Chapter 5: A matter of faith

Ops... I thought of posing the silent question..... That reveals some truth.... Well we have to live with my misstake and I assume that you had gained the knowledge without alerting her. She would not tell you.

For continuity’s sake, how about this. My magical investigations revealed she was lying (and only that), and my response was thus:

Feeling her heart racing, her breathing quickened, and her humors distrubed, Krispin knows he has caught the girl in a blatant lie. He sighs and steels himself. Hopefully this is nothing more than youthful foolishness, but it should be delt with seriously and sternly regardless. [color=red]"Lying to me is extremely unwise, Hildegard. I’m afraid you’re going to have to come with me. I’d hoped it wouldn’t come to this…"

Krispin goes into the house and quietly tells Heinrich that the girl is clearly lying through her teeth about going to Church. If she had simply been lax and owned up to it, that would’ve been fine, but we have something more serious on our hands now. He nods to Heinrich in the flickering candlelight of the house, speaking softly in Latin.

[color=red]"I think we should take her to the covenant for a more serious magical questioning – I understand you know Frosty Breath of the Spoken Lie? It doesn’t hurt for rumors to get out that we can tell when people lie either… honesty among our servants could be very good. We should get to the bottom of this tonight, if possible."

So we bring her back up to the covenant for questioning. The parents, too, but let them cool their heels – we’ll question each one separately. Krispin looks stern, but tries to make clear the reason. Lying to us is unacceptable.

Over the course of the investigations, we got her to reveal where she was going on Sundays, possibly just by naming every place we could think of and forcing her to deny them until we caught her in a lie. We now enter the story in the middle of the questioning of the girl, back at the covenant.

[color=blue]Seem like a good compromise? This was about where I saw things going anyway.

[color=blue]Seems like a good compromise. Now whats your next move? More questions?

[color=blue]Yes, more questions.

At the covenant, Heinrich sends a servant to inform Justus of our visitors arrival and our intention to interrogate further.

We set a guard upon separate family member and when I am with each person [color=red]Why do you visit a silversmith during Mass? As there is clearly more than meets the eye, we need you to be very clear and accurate now about what you say next. Heinrich pauses, takes a half-step back and and suddenly with exaggerated gestures and a large voice casts IN/Me Frosty Breath of Spoken Lie - lvl 20. [IN 7 + Me 7 + Sta 1 + Aura 3 + 1 loud + 1 exaggerated = 20].

The family is not reunited after questioning.

The young woman hardens her fast and her voice becomes firm, a resolve that the you perhaps did not expect from this you woman. She firmly states, [color=red]I will not tell my lords anything. One can see that her hands are shaking with fear.

[color=red]Hildegard, I am more concerned that you and your family's earnest efforts affect the entire community at large. We are certainly not expending our efforts because you are not keeping holy on the sabbath day. I wonder if your efforts - if true and honorable - might be supported by us. If not - then we should assist you in a more righteous path.

For the young lady, Heinrich casts Perception of the Conflicting Motives (INMe15) under the same conditions as the aformentioned Frosty Breath.

On hearing of the interrogations Mariella will go to Krispin.
[color=red]"Do you want me to handle any interrogations, Yourself and Heinrich have good relations with most of the covenfolk. On the other hand most people dislike and fear me so my involvement will not hurt your good relations with our covenfolk. Obviously I would need Heinrich's magic and I assure you I have no intention of hurting anyone

The conflicting motives are loyalty to someone and fear for herself and her family. She speaks again here voice contains a hint of fear but is still filled with determination. [color=red]I will not betray my friends. A tear runs down her cheek.

Justus enter the chamber, he looks at they young woman and at the other magi. [color=red]Is there a problem here?

Heinrich turns to Justus, bows his head and continues in Latin - [color=red]Justus, Krispin and I were given a lead by the Father. It lead to this young lady and her family. Our initial investigations revealed a lie about where the young lady, her parents and her friends were during various Masses. The only thing we've discerned ourselves is that a silverwright is involved. But the young lady steadfastly refuses to tell us more - I discern - out of loyalty. Heinrich lowers his voice to a whisper [color=red]Frankly, my only concern is that this somehow might somehow involve werewolves. But perhaps there is nothing more to this and perhaps - I think more likely - there is more than meets the eye. Would you like to try to talk to the family?

Krispin carefully guides the now large group of magi out into the hall, leaving the girl to cool her heels for a while. Covenfolk shouldn't see us argue, even if it's in a language they can't understand.

Every good cop needs a bad cop :smiling_imp:.
[color=red]I agree, you are more suited than either of us. Still, the best way to handle an ornery horse is with the carrot and the stick both. See what you can get out of her… Heinrich or I will be there, in case she needs a sympathetic shoulder to lean on.

Once discussions outside are complete, Krispin goes back into the room, probably with Mariella and Heinrich in tow. Maybe Justus too, if he wants. Krispin deliberately lowers his Parma so that Heinrich can communicate with him for any required Silent Conspiracies, whispering to him as they enter.
[color=red] My parma is down, for communication purposes. If you sense anything strange, let me know in a… surreptitious manner.

[color=red] Child, why do you feel you would betray them? Have you done something wrong, or have they? You shouldn’t lie to us, but that can be forgiven. Come, what do you fear? For a friend? A lover? A parent? What is this silversmith to you?. He puts a hand comfortingly on her shoulder, carefully watching her face. With his hand upon her shoulder, he uses the same InCo trick to sense her response – her body may give her away even if she says nothing (if her heart beats faster when he says a specific word, for example).

Basically, classic good cop bad cop. Here’s hoping she gets scared of Mariella and confides in Heinrich or Krispin.

Mariella stands quietly contemplating the young women with a steady gaze and toying with a few lead figurines

Hildegards heart beats faster when the two words lover and silversmith is mentioned.

[color=red] Ah, he is your lover, then? For how long, and why? (Let her think we can read minds… :D)

[color=red] You cannot hide forever. Surely you must see this. If you have done nothing wrong, why not protect those you love? I’m trying to be kind to you, but you must meet me halfway. There may be mercy for you yet, but you must give us something…

[color=red]No the silversmith is not my lover and he has nothing to do with anything. The young girl is now blushing and her voice is angry. [color=red]Release me now I won’t betray any of my friends no matter what satanic force you use upon me! Her angry expression suddenly turns into a more fearful one and she silences.

Heinrich bristles and intimidatingly approaches the girl (in a booming voice) [color=red]Don't ever confuse us with evil! Apparently, we keep the sabbath holier than thee.

Heinrich backs off and talking testily [to his sodales in Latin] [color=red] This will be embarrassing and bad for community morale if all this is is a lover's tryst. Let's just try to pry it from her and get this figured as we are in this deep. I can use Memory of the Distant Dream to see if I can seem a confidant, but unless someone figures a better approach, it'd probably be best if I am alone with her.

Justus says. [color=red]I be in my laboratory. Do you need anything? If not then Justus walks away.

The spell succeeds and the young woman’s face shine up. From the conversation with Heinrich new found “friend” you find out that the woman, her parents and a few others doesn’t go to the church but instead they go to the silversmith for sermons. Heinrich also finds out that the woman has a crush on the silversmith though he has not yet showed any signs of mutual affection.

Heinrich pats Hildegard's hand - [color=red]Good friend, relax and I'll send someone with something to drink. Heinrich has a covenperson attend to the young woman and her parents and then immediately informs Krispin and Mariella.

[color=red]Apparently the silversmith is also a preacher of some type as well. She has a romantic passion for him that is unrequited. But do we have some apostate or heretic? Is this someone who is undermining our status - she associated me with the infernal and it's not an uncommon association, but we sure don't need a rogue-like pastor diverting an increasing share of the flock in harmful ways.

What are your next plans?

[color=red] "How very, very strange. I think we have no choice but to bring him here and question him. Your tactics seemed rather effective, so we may as well seek him out. I think we should take him into custody tonight, in the event that he may be dangerous. Our people should not be deceived, but if he is not harming them or us, I say we leave him for Father Gerald to deal with. In matters were religion meets politics, no one wins."

Krispin sets out with Heinrich for the silversmith’s home, taking Weiland and perhaps a few more grogs along. As the group’s footsteps fall quietly but steadily as they walk through the village by the light of the moon, Krispin speaks quietly but earnestly to the grogs.

[color=red] "Listen very carefully. This man is not to be harmed unless he strikes out against us first or unless we give the order. He may well be innocent, and we do not harm innocent people. "

Mariella goes with Krispin staying out of the way unless there is trouble. She does not trust to Grogs to keep her sodales out of danger