building that is rather well crafted and seems almost like it is some form of church or temple.

The harbour is bustling with life as any fishing village should be and the rather obvious fumes of the smoking of fish meets the magi as they reaches the harbour by ship. When the ship docks the harbour the magi are approached by a handful of fishermen, one of the more elderly speaks in a rather un-welcoming voice. [color=red]Who are you unexpected guests? There are few who enters this village, are you guests of our Lords or what?

I stand unfazed.

[color=red]We should be expected, yes.
If you'd be so kind as to inform your Lord of our arrival?

The elder man turns to a young lad at his side, [color=red]Run and tell our lords that they have visitors. Then man then turns towards the magi as the young lad runs off. [color=red]You will have to wait here.

Some time later the young lad comes back down to the docks. Catching his breath he splutters, [color=red]The Lords told me to welcome you and escort you to their hall where you will be welcomed. Just follow me. The young lad points with his hand in a most inviting way to the direction of the covenant.

Taking his cues from body language and Ardath’s behavior, Krispin falls in behind, following the group up to the covenant.

(German)[color=red]“C’mon Weiland. Isn’t it nice to see a new place?”

[color=red]Thank you, young man. Your courtesy is a pleasant change, and I'm sure your lords will be happy to know their guests can sometimes be well met.

To the others, in latin:
[color=red]I'm releived by this young man's courtesy. The old man wasn't very polite, although I guess I shouldn't expect much from a parma-less mundane. I just hope their lords will be more pleasant, especially as they're bound to be our neighbours. It would be nice to have allies and friends, even if another covenant.

Heinrich eyes wide open from Jerbitonesque-like wonder, youth and wariness walks in. This town and covenant ain't Constantinople, but it's great to be back amongst town centers and ahh, to be back at the coast! His wariness stems from being on the other side of this tribunal border: a border that is - he presumes - more politically tense.

Yes master Krispin, and it would be nice to see a nice bed once again :slight_smile:
And food made by an actual cook...

[color=blue]This town or rather village that you travel through is little worth of any grandiose exclamations as it is a fishing village dump with a rather over sized harbour.

As the magi are led up the hill the come up to a rather flat surface paved with stones, if viewed from the air they would make an interesting pattern depicting the symbol of the order of Hermes and the twelve astrological signs. Around the square there are two stone buildings on either side. Behind the building one can hear the sound of servants labouring to make the routine and mundane tasks that need to be done here at the covenant. In front of you there is a rather large stone building, it has only one level above the ground with the exception of the tower that is a part of the building and who rises up into the air, at least five floors above the entrance. The entrance are a large wooden door, at least three paces high and two paces wide carved out of a single piece of wood or at least that is the sight that meats the eye. Up here on the plateau there can be felt the presence of a rather strong magical aura, stronger then Ad Fons aura, and the crippling energies of the Aegis that pierces your very bones.

As the magi enters the square the young lad who escorted you points at the large door at the opposing end of the square and begins to run down the path to the village. From the large door a woman emerges. Dressed in a snow white dress and with jet black hair she strides forth with elegant splendour, her beauty and elegance is such that it goes beyond even the wildest dreams of young apprentices. She walks forward, seemingly floating atop the pavement, and comes closer to the magi. Once she is closer one can see that she is a mature woman perhaps in her early thirties at least that’s what the appearance say and that is not to be trusted when near magi. [color=red]Welcome my guest from Ad Fons, she speaks in a soft voice that rings with the most elegant tones, [color=red]I am Constantia Ex Flambeau and most welcome to my covenant Arduus collis. Please follow me into the council chamber. Constantia sweeps the magi with her eyes as she turns around to hint that the magi should follow her, each and everyone whose eyes are meat feel that she looked a little more inviting to them rather than to the other magi.

[color=blue]ulp, :unamused: A closer read next time, but as I said 'Youth!' Full of potential hyperbole and exaggeration.

Heinrich pauses and takes a deep breath. Such beauty is beyond simple form and reflects aesthetic qualities that are most tasteful. :wink: But, out of respect he pauses and follows the more senior (old-timer) members.

[color=blue]Hmmmmm... maybe grandioseness +2.

[color=blue]About the surface and stuff, do I perceive something with my second sight?

"Show of, thinks Ardath. Mom could do better, and she was just half-fae."
[color=blue]By the way, do I perceive any illusion or glamour on her? I am wary. Flambeau or not, this is too faerie-like for me not to be paranoid. Especially as we're "back home".
Or maybe it's the Aegis that's weigthing on me...

Hum... Well... That's new o_O
[color=red]:smiley: Thanks you for your hospitality, lady Constantia. I am Ardath Ex Miscellanea, and this charmant young man is my sodales, Heinrich Ex Jerbiton.

Ardath voluntarily lets weiland "in the shadow".
"Better for the grog to be forgotten, in case we need an ace in the hole."

[color=blue]This side conversation is attempted when there are a couple of minutes at an appropriate time.

Heinrich asks of Ardath - [color=red]It appears there are two labs up for grabs. I understand our departed sodales - a Frederich? and a swarthy magus - left labs empty. When we return I would like to talk to Falls and council, if we need to, to appropriate these labs. Personally, I would be enchanted to have the minimalist room that was Frederick's. It offers more opportunity to dress it up nicely! It needs rejuvenation and urbaneness.

[color=blue]oops! :unamused: Falls = Krispin

[color=red]Fine by me, you must clearly have a lab, and if you can agree about what lab you'll pick, everything'll be fine. Once this done, well, it'll be your sanctum, so you should feel free to make any chance you like.

By the way, what do you think we should say about Ad Fons? I have a tendency to be cautious, say little about us, and downplay both our strengths and weaknesses until we know more about them.

[color=blue]Ardath: There is something magical about her appearance, exactly what is harder to determine but at least impressive to some.

You are lead into the front of the next main building and into a council chamber, behind the hallway that you pass through when you enter the building. The entrance are elegant furnished and the air seems cool and fresh but still comfortable enough to stay in. In the council chamber there is a large table with several seats. In the far end of the council table there is a grander chair then the rest of them, almost throne like. On the seats that are next to it there sits four other magi, two on each side. As the lady and you enter the chamber they raise up and great you and their mistress.

The lady Constantia takes seat at the head of the table and instruct the magi from Ad Fons to take seat at the other end of the table. [color=red]As I said before welcome to my covenant and let me introduce my fellow magi here at Arduus collis. This is Xtopherus ex Bonisagus, Constantia gestures towards a young man at the table, so young that he is seemingly just out of apprenticeship. He is quite athletic built for being a Bonisagus magi, or that is to the general stereotype of a Bonisagus magi. [color=red]This is Sibylla Ex Miscellanea, Constatina gestures towards a young woman with red hair and a forgettable face, [color=red]over here you have Scientia Ex Miscellanea, Constantia points at a young woman with a obvious scar in her face and dark brown hair, [color=red]and last we have Ludovicus Ex Verditius, Constantia gestures towards a rather physically powerful man with a thick beard and seemingly slightly older than the rest of the magi, but still young. [color=red]I have introduced my fellow magi now please introduce your self. Constantia turns towards a servant and order it to start serving the dinner. Then turns her attention towards her guests again.

[color=red]Being so recently arrived, I am woefully ignorant of the context of our invitation so I personally would feel confident about saying we are graciously and, obviously, personally repaying a hospitable invitation. Well said, given inter-tribunal border politics we most certainly be gracefully sparing. Heinrich eventually turns to Weiland and asks - [color=red] I'm sure a delightful repast is not long in coming!

Heinrich studies surroundings and covenfolk where possible.

[color=blue]Previous post was a response to Ardath.

Heinrich states - [color=red] Greetings sodales! I am Heinrich ex Jerbiton born in Saxony and magus of Ad Fons. We are deeply appreciative of your most gracious offer to sojourn here. I am reminded of my apprenticeship's itinerarium to Constantinople in this journey to coastal lands most beautiful. With this he subtly bows his head, turns back to Constantia (curious if there is connection between her name and a Jerbitonesque practice of apprentices being named some form of the City's name) and pauses for Ardath.

Okaaay... Scheming mode activated :laughing:

[color=red]Pleased to meet you all, sodales.
As I said before to our beautiful hostess (Nods to Constantia) [color=red]I am Ardath Ex Miscellanea, formerly apprenticed in this tribunal. I must say it is good to be somewhat at home, especially to be welcomed in so gracious a manner.
It is my foundest wish that we'll be able to create bounds of friendship between our two covenants, and grow together as sodales in the Order

[color=blue]Do I have an idea of the Aegis Strength? And isn't it customary to give tokens to guests? I feel opressed without my magic

[color=red]“Hail, sodales. I am Krispin Ex Miscellanea. Like my sodales from Ad fons, I too am glad to receive your hospitality. I look forward our being neighbors and hope there will be friendship between our covenants for decades to come.”

[color=blue] [Have I/we heard of any of these magi? They seem rather well established for freshly Gauntleted young'uns.]

[color=blue]Constantia Ex Flambeau is known but the other is rather unheard of, a different tribunal and newly gauntleted. Besides that Ad Fons lies in the middle of the Pomeranian forest, not the most welcoming of places for a red cap to visit. Constantia is heard of, perhaps twenty years post gauntlet and schooled in the School of the founder. She is known for her beauty and her skills in combat.

The aegis is of the fifth or sixth magnitude.

Constantia seems to flattered when her good looks are mentioned and perhaps a little bit shy. [color=red] As I have said you are most welcome here and please forgive me in my breach of common curtsey, it is easy to forget such things in this tribunal. Here take these tokens so that the Aegis won’t affect you.Constantia gives you each a golden coin with an imprinted seal. [color=red]To night we will eat and drink. I have arranged for your resting quarters here in our main building in the left wing. There is a guest laboratory if your visit should be longer than expected, it is a modest laboratory but I think it will suffice. Tomorrow I have intended to show you the grounds of my covenant and our library. Is there anything that you wonder about now?

Heinrich states - [color=red] If I may ask, I am curious about any works of art you might have? Have my sodales enjoyed any new or existing aesthetic pleasures, be they craft, art or vice? Heinrich smiles.