Chapter 4: Preparing for Autumn 1013

In the second half of Summer many new arrivals flock to Ungulus, in addition to Luciu's group and Janus who had arrived earlier. Ealhstan and Adrien arrive separately from Wales. Betula and Cath'rinne's group, with Nauvi too, arrives from the East. Benedict passes through too, but continues quickly on to Wales to see the last two covenants of Stonehenge.

Caelha, the constable, welcomes everybody with great enthusiasm, but after a few days of interaction, it is clear that the enthusiasm is purely instrumental. She needs more hands for the war effort. Only an apprentice, she claims no authority in the planning of the next campaign. Her role is to manage the rally point, which is all that Ungulus has been during the War. Even so, she eagerly stresses that somebody has to find her pater, Tacitus of Tremere, and the two other covenant members, Tessa of Tytalus and Frederic of Flambeau. Guests can enjoy the hospitality both in the kitchen and the library, but it is clear that the War Effort trumps personal interests, and the hospitality is a mere means to an end. (Description of the covenant: Chapter 2 (Summer 1013). Hiding under Hadrian's Wall - #232 by loke)

Ungulus is in a precarious position, left in the care of an apprentice, with every covenant member missing for the last three seasons. The same can be said for Caelha, who has not seen her master for the same three seasons. There is little precedent for this situations, and the magi present are not that thoroughly schooled in the Code of Hermes either, even though they know the basics.

Luciu himself, unfortunately, passes away around the same time when one of his wounds get infected. It happened very quickly, and if anybody had the appropriate vis for a healing ritual, they did not hear of the crisis in time. Luciu leaves behind several valuables which will attract attention. In addition to the books and silver (see Covenant in spe - #22 by Freddie), his travel chest contains a seashell (magical if investigated), the burnt fragments of a diary, a sword, and an ostentatious helmet (also magical if investigated). Edwin, Janus, and the grogs may know that he collected these items from the body of the presiding quaesitoris, which he took from the battle field and buried in the hamlet in the East.

The characters will have to figure out how to spend the Autumn. Some seem committed to campaign into Loch Leglean to find the magi of Ungulus. It is possible to stay at Ungulus to prepare for War Effort at a later stage. It is possible to search for a good location to settle or to explore any of the other clues left earlier. This thread should end with declaration of who goes where, but please roleplay your first meetings first. I hope the information above puts everybody on the same page; everything should be fairly obvious to everyone shortly after arrival. Please ask about everything I may have forgotten.

Study totals for the South group in Summer will be resolved in Chapter 3tri; there is a minor loose end to tie up, but we can move on in parallel. I thought North had had their story xp, but I cannot find it; so here it is

  • Those who took part in the combat have 11xp and three confidence points
  • Those who have only been part of the story at Ungulus and Carlisle have 5xp and one confidence point; or instead of the 5xp, they may have a full season's worth of practice or reading.
  • As before, there is an extra confidence point to the main character of every memorable scene; please nominate; preferably on discord.

Again, I may have messed something up so please let me know when you see it.

Janus will read one of the ten copies of the Q11 Tractatus on Area Lore Scottish Lowlands.

There aren't ten copies; the text is from the tenth century. Sorry for the ambiguity.

OK, he will see if anyone else bids for it before he commits then.

Janus was first; he arrived before anybody else who is likely to prefer it over story xp.

The young blond woman with blue eyes introduces herself as Cath'rinne ex Bjornaer to the Tremere when she answers the door. "Nice to meet you" she says. When she sees Janus, she exclaims "Janus! What are you doing here? Aren't you with that Faerie Edwin, at Castellum Veridian?"


"Welcome Catherine ex Bjornaer you are most welcome,. You seem to know me but I am sure we have not met before. As to me being with a faerie Edwin at Castellum Veridian or anywhere else that was not me. Maybe my battles have become famous enough to be copied by the fay folk? So lady have you come to aid the war effort against the Diedne?" replies Janus.

OK, thanks I will read it then.


Good, I knew he would be here, Betula thinks and is shocked at how happy it makes her that he is in fact still alive though the years have aged him more than she would have thought. “I can see there is a sadness in you, Janus… Your fae copy had only the anger. They… rebuilt? the manor at Castellum Veridian but it was gone, merely a field of wildflowers, when I passed through again. Is Edwin also here?”


Ealhstan watches and listens to the new arrivals, paying particular attention to his gut regarding the presence of good or evil. He politely introduces himself only if he is pointed out.

[Per + SHU total of 13 to detect stink of evil on new arrivals.]

Janus bows deeply to Betula “Well met MAGA Betula, it has been along time. Congratulations on completing your apprenticeship, I will need to start practicing my rock ducking I think” replies Janus giving his best, though evil looking smile.

"Ah! So I met the Faerie you." she seems slightly embarassed at not having caught that part. "I guess they must have liked the tale of you burning that witch hunter. So much for talking of building a covenant... You're planning to go into a battle soon?"

“We have three magi missing these past three seasons, having gone north to battle the Diedne. I intend to mount a search for them with a view to rescue. We may need to engage the enemy so I am seeking those willing and able to face the strain of battle to accompany the mission. Those less inclined to war will hopefully create a home for us to come back to, either here at Ungulus or at another site” replies Janus.

"How experienced were the missing magi? Do we know what they were up against in the North?"

‘I don’t know the answer to either of those questions. Perhaps the castellan would know more.”

I don't think it has been said, but Tacitus was training an apprentice, and Tremere magi do not do that early, referring Gifted children to their superiors instead. Thus 40-50 years out of gauntlet would be the absolute minimum. Caelha will confirm this, even though she does not know their exact ages. All three are in their best age, mature but not ancient or in any immediate danger of final twilight, so 50-75 years past gauntlet.

Thom bounds into the room smelling a bit of goats and the waters along the lake near Ungulus.

"New arrivals?!"

The young blond magus looks about the gathered people and smiles.

"Hello there! I'm Thom Myddleton ex Merinita. Glad to see so other survivors."

He nods with passing familiarity to Eahlstan. "Has anyone let Adrien know you all have come?"

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Covenant in spe updated. I searched and found this. It talks of "two superb longswords". Are we down to one instead of two, and did they have any quality bonus?

On hearing this information, Cath'rinne replies "I could help scout perhaps and other assorted supports, but I'm not confident in my ability to fight off a group that may have defeated them if the investigation points in that direction."

"Betula, what do you think?" she asks. "Also are any of you a quaesitor? I'm looking for one who traveled between here and Castrum Antiquum in the past few months."

Thom looks over at Cath'rinne, his bounce of energy fading quickly.

"If you're referring to Master Luciu... died."

The young man looks down to the ground, not meeting anyone's gaze.

The two superb longswords were found by Rubellius, and if he picked them up in the first place, I think he kept them when he left the group. He found them near the middle of th battlefield. If you refer to swords found in Diana's group, they are unrelated. She was near the end of the battlefield. Rubellius did not have time to survey the entire field, and anything not in her group would have been looted by others before Cath'rinne came.