Chapter 3d (Autumn 1228): What Lies Beneath

The notes from the destroyed lab, decoded by Stephen, prove interesting. They belong to one Speculum of House Tytalus, and as might be expected given the nature of the traps that evidently protected his sanctum, most of the effects are Rego Terram. However, the mundane notes are perhaps more interesting. They mention that the previous covenant found an arcane artifact of some kind in the cave temple to Poseidon (it's not clear from these notes what became of the artifact, or to what extent the covenant was able to investigate it). Most intriguingly, the notes recount a trip into the lake regio--and there seems to be another level of regio beyond that, though no details of how it's entered. The magi do seem to have encountered inhabitants of some sort, though, and not all of them were hostile.


Gregorius will have a go at casting a spell to detect spun vis in the cave temple, and inspect the mosaic and the altar more carefully, on the offchance that the artifact is one of them rather than something removed from the room.

[Spell is Base 1 + 1 Conc + 3 Hearing = 5. Casting total (In 6 + Vi 5 + Sta 1 + Aura 5 + die 4) /2 = 10.5, so succeeds. [Coyote Code doesn't seem to be working properly for me, so have just rolled a die manually.]

He'll also question Theodoric as to whether he remembers anything in particular regarding the cave.

The regio, however, gets his interest more keenly. He's fairly sure given the strength of the magic aura that if he'd been looking at a magic regio he'd have spotted it. [Second Sight would have been Per 3 + Second Sight 3 + Aura 7 + die =13 + die, whereas the Ease Factor to see into even a level 10 regio would have been 5 + 2 x (10 - 7) =11.] That leaves a couple of possibilities. Either the regio level wasn't magic (which seems highly unlikely, but he's not actually certain is impossible), or he wasn't looking in the right place.

He'll ask Viola to do a few castings of Piercing the Faerie Veil just to cover off the first possibility (and then just sighs resignedly when she makes it clear she thinks he's an idiot for thinking you might have a faerie regio above a magic one, and tells her he just wants to eliminate it). For the second possibility, there are a few places he could have not just not looked at - at some random spot in the tunnels, or even inside a wall - but the most likely place seems to be somewhere within the lake. That brings finding some practical way to explore the it without getting eaten by its inhabitants up the agenda.

(OOC: If I remember correctly we were not sure what the creatures in the lake are, but we did find that they were pretty huge - eating a humanoid huge. Do not without risks going into the water.
I think we didn’t search it too much)

I don't want to get too far into this until the new characters are settled in, but there's no faerie regio. Assuming the regio is magic, there are two obvious possibilities:

  1. The magi crossed a very subtle regio boundary, in place that would have prevented Gregorius from paying proper attention.
  2. This isn't the regio.

As for the temple, there's not more of interest there.


I'm not sure I understand.

Gregorius currently believes that he has been in the first level of a regio. Are you suggesting that

  1. He's actually already been into both levels of the regio, he just didn't notice crossing the boundary? He's not inclined to think he's already been in the second level decribed by the notes, as they imply there should be more inhabitants than he's found.
  2. ? The "second" level isn't actually connected to the regio he's found?

Let me put a pin in that until I have a chance to check my notes--I want to make sure I'm not misspeaking.


OK, sorry about that: we've been busy all week celebrating and preparing to celebrate my 50th birthday, and I got confused because I misread your post.

Yes, obviously, the lake is a regio. And yes, Gregorius should have been able to detect a boundary to a higher-level regio. That means (assuming you're looking in the right place) that the thing is hidden somehow. Speculum's notes don't include any meaningful detail about how the regio is entered. It could be something you might discover through further investigation; it might be related to one of his lab projects; and/or it might require the missing artifact from the temple.


[I've moved a misplaced post to the proper location, and deleted the two posts commenting on the misplacement, since they'd be confusing in the absence of the original post.]