Chapter 6: A new council meeting

The magi meet in the council chamber. Justus has as usual made sure that the table is covered with good food and excellent wine. The wine of the evening is golden and from the Rihne.

As usual Justus summons the covenfolk. All of the covenfolk bows in turns as their name are called. [color=red]I’ll let them speak in turns and then we can ask them questions.

Erich is allowed to speak first.[color=red] Erich is a forceful man who speaks with a stern voice. The milita is doing fine and there is nothing new to report. We keep the law and order.

Gunter is a slender man with a cruel look upon his face and speaks with a soft voice. [color=red]Our funds are still decreasing we have 70 pounds of silver left. The new tax system has yet to yield results. There are a number of craftsmen that wish to set up shop, there are many Jews amongst them. They could be the solution to our problems. But there is a problem, we are running out of space to construct buildings. We must start to chop down some trees and expand into the forest.

Horst is next one to speak. His average height and has a sturdy body can easily mistake him for a peasant rather than the head of the villagers. [color=red]I have some information from Kolberg. There seems to have been some prosecution of Jews in Kolberg and so there have been a surge of people who wish to set up their homes here. Magi are known to accept minorities. As Gunter mentioned, there is a housing problem. I see two solutions, either we expand into the forest. That is the easiest soulution or we restructure the village surrounding the covenant. The houses are somewhat haphazard built and the space could be used more efficient.

Father Gerald steps forward and starts to speak. [color=red]The spiritual state of the covenfolk leaves somethings to be desired, as always. Too much sin and vices. There a den of drinking and gambling that I would wish that you see too that it ceases to exist. It will harm the moral fibre of the population. I am most outraged by the situation. Oh and by the way. Those other have been attending my church though I can still hear and get information about some very weird religious ideas.

Once the covenfolk has left the magi Justus asks. [color=red]I would like to receive some information on what happened at the Novgorod covenant. I did see that no claims of accusation where thrown at us at the tribunal, so I assume that we are safe for the moment. I have recived two letters with some friendly requests, one from a magus at Durenmar and another from a magus called Stanislaw, our new ally. The Durenmar magus wish that I locate a Rune artefact for him, I have some instructions that tells me to go looking for a Troll named Torwald. The other letter contains instructions to go looking for an agent of Constantia, Boris the Red that is maintaining some operation in the vicinity of Kolberg. I have a name of a Karl at the inn of the Grey Boar that is our contact in Kolberg. Perhaps we should start with the domestic issues.

[color=red]I have no problem with jews, so long as they bring us money and peace.

The forest... I say yes, but only if we've got no other solution. We've got to make sure they only cut what is necessary, and do so with respect to the wilds. I want no problem with the werewolves.
If we could restructure the village, this would be for the best, short and long-term wise. Mariella and I could assist a little with destruction and construction of houses. We could use this opportunity to have an easier to defend village

About novgorod, we definitely need a network of spies and informants, we just can't rush in blindly anymore. Thing is, I can't see how to start such a thing.
I am interested by the Runic artefact search, and it would help us make more allies. I'd like to investigate this.
Nonetheless, we mustn't neglect stanislav, although we should try to keep our alliance a secret. Hum... Maybe we could work something out with him so that it appears we are ennemies, so we can befriend constantia in order to betray her later if need be?

Krispin stands up to speak, his robe a spotless off-white and his beard recently trimmed. As is usual for council meetings, his plate and glass are empty. [color=red]Ardath, I agree completely with your stance on the forest. We will need to do some expansion, but we should do so carefully and respectfully. Restructuring the village is the preferable option.

[color=red] Father Gerald is free to denounce whatever he likes from the pulpit, but I do not think that interfering with something as harmless as a gambling house is in our best interest. In fact, we should be sure consider taxing it if it is successful.

[color=red]We can hardly be choosy about who our craftsmen are. Kolberg’s loss is our gain.

[color=red] We have many of the Gently Gifted among our number… perhaps Heinrich and I should go to Kolberg, investigate this Boris character, and see who else we can meet while there.

He purses his lips. [color=red] What to do about Stanislav and Constantia is a mystery. Crossing Constantia in that manner seems dangerous, but it may be worth the risk.

[color=red]I can’t say anything but that I agree with you. Unless someone opposes I will let Horst conduct the reconstruction of our village. He seems to be a much skilled organiser so I trust him. Now this about Constantia is indeed interesting, her reputation though advices us to be cautious. We must make attempts to secure our covenant. Perhaps we should call in a favour from Stanislaw/Rastavan to give us a high strength Aegis casting tablet and a similar on the wizards communion. There is a risk however that we drift more and more toward becoming their pawns. Justus sips some wine. [color=red]Now is there anyone who can accompany me on the rune quest? I have this favour to do.

Great Idea! :smiling_imp:

[color=red]I should be able to learn a 4th magnitude Wizard's Communion from a text. Everyone should strive towards this, especially as it can also be usefull on the field.

Nonetheless, we must stay free from stanislav. Trade with them, sure, be it books, vis or services. But no asking for help.

And justus, have no fear, I've already stated my intent to accompagny you on this quest.

[color=red]On the matter of new immigrants while I have no problems with this , we must make sure that our current inhabitants except them .We do not need strife inside our house. As to where to house them I defer to our mundane expect and I expect I can be of use in destroying any particularly intractable problems.

I see no changes to the religous situation so there is no need to revisit that discussion.

As to asking Stansilav for a new Aegis I agree with Ardeth we would be much better to trade for what we need. Trading Vis, books , or our lab time are fine but we should not go into his debt.

Ardeth I have no doubt that I can learn a 4th magnitude wizards communion with a bit of further study however I am less certian of the need for it.

Providing we can arrange things so that there is always a mage in residence at the covenant I will be happy to accompany you Justus.

(Doh forgot wizards communion was MuVi I thought it was ReVi which I could do )

[color=red]Ye Gods, no! I, for one, don't want to go mucking up one iota more of intrigue between Constantia and the Rastavan clique. This lead in Kolberg is pleeeeenty enough excitement for one covenant's lifetime of survival in the pecking order. Justus, your suggestion to call in a favor, permit me to say, reminds me that this covenant already owes a number of favors that need to be paid back, eh?

[color=black] [color=red]Jews!? Mein gott, why don't we throw in the Saracens for a bit of extra exotic spices, too? How much more complicated can this backwater forest get? [color=black] [color=red] On the other hand we might find some fresh recruiting material.

A trip to Kolberg? Sure!

[color=black] [color=red] Horst reconstructing the village might be like the Pope's maitre d' preparing for a festival dinner. For that matter, I would certainly like to look over Gunter's books and be more involved in overseeing administration. At the very least such monitoring should be seasonal.

Trolls, eh? Our platter's fuller, no? I'd really like to see us reconnect with the werewolves and consider what other useful relationships we could explore - information, trade, maybe they could be a supply of animal vis? They must shed, no?

[color=red]I think we can conclude our meeting with the following decision. We let Horst go forth with his plans and reconstruct the village. We invite those that wish to work here as long as they follow our laws. A group of magi follow me to search for the rune artefact and another gang travel to Kolberg to investigate. We should travel in groups so that we don’t leave the covenant unguarded. I suggest that the magi bound for Kolberg leave at first so that the lead doesn’t go cold. Now we have a years harvest of vis to spend and we need some books….

[color=blue]I’ll start a thread for each and a home thread in case of that I wish to make a story at the covenant and we play the away stories at the same time. The book purchase will be a of thread work. First at it will decide what books are purchased. I will list how many vis there are available in the OOC forum and the first one who wish may spend some or all of it on books. The connection with Stanislaw and Rastavan will make sure that any book of up to sound level are available.