Chapter 6.5 The Founding Fathers

Carolinus will spend the season travelling back to the Westerwald with Tristram, stopping along the way at Speyer, Worms, and Mainz. He will visit the catherdrals and synagogues there (because he is curious about them). His other motivations for stopping in the cities are to find carpenters and others who can help rebuild the destroyed houses at Waldstein, and to acquire laboratory equipment and any books that might be available. To save money, Carolinus will "sing for his supper" in inns along the way, and hopefully make some good contacts in the process. He is not above using enchanting music to sway people to his cause, if he has the chance, but will probably try to refrain from using other magic in the cities due to the divine aura. He will also write to the Jerbiton magi at Oculus Septentrionalis, introducing himself and the other magi settling at Waldstein, indicated that he can be contacted there.

You approach Speyer from the Rhine, and the captain of the Rhine Swallow comes to collect the second half of his payment, as agreed. The Dom is on a hill next to the river. It looks mostly like a Roman building but has some strange architectural additions. Even now, you can see the scaffolding and, if you look closely, the workers refashioning one of the towers.
You see little of the town, but you assume that it must be on the hill behind the Dom.

Carolinus wanders through Speyer for a few days, collecting both covenfolk and laboratory supplies. He visits the Dom, the cemetery, and the Jewish quarter, gathering information and making contacts as he goes. At the cathedral, Carolinus explores the crypts and the dwarf gallery, marveling at the size of the nave.

He similarly visits Worms and Mainz, and leaves to rendevous with the other magi, with a small caravan of covenfolk and goods.