Chapter 3e (Autumn 1230): The Amazon Threat

Once the covenant has created some defenses and trained some troops, it's up to the magi where to proceed next. What are you planning to do to deal with the Amazon threat?


I think Fray had some plans for items which would be used by the grogs, and I benched those while his arts increased. It might be interesting to chat IC about this given the new arrivals. Fray also now has a spell similar to Viola’s swamp-Eye spell too.
We really don’t know what form the attack will come - which I’m not sure how to solve, but is worth putting some thought into.

  • set scouts who travel wider? - find informants around us? - go back and get an AC to them and start scrying?

Or just start singing "burn baby burn Flambau inferno, burn baby burn" - lol

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Have we heard anything from the Quaesitors or Tremere?

In the absence of that, Gregorius' priorities are to find the island in the sea to the east of where the magi were searching previously which is apparently the amazons' home (with a view to being able to scry on it later), and to capture and interrogate Amazons with a significant knowledge of their military / politics / magic.

The Quaesitors haven't been able to get anything useful out of Tasia--they suspect her memories were destroyed more or less permanently, though they're not sure precisely how that was accomplished. Being Quaesitors, they've advised you to avoid interference with the mundanes.

The Tremere are not terribly happy about ancient pagan warriors running around the landscape. That being said, they haven't yet located any useful information, though they're putting out feelers to places with good libraries. They might be willing to provide assistance if you need it, once you have specific requests.


Gregorius is more looking for orders than information at this point; he's assuming that he's going to be feeding them intelligence rather than vice versa.

The quaesitors' advice isn't shocking, although does lean towards "spy and focus on magic users".

How do we want to do plans - an IC meeting? Also, should we have a Council Meeting to deal with the question of Fray's membership? (That could possibly then segue into a Council Meeting, although we need to do it such that everybody else interested can participate rather than just council members).

Sounds like a plan to me.


Asena wants to be in on that one. Women with bows are her thing.

Gregorius then will call a Council meeting (comprised of him and Viola and probably Fray), followed by an "everybody interested in Amazons" meeting to begin an hour later.

Before the meeting, he'll discuss with Fray "You've been here for three years now, during which time you've been of considerable help to us. Do you wish for me to add a petition for membership to the items for discussion at the upcoming Council Meeting?"

Fray replies speaking his mind openly, “I hoped this request would be raised soon, and I would be honoured to join, yes. “
“When we founded Neuadd Bren we wrote into the charter that new members had an obligation of service and a formal interview, and I am happy to participate in the same here.”

Viola rolls her eyes at the mention of an interview, and quickly diverts her attention to something more interesting, like a spot on the ceiling.


Asena, present for the meeting, sighs: "Interview? What are you talking about? I was hoping to finally get the chance to meet those amazing amazons. Since we've got Wishbone, I doubt they are a threat to us anymore - but what an opportunity to study a culture that is tough without suffering from male hubris!"

Wishbone will arrive promptly for the "interested in Amazons" meeting and listen intently before contributing.

Gregorius shakes his head. "The covenant charter charges members with maintaining the covenant, and the Council may allocate duties to members, but it also specifies that these should place an equal burden on all members. So there's an obligation of service, but not any heavier than that that exists for me and Viola. We generally aim to spend a season each year on it, but that may change as the covenants needs do."

"As to the've been here for three years now, although I don't know how much time you have actually spent in the company of Viola during that period. By all means say something short, and be prepared to answer any questions she has of you before she decides on her vote, but be aware that she tends to find people annoying, and acts to annoy them in turn when forced to be around them. I'd recommend succinctness." He shrugs. "That said, none of my interactions with her have ever gone that smoothly, so I may not be well placed to give advice."

“Good advice, thank you. I think I’ll wait to see the tone and be brief. “

The Council meeting itself is at first just Gregorius and Viola, in the large room that doubles as the covenant's dining room; however, he makes Fray's petition the first order of business. Invited in, Fray sees that the black-robed Tremere sits at the head of the table with the covenant charter in front of him.

"Fray of Bonisagus. I understand that you wish to become a member of Nova Castra, with all of the rights and obligations that that entails?"

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[Also OOC: Do people want to do the Council Meeting and Amazons talk in parallel? Whilst that has the advantage that it keeps people more active, I'm worried it's going to get confusing.]

[OK, I misread Salutor's earlier post: Viola won't be rolling her eyes until someone actually suggests an interview in the council meeting.]


Fray has cleaned himself up, trimmed and neatened his beard and hair, and changed from the scraggly and practical workman’s clothes he frequently wears when doing lab work into a mix of red and grey travelling tunic and the lions pelt cloak.

“Yes, that is correct. I have valued greatly my recent experiences with Nova Castra and would welcome the opportunities and challenges that membership requires. I ask the council to consider my application.”

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