Chapter 4b: Circumnavigating the Island (ooc)

So, this would be something simple, then. For example, having the band turn red means "I'm in mortal danger!", blue would be "I've found Berenguer", green would be "I've found Serrano", black would be "I've found Vis!", yellow would be "I've found signs of other people," et cetera?

And am I correct in thinking that Cygna would have to spont the spell onto her band in order to affect the changes in both her band and Viscaria's? Or would it be a simple command word or phrase?

Yes, you seem to understand the idea.

In mechnical terms, what Viscaria has done is use Magic Theory to select pairs of objects which will retain their Arcane Connection to each other for at least "days" on the chart on ArM pg 84. They are not magical devices. You are using your object to spont a Range:Arcane spell on my object.

Given Viscaria's Fatigue/Terram vis, this would make a useful device project, although if we find a source of Rego or Imaginem vis, I think that would be better, since we could then make 1-way communicators. We can discuss the design further once we have labs.

Is this before or after Cygna casts her Form of the Phlegmatic Heartbeast upon herself?

And also, I thought I had, but apparently I missed it. If she sees any Phlegmatically Sanguine birds (either while she's out stargazing the night before, bathing the next morning, or out scouting), she will strike up a conversation...or try to anyway.

Before or after?
your choice!