Chapter 3bis (late Summer 1013): Home to mother?

Turold's second sight reveals nothing.


Betula can see the regio, but it is covered as if by a veil. She can only see the shadows of the infatuated couple inside, and the veil is not for her to break or pass through. It must be under the control of the resident.

The Ease Factor for Second Sight is 11, no aura, for when Betula rolls.

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Betula confidently walks up to the entrance, glances at the rose, then into the regio. Shouting, hoping she can be heard through the veil, "Nyliyu! You know who I am, Elsebetyyanna, daughter of the cutter, his wife, and, by means of his indiscretion, you, Nyliyu! I came to speak. Not for gifts of roses."

Betula can see Nyliya's shadow being very busy with Ruedi's, with no time to spare for other concerns.

Wanting to put the pain from her mind but realizing that it is a lesson she sits cross legged and contemplates the rose. Ruedi, my father, countless others, my... she is not my mother, my mother is dead, killed by her, killed by me, killed by my father, Betula thinks to herself and takes a deep breath while gazing at the flower then notices the thorny stem and focuses there, None of that matters, the tears come, let them. The last she hears in Vineus' kind, patient voice and the tears begin streaming, she bows her head int her palms, unable to look at the flower that represents so much of life's beauty and pain knowing that the distinction is moot. She lets it out into her hands.


Turold remains alert, ready to follow Betula as she seems to see something he can't see. However, she doesn't cross the veil. She seems lost in her thoughts for a moment, and as she starts to cry, he lowers his bow for good, putting a hand on her shoulders and simply says, "I'm sorry."

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She puts a reassuring hand on on top of the one on her shoulder and looks back and up at him without getting up, "Me too... it will be alright though, we will find..." she searches for the most accurate Saxon word but settles on the term the Criamon use, "The Answer to the Enigma." With a seemingly new sense of purpose, her tears finally drying from her eyes, still red, "We have work to do, Turold," releasing his hand, "If you would not mind setting up camp I will examine this," gesturing towards the rose. "We will spend the night and if Nyliyu is not more cooperative in the morning we will head for Castrum Antiquum or try to catch the others on the way. and head straight for Ungulus."

Betula begins casting a simple spell to feel a vibration from vis and touches the rose in three places, each with one finger, the flower, the stem, and the nearest thorn. Her bottom finger, on the thorn, feels a vibration and she nods. She begins casting again, but this time she licks the thorn when done casting, careful to go with the spike so she does not stab her tongue and she tastes a multitude of flavors, strong and spicy and knows this to be how she perceives Imaginem, remembering her parens' lessons in sensation fondly even as she found them tiresome at the time. She meditates upon the flavor of this particular vis for a couple diameters, savoring the memory, saving it, resting. Plucking the rose from the ground, stem and all, root if one comes up. From the bag that Edwin gave her she gathers the bundle of moss, a single pawn of Herbam vis, that Vineus gave her before she left The Cave. Holding that in her left hand and the rose and stem in her right she begins to cast again and at the end of the spell holds her arms straight from her body like a scale and the relative weight of the vis in her hands shifts her arms that she might know their relative amount.

When she is done with that she carefully places the thorny stem and flower into On the Distractions of the World by Verderis, replacing it in the bag and, again, meditates for a few diameters to regain her composure. Standing she says to Turold, I will find us some more food and casts Intuition of the Forest upon herself then heads into the woods to forage until sundown. She returns with a number of mushrooms and dandelions and berries and even a few nuts.

"Love is an enigma for us all, and it's loss is even stranger. But nothing is lost forever. Especially not in these woods." he says

"While we're here, I may need to check arround a bit. The forest always leaves something for me. It's a good mistress."

Turold will guard the camp, and shoot down any small game he can get coming close.

On the way to Ungulus, Turold will use the seasonal ability of Forest Lore "3 The maga can locate vis in the area, once per season, by spending only a few days searching."

In the morning Betula wakes with dawn and prepares her Parma. Casts Intuition of the Forest and waits for a bit near the entrance to the regio. When neither Nyliyu or Turold show themselves, she is too hurt to look in, she turns to Turold, we should be off." Stands, picks up her sack and befins heading Northeast to avoid villages and, especially, Nottingham, a heaviness in her gait.

Betula heads back towards Castellum Veridian and takes a meandering path, made more meandering by Turold's seeking. She avoids towns and most villages, skirting the villages she does come upon when possible. Each morning she casts Intuition of the Forest immediately after raising her Parma.

Between St Alban's well and Castillum Veridian there are few hamlets and nothing larger, so avoiding them isn't hard. Turold finds what must have been one of the covenant's vis sources, on the river shore a few hundred paces from the White Horse. A cluster of flowers, like dandelions, are seeding, and once caught in the wind the seeds contain Auram vis. It is just the right time to harvest, and he can get three pawns if he stays a few days to collect it all. The Auram vis is volatile, and he has to be there when the wind takes the seeds.


When you proceed past the White Horse, you find just a meadow full of flowers. The manor house is gone. Your footprints can be seen around the edges, marking the perimeter of the manor house that was, and leading to and from the cave. The only remaining building is the derelict house next to the waterfall.

Spending the days to catch the vis, Betula seems to have quite a bit of fun playing in the field of her teenage years. Much of the heaviness she displayed on the way here seems to have evaporated. On the third day, when they have caught all the fluff, she offers to test its type and quantity. Casting Taste the Nature of Vis she licks one small portion which tastes of storms and lightening, as Auram does. “It is vis of the Air, Auram as we call it in The Order.” She then weighs the mass of fluff against the moss, casting Scales of the Magical Weight. “There are three pawns, the smallest unit of measurement of vis we use in the Order. It is late, we should stay the night and continue in the morning. The signs say we should head straight for Ungulus but as our meeting with Cath’rinne and the rest is at The Wall I hope to catch them before then.”

Turold nods "Something for a broom, then. Too bad I don't fly. Let's keep it, it may be useful one day." He helps set up the camp. They will continue to Ungulus the day after.

"Perhaps someone would be interested in trading for it. Trading you something that might be more useful to you. I might be interested in a pawn or two but I would need to find more of those pawns I have, the stuff of sensation which we call Imaginem and plants which we call Herbam. I would not trade any Herbam, I must collect it for projects I plan to work on."

"I'm not sure how it works for your group, but this has some value for my brothers and sisters. But yeah, not for me. Yet. Until I learn to fly, anyway. Animal vis is what's most valuable to me at this point in time."

"Ah, well, if I find some, perhaps we can discuss a trade. In the Order we refer to that as Animal," she says, stressing the differences in pronunciation from the Saxon word.

"What do you make of the disappearing building? I don't recall that derelict house either when we were here."

"Oh! I thought you knew. It was never there in the first place," Betula says quite matter-of-factly, "Glamour. Faerie illusions. What everything of faerie is made from. Well, perhaps not everything, I am unsure on that but much, much. Don't you have The Sight too? Could you not see and pass through it? Our friends were no more real... though they emulated people I knew, perhaps they are no longer, I am unsure... but the signs..." Betula pauses to show her stigmata on her legs and feet, "This symbol here is new and I believe it is the symbol of Ungulus, note its position over this representation of Janus, this flame mage. I thought it was that Janus but, perhaps, that was a mere copy as faeries are wont to do, copy those stories have been told of. That is my guess, we should meet Janus in the west, at Ungulus we can go North to The Wall later."

"Sorry, I'm well versed in Magic Lore, less so in what Faeries do. Yes, I can see what's not easily seen. But if they were not real, I assure you that wine influenced me and I didn't really think of checking what was an illusion or not."

"Their illusions are almost real. They hand you a coin but later all that's in your pouch is a leaf... but, yes, it was good wine. Make them no promises."

Betula heads North and finds the others in Greyvale, in Capter 3tri.