Chapter 5: A strange covenant in Novgorod…

Krispin nods, his eyes distant. [color=red]Agreed.

I assume that you arrange a meeting with Stanislav. He meets you in his private chambers just outside his sanctum. He is curious about what you wish to speak with him about.

Ok, here we go.

[color=red]Sodales. Pardon our secrecy and my blunt manners, but we thought it might be best to talk to you directly and franckly.
As we told you, we, magi of Ad Fons, are peaceful members of the Order, and wish only to grow and prosper alongside our fellow magi.
But we've heard distressing rumors about a local covenant trying to upset the balance of power and targeting us.

Thus, we endeavored to visit our neighbours, and try to learn who would do such a thing, and why, as, not only do we pose no threat, but we only seek to encourage trade and mutual profit.

Our purpose in coming here was then dual. On the one hand, establish good relations, and maybe trade ressources. On the other hand, ask you if you've got more informations about this possible threat to us.

Stanislaw smiles. [color=red]I must say that I admire your straightforwardness, and a such I shall be straight forward with you. You know about the conflict between, our master, us and that witch Constantia. We have been fighting about resources in this part of the Novgorod tribunal. We know that Constantia has been in contact with you and so you may or may not be her allies or subjects.

We have an interest in Ad Fons and I shall explain how things work here in Novgorod. We are the subjects of Rastavan and beneath us there is a covenant north of here. My master have given me a authentic document that proves that the Ad Fons area are a part of the Novgorod tribunal and thus should not belong to the Rihne tribunal. Once that fact have been presented to the tribunal there will be no question about this fact and thus my soldaes and I can claim the vis source that are right outside your front door. The life giving spring (OOC: The pond that gives Ad Fons lot’s of aquam vis and a healthy feature) [color=red]will fall into our hands. Now I don’t like the idea of snatching others vis, even though it is legal but I must do what my duty demands. Stanislaw pauses for a moment.[color=red] Now I have been open with you and thus I hope that we can come to a solution.

[color=red]Constantia is no freind of ours , I personally despise her.
The covenant of Novus Mane lies within the Rhine tribunal any attempt to challange that will be decided by the Rhine Tribunal I expect your scheme will have few freinds there.
You seem to have the same plan as Constantia to threaten us , demand something from us or you will act against us. I told her to go to hell and if that is your mind you can join her there. It seems to me that honor and integrity are sadly lacking in this tribunal .

I will defend my covenant and my home to the best of my abilities by all means

[color=red]Is your duty to Rastavan? Novgorodian tribunals are that strictly hierarchical? It is as if House Tremere has supplanted the code and covenants are held in thralldom.

First we'd like to see said document! We need to see the origin and claims of authenticity to establish for ourselves as well.

Second our mission to make contact with the denizens of the Pomeranian forest is far more reaching and a much more sound investment as policy for both tribunals than any simple source of vis - aquam at that. I could understand the need more if we were a vim or other rarer source. But our mission benefits the Order and trumps a border claim, surely!

[color=red]You are wrong if you think the Novgorod tribunal is a Tremere creation. Power and only power is the law here. The Quesiatories follows the will of the patriarchs and they hold the real power here. I have the document in my sanctum and it will be displayed at the tribunal, I would not risk that you tries something stupid.

[color=red]I will give you an offer that I think that you should accept. Make this transition into the Novgorod a peaceful one and become my subjects. I keep the tribute a fair one and extend my protection over you.

You have a stout heart young maga, Stanislaw looks at Mariella, [color=red]but I would beat you if I wanted. Join my side and you and your soldeaes will live to see another day.

Mariella smiles
[color=red]I am Flambeau. Unto Death We Charge. Fear , and caution will never sway me form the path I believe right

[color=red]Is the right path to fight against the Code. Oppose me and I will with the aid of the Code grab your resources, join me and keep your sources of vis and pay a tribute. One the plus side you will also get my and my soldaes protection. We can fight that witch Constantia together and share the spoils. Regarding your mission in the forest, you can still complete your task at hand the only difference is that you will be a part of Novgorod and thus follow the law of Novgorod. Before the tribunal begins I will have your answer, and I hope you choose wisely and reconsider.

[color=red]We, of course, will confer with our full council upon our return.

Will the magi return to Ad Fons or Durenmar. Justus is in Durenmar. Or are you up to something?

:slight_smile: [color=blue]Nope, I was just offering a mini-hook for transition - or maybe just a break from Stanislaw to decide our next step. I like the Durenmar idea, though! Maybe we should see what sort of lobbying we can do to curry favor.

If you retire just state so in your next post and let the magi discuss in private.

While not as blunt as my sodales, I join her on this.

You've made your choice to us clear.
Here's yours.
You can have us as independant and willfull allies against constantia, but in the Rhine tribunal.
Or you can steal our vis source, force us to come to novgorod, and have us as unrelenting ennemies and stout allies of the witch.
I prefer you over constantia, but we won't go down lightly. Make your move.

Stanislaw looks impressed. [color=red]Your master Justus must be proud of your stout heart and willingness to fight for your covenant. I prefer you as allies rather than enemies. I will give you a new choice. Either remain as independent allies or swear an oath of fealty to me and thus become truly a part of Rastavan’s new order.

Anyone incidentally glancing his way would see Heinrich's shoulders sag almost imperceptibly as he slowly and fully exhales.

[color=red]We must confer so that we are sure we are all in agreement, but your current proposal is one I feel we will be inclined to take.

Krispin, who has been silent throughout except for briefly placing a calming hand on Mariella’s shoulder, nods silently in agreement.

Stanislaw awaits the magi’s decision and they may use the guest house to discuss for as long as they wish and without any audience.

… supposedly. We can hope.

[color=red] How say you all? This seems like the best arrangement we can make in this difficult time.