Chapter 5: A new council meeting is assembled

Aelianus gathers each of his soldaes to a new council member. He sits at the end of the table at his throne like chair. [color=red]Soldaes before I begin is there something that you wish for us to discuss?

The table is set with all sorts of splendid food and drink.

[color=green]Roberto: [color=red]We just captured a ship and doubled the size of our crew! And we found all kinds of good stuff on board! (Jebrick and Max need to determine what)

[color=red]Piracy. Renting men-at-arms. And the tournament.

[color=blue](What he meant is, we should talk about our pirates, setting them up and all, our idea or renting warriors to other covenants, and how we could prepare for the tournament)

[color=red] I need to invent a wicked counterspell for the tournament. I want to compete in the Dimicatio. And here is an idea. What if we targeted other pirates exclusively? I am sure the loot would be better

[color=blue]OOC this should be at the start of the third season since we started so you all need to sort out what you did last season and spend the experience.

[color=red]We do need to develop spells or items specifically for the tournemant if we want to do well. The areas those will do best for are the Domactio and the Joust. Perhaps Aelinius could develop a magical lance for the joust as he is a master of item creation. I can try to develop a spell to ennable myslelf to fly faster while carrying an object as that would allow me to carry the 'mount' faster.

This season I will be travelling to the Covenant Shadows of the past on ht invitation of it's leader . Any mage who wishes to come with me is welcome. While I can fly there I believe that for those travelling on foot there is a shortcut so it should be possible to carry on your lab activities while travelling.


[color=red]Well, Clara is curious :unamused: And trusting too :unamused: So I guess we'll come.

[color=red]I'll go :slight_smile:

Hey Andrew, if you want, I can run things at home while you run the adventure away.

Iolar smiles
[color=red]"Your company will be most welcome"

[color=blue]OOC I actually have a decent idea so I'll go ahead and run both

okay. Spring I was in my lab and summer I hang out with you. :wink:

Aelianus sips a bit of wine. [color=red]I can craft a magical lance for the tournament. It will cost some vis though but I can manage that. Now I have little experience of fighting from the saddle. Is there anything that one especially could wish that a lance could to in order to be most tournament effective? Has anyone heard of a magical item creation contest, regarding the rules? If so I must prioritise such an event as well.

Aelianus turns to Iolar. [color=red]Iolar it would be most interesting to follow to this covenant that you mentioned. After all I am the leader of this covenant and they might be in need of my creations.

[color=red]A non-metallic one, maybe?
Could you enchant wood to be as strong as steel?

Or a Wards-Dispelling lance?

[color=red]Um, I am the only one here that knows how to ride a horse I do believe. Mostly what I would need is a Magical Rein (which Aelianus has Lab Texts for) so I can ride again. As far as the lance, a ReCo effect that throws opponents off the horse before we even make contact, that works. A ReCo saddle to keep the rider fixed in his seat? Aw, heck, why don't I just blast the other guy right off of his mount with multi-cast Piliae of Fire. Is it legal to kill the opponent's horse? Maybe a mechanical mount. An Animate? Verditius magi can make animates, right?

[color=red]Can't remember it. You could surely make it trip, though. I never paid attention to such things.

[color=red]I watched the jousting the year I was gauntleted and I remember that spells could only be cast on the rider , his mount and his weapons so pilum of firing the other horse would be cheating. I think according to the ballads that Chivalrous knights don't go around killing each others horses so it would probably be rude.

[color=green]Roberto: [color=red]Pffft, Franks and their "chivalry". That's not the way things work in the real world. In real life combat, as opposed to play-pretend, people kill each others horses. You drop spikes and caltrops.

[color=red]Obsfucation spells then.
Obscure his vision, confuse him with sigths and colors... Imaginem is the key here.

[color=red]Yes indeed! Why, I heard one of those smack talking Tytalus magi trying to belittle us, saying he never heard of a Flambeau Imagonem magus. All Arts have tactical applications! Horse's Sidestep, Invisibility of the Galloping Wizard, Illusion of a hundered Horsemen, things like that!

[color=red]Sensible suggestions, but Remeber Roberto the Joust is a contest of Honor and Chivalry not war

[color=red]That's why it is pointless and useless! Certamen, Dimicatio, these are useful competitions! I will tell you this! You will know my honor when I bleed my last drop in defense of the magus on my left and on my right! You will see my chivalry when I battle brave alongside my brother. My Code of Honor reads "Never Retreat! Never Surrender!" Like Leonides and the Brave 300, like Pelayo and Reculed and El Cid! You can measure my honor by the heap of bodies of my enemies that lay at my feet! Why...

(Roberto looks around the room and notices everyone is staring at him while he rants and raves. He then smiles meekly)

[color=red]Um, yeah. Jousts are about Chivalry and Honor

Off Topic, have any of you ever heard of Cealed Kasket? Local Glam/Metal/Humor band from here in Chicago. They do a song called Chivalry and Honor.

[color=red]"They are a test of skill and courage without the unpleasentness of war and death . I am sure they let you practice your magical and martial skills without the risk of hurting a fellow member of the order . The courage of the Flambeau has never been in doubt but El Cid was famed for his skill in the Tourney as well as his skill in war I beleive that he was a paragon of chivalric virtues like Roland, Lancelot or Arthur