Chapter 5: A matter of faith

The silversmith is easily apprehended and is taken in his bead. Still rubbing the sleep out of his eyes he asks. [color=red]What is the matter my lords? Is there some kind of trouble?

Still staying out of the way it occures to Mariella that the better way to handle this would have just been to wait until next sunday and observe what happened in secret, unfortunatly she thinks she should have thought of that earlier.

Krispin looks searchingly into the man’s face, seeking any trace of nervousness, paranoia, or violence. [color=red]Perhaps, master smith, perhaps. We have no particular desire to trouble you, but certain information has come to us about your activities on Sundays. Do you know anything about that?

I use my Deft Probe the Secrets of the Flesh to detect the truth of the smith’s response (and his general emotional state) in the same was as with the girl and Father Gerald. If he seems reasonably cooperative, Krispin keeps the grogs close by but doesn’t shackle him or have them manhandle him at all.

Heinrich will temporarily hang back monitoring - 15-20 paces away - unless called for in this case . [color=blue]No particular reason besides being cautious and observant. To Mariella, quietly - [color=red]I need a shield warrior. I don't feel as entirely safe as I would like, even on our own grounds.

The silversmith stands up from his bed and stretches his rather tall body. He is clad in nothing but his simple tunic that smells of to many nights spent in it. The silver smith looks Krispin in the eyes and replies. [color=red]Is there any law that states that my lords should have every detail of where I spend my time? If I am accused of anything then I wish to know what it is and have a chance to defend my self in some form of a trial.

[color=blue]Bith the voice of the man and the spell tells that he is tense and defensive.

[color=red]"You have a mistaken view of how this works. We are asking the questions. We beleive that your are luring the younger members of thei villages population into pagan rites. We are determining if these rites are merely godless apostacy or diabolism. Fortunatly for you several of my colleagues are godless apostates and will let that slide but none of us will tolerate diabolism . So answer Krispin's questions he is a kind and gentle man who means you no harm . If he fails I will take over and I am not a nice person .

Approaching, Heinrich casts Perception of the Conflicting Motives (INMe15) when he gets the attention of the silversmith. - [color=red]No accusations as of yet, good smith. But are we to understand that we have the added benefit of having two pastors and churches, perhaps competing, for the same diocese? And then Heinrich casts Frosty Lies.

[color=red]I can assure you my lords that I am a man of the Christian faith and so are those that avoid the regular sermons. The silversmith speaks the truth, though it strikes Henrich knowledge that an infernal agent could easily avoid this particular spell. The other spells reveals that he has a conflict between his wish to stand up for his faith and his fear for his life. [color=red]Is there some law in your covenant against different views of the true faith? The silversmith takes a step back, seemingly he is tense and perhaps fearful for his life.

Krispin meets the man’s eyes levelly and calmly. [color=red] We care little what faith you follow, good smith, so long as you do not harm or coerce others. However, we do care that you have done your preaching in secret, and that your followers have lied to us to protect you. Are you encouraging your followers to rebel or be disobedient? What faith do you follow? We're hardly persecuting you - I think you would find the lords and clergy of other areas much less forgiving than we.

Krispin whispers quietly to Heinrich, in Latin. [color=red]Heinrich, could you check his house for the presence of an Infernal aura? I’ve heard you’re skilled in Intellego Vim… such an aura would give him away as a diabolist even if he’s circumventing our lie detection.

[color=red]Lord Krispin I beg of your forgiveness. I have kept my preaching secret as I believed that it where unhealthy to preach in public. I town in our Lords domain are rather restrictive concerning what a man is allowed to say. I could hold my next sermon in the market square in front of the town hall, if you wish my Lord and you can say if I in any way are preaching a non Christian faith or even encouraging worship of the Dark one. The silversmith smiles and suddenly speaks Latin though he has a hefty accent. [color=red]Please my Lord conduct any investigation you wish, it doesn’t even need to be secret.

Heinrich winces at the silversmith's response in Latin and responds in Latin - [color=red]Are your masses in Latin, at times, then, too? Well, it seems our investigations so far seem to only uncover perhaps ideological differences? We'd only have to be sure such differences weren't as far as being an apostate or heretic, then. We are not inquisitors, but out here on the borders of the vaterland, we'd hate to see communities torn apart, too. So, how do your doctrines or rituals differ? And forgive me I'm not asking for a dialogue or lengthy exposition this far into the evening.

[color=blue]Heinrich proceeds with sponting (with fatigue) a level 5 intellego vim - detect any active magic, aura, regio - (IN 7, Vi 6).

[color=red]No I use the language of the people. I read from the scriptures and tell them the truth. I preach from the good book and I live by it, I am not sure if the father can say that he lives according to his teachings. After has anyone ignored that he lives with two young women and none of them are married. Such an impure man can only teach impurity and as such he will corrupt both the flock and the sacraments. Your priest is corrupting your subjects my Lord. I preach scripture and live by it. A few drops of sweat breaks from the silver smiths forehead.

[color=blue]No strange auras detected, that is other than the divine that cover the village.

[color=red]"I beleive that the choice of the good father was made by my Sodali as they wanted a priest who would not make a fuss about magicians. I am not unaware of his failings. However the teaching of the faith in the vernacular and without the sanction of the pope is somewhat heretical and I don't really approve however if my sodali are willing to accept rampant pagans then I am sure they will accept you. Although there will be problems if the Knights discover we are harboring heretics or pagans.

Mariella turns and leaves

Does he appear to believe what he says?

Krispin listens impassively and watches calmly as Mariella leaves. [color=red] The spiritual welfare of the people of this town is the concern of those more spiritually minded than we. I only ask that you harm no one, which would seem not to be a problem. Father Gerald may object to your sermon - he might ask, for example, what spiritual authority appointed you to this position. Many in the village would wonder such.

He pauses, seeming to make up his mind. [color=red]As far as I’m concerned, you may do as you wish tomorrow. If you choose to give a sermon, I will even come to see it, just to see if you believe what you say. Regardless, it is late, and I apologize for waking you. Sleep well, and good morrow to you. Once everyone’s business with the smith is concluded, Krispin turns back, shaking his head slightly at the trouble this is likely to cause. Still, it seems the only right thing to do.

Walking back with Krispin, Heinrich utters - [color=red]I think that I will join you for this homily as well. I'm sure it will be interesting. I'd just hate to see a conflict arise among the flock.

The next day the silver smith holds a sermon and preaches in the town square. His sermon denounces the fact that “wicked” priest may give the sacraments. Claims that every human should be equal before God and so shall surrender his worldly possessions to those men that need it better. Father Gerald is clearly enraged by the sermon but leaves it be. The silversmith is an inspirational speaker and it is clear for those of the magi who listens to him that he has some form of higher education. He attracts quite a flock but no unrest is visible.

One evening soon, Heinrich will journey with a grog past Father Gerard's and try to discreetly spont (with fatigue) a level 5 intellego vim - detect any active magic, aura, regio - (IN 7, Vi 6). The stormier and more overcast the evening, the better.

A dark night when the rain is pouring down from the clouded sky and lightning flashes cover the sky Henrich and a guard sneaks up to father Gerald’s house. Only a little light emerges from one of the shutters but otherwise the house is dark. The guards follows Henrich faithfully but one can easily see by his face expression that he would much rather be indoors in his bed right about now or at least in the kitchen with a hot pot of soup. Henrich feels that the divine aura drains his powers but still he begin the casting. Without anyone but the guard observing Henrich casting the spell goes of. (
Henrich observes the area surrounding him and can see the feel only the presence of a divine aura where he stands. ( I assumed that you concentration duration) But Henrich is free to move around and see of there is any thing else to discover. Henrich can feel the ice cold rain seeping through his cloak and chilling his body.

Heinrich circles the house one time with company and, if nothing manifests, heads home.

No other results than a damp robe and a drenched grog, who probably will spend the evening where there are heat muttering over his strange master. :slight_smile: