Chapter 3bis (late Summer 1013): Home to mother?

Betula, accompanied by Ruedi and Turold, are heading towards Nottingham to find Nyliya, Betula's faerie mother. How do they approach the task?

Betula, using her knowledge of the forest learned from her forays with her father, leads her small band off the beaten path, skirting east of Nottingham and St. Alban's Well before heading South and avoiding main roads except to cross them. Strangely focused on the path she leads them on, taciturn, she keeps a surprisingly hard pace. When she knows they are past St. Alban's Well and hitting a part of the forest she does not know except as tales, her father never cut wood here, at least not since she was born, she stops suddenly. In Latin, In English, "Turold, Ruedi, we camp. Tomorrow we seek Nyliya."

In the morning, she wakes shortly before the sun, take a moment to center herself before performing her Parma Magica and then begins cutting a thick strip from the bottom of her wool skirt, all the way around and is nearly complete when the others wake. "Breakfast" she says in English now knowing something so basic they both will understand and after eating she prepares them. Each standing on either side of her, "Make sure when I stop I am pointed in this direction," encompassing the whole south in her outstretched arms, east and west. With the strip of cloth she fully covers her eyes, doubling up and making sure not even any light can get through. She then begins spinning slowly at first then faster, getting slightly dizzy and then slows to a stop in a mostly random direction and starts dizzily walking, arms outstretch so she doesn't run into a tree with her face, when she touches a tree she changes direction until touching another tree and changing direction again in no discernible order. "Follow me," she says. and keeps hiking like this for quite a while.

Turold accompanies Betula along the path, helping the guide the group away from forest obstacles if Betula doesn't seem to know what she's doing, but happy to follow along otherwise. He eats along the breakfast and thanks her in Latin - he's slowly learning. He has an amused smile when she puts the band of cloth over her eyes but seems somewhat concerned when she starts walking. Ruedi has to point her in the right direction. He assumes it is something of a mystical ceremony and tries to follow her, but also protect her from obstacles.

It does not look as if Betula knows what she is doing. It rarely does. Magic ritual, maybe, how would you know, but when she continues into the forest, she does so erratically and aimlessly. Turold has forest lore, and to him it is quickly clear that Betula starts moving in circles.

You should both roll awareness+perception.

[Awareness: Turold 11; Betula 12]

It takes about an hour of blind walking, challenging the patience of the companions, when you hear the soft sound of a flute between the trees. When Turold looks up, he sees Ruedi straying away from the group.

"Betula, open your eyes."

Betula stops and lifts her blindfold, looking for the source of the music.

The source of the music is off to your right, somewhere between the trees. Ruedi is already heading that direction, and Turold can feel also feel its lure.

Betula begins moving towards it through the brush.

Only fifteen paces and she can see across a small glade between the trees. On the far side, a young woman, younger and prettier than Betula, playing the flute between the birch trees. Ruedi is heading across the glade, and the woman extends her hand towards him.

It is high Summer, and the glade is green, spotted with yellow buttercups. The Sun is shining and the air is fresh.

Turold will accompany Betula, careful but also intrigued. OOC: If I'm enchanted or something, let me know and I'll adjust :smile:

Betula also approaches, more slowly than Ruedi and examines the flautist. Is this really her mother? Do I have her nose? Her eyes? Definitely her... bark.

There is no clear resemblance in the natural features; the nose and eyes could belong to any random woman. She has the same colour and pattern of birch bark though.

She takes Ruedi's hand.

"RUEDIIII! NOOO!" Betula says in Saxon as Ruedi accepts the woman's hand.

Nyliya, or that's who you think at least, smiles to Betula and says,

Thank you! I owe you one.

Then leans forward to embrace and kiss Ruedi.

Turold reacts quickly, seeing Ruedi enchanted and Betula panicking. He aims and draws his bow, ready to release an arrow at the nymph. "Let him go now, faerie, or this will not end well for you." he says in English, not quite catching the faerie's words to Betula.

You can roll initiative, while we wait for Betula's reaction.

Acting with surprising speed, Betula places a hand on the arrow head and gently pushes it down. "No, Turold," she says calmly. Then she quickly begins loudly chanting a spell in Latin and making vigorous gestures.

[Casting "PeVi Gen Dispell an effect of a specific type (faerie charm magic) with a level less than or equal to to Guideline level + 4 magnitudes + Stress Die (no botch)." Will Roll in Discord]

You should not do that, my dears,

says Nyliya. Still with her arm around Ruedi, she turns around and takes a single step before she disappears between the birch leaves, or was it just in the thin air?

A lone red rose grows on the spot where you last saw them. Odd. Roses normally grow on bushes, but this is just a single flower on a small stem.

Turold reluctantly lowers his bow at Betula's touch. Though they speak foreign languages, the "No" combined with the gesture was clear enough that he understands she's trying to solve this another way.

Perception + Second Sight Roll of 7 + half aura (Turold's SS is magic realm). Does he see where they went?

He does find the rose bizarre and points it out to Betula.