Chapter 5: A strange covenant in Novgorod…

[color=red]Hail to you all. My name is Ardath Ex Miscellanea Filia Konstantin

[color=red]I am Mariella Filia Benedict follower of Flambeau

Stanislaw listen to everyone’s introduction and then speaks.

[color=red]Welcome fellow magi. I am a bit curious to why you have come here unannounced as our covenant is hardly on the way to anything. Of course you are welcome but both me and my soldaes are curious.

[color=red]I am Heinrich ex Jerbiton. We are journeying to meet you as neighbors. Your laboratory is reputedly the largest in the region and we are humble magi from Ad Fons from within the Pomeranian forest.

[color=red]Krispin ex Miscellanea, sodalis. I am honored. We have heard much about your covenant’s long and illustrious history, though we hope not to infringe on your hospitality long.

[color=blue] What exactly is our plan in dealing with these people? It seems like we’re flying by the seat of our pants here.

[color=red]I don’t know if my laboratory is something’s to spread rumours about but my pater Igor Rastavan is sure known for his grand laboratory. Stanislaw replies. [color=red]I fear that this covenant does not have either a long or a illustrious history but anyway you are welcome. How may we be of assistance? Stanislaw rests his fingertips against the fingertips of his other hand and leans back in the chair.

[color=red]Well, as neighbours, we just wanted to meet you, our closest neighbours, present ourselves to you, and try to see how we could manage good relationships.
If the order is to grow in strength, it is important for sodales and covenants to cooperate. As such, we seek to know you and your needs, and inform you of ours, in order to work out trade agreements.

[color=red]Trade is always interesting and we appreciate any way that we can benefit from each other. We are very interested in books, actually we are a bit short on books but have a rather large supply of vis so I can see several opportunities. Now please tell me about your covenant and how we can assist you. Stanislaw shows a gentle smile as he finishes his sentence.

[color=red]Well, as you probably already know, we are a pretty new and small covenant. As such, just like you, we suffer from a shortage of books. Maybe we could share copies? What books do you need?

[color=red]We can give you a list of copies of tomes that we may trade with you for other tomes. We are looking for tomes that are of every art as we are fleshing out or library. I give you a list of tomes that you can have and you send back a list of tomes that we can have a copy of. I’ll make those arrangements with your leader so that we don’t have to go into a lengthy negotiation here and now. Lets go the feast hall, our servants have prepared a spectacular feast.

The magi are escorted into a feast hall where a table is set with extravagant luxuries and attentive servants stand along the walls caring for everyone’s needs. If no magus wish to do or ask anything the evening will pass quietly on with the magi enjoying the luxury of the world.

During dinner, Heinrich inquires of Stanislaw, a tad bluntly - [color=red]Does your parens afford you much support insofar as your library goes? Of course, we might be lucky enough to have the rare text needed, but I would imagine that the support or connections such as would be had with Rastavan would provide you with a rich opportunity for library materials. Pardon my ignorance, but how old is this covenant?

Stanislaw replies. [color=red]I am Rastavan’s apprentice and we have connections there and off course support but I never thought that it would hurt to make peaceful negotiations with other covenants. Rastavan is my master but as time pass by he will pass into twilight like every other magi. Stanislaw pauses for a moment. [color=red]We have been around this area in about fifteen years and I think that everything goes well.

[color=red]Of course.
Also, sooner or later, we must outgrow our parens, even it this is difficult, even if we still remain close to them.

That being said, I'm happy to know everything is going well for you all here. As per books, we'd certainly appreciate a list, and could make one too.

[color=red]I have a scribe write one up and it will be delivered as soon as possible. You are of course welcome to stay here as long as you wish but if you does not then a messenger will deliver it to your covenant. As Stanislaw speaks it becomes apparent that the servants move through the room tending on all guests without needing a word spoken to them, if a glass of wine is empty there is a servant there to fill it up. No telepath seems involved just a well drilled staff.

Mariella remains quite through out all this. She spends her time observing events around her and the reaction of the servants to the magi

If no-one does or says anything then the dinner goes on with innocent talk about whatever magi talk about and the evening turns to night and the banquet comes to an end. The magi will be escorted by attending servants back to their guest quarters. The impression of the covenant is that the magi are lead by Stanislaw and that the servants are obedient to the point of fearful of their masters.

What is your plan now? Once you return to the guest house. The list of books will be avalible later.

Once we are somewhere secure from being Overheard Mariella will ask
[color=red]So what is our plan, we beleive this covenant may have some design upon our own covenants location, how are we going to investigate that short of just asking ?

[color=red]Good question.
I don't see how we can.

The only option I see now is trying to make them into allies, in order to make them see we're better friends than foes.

[color=red]That seems a sound option, I prefer a straight forward approach.