Chapter 6: At the covenant

Something may happend.

A breeze drifted through the tree tops carrying with it a soft lilting tune. Moments later a small figure no bigger than a child waddled up the path leading to the manor house. Behind him a pile of crates, boxes, and sacks stuffed with assorted tools and materials floated silently.

He lowered the wooden flute from his bearded face and tucked it into his belt as he approached the garden gate. "Tell Master Felix that Journeyman Ferox has arrived." he said as he looked up at the guard. "I will wait here." With a snap of his fingers the crates dropped to the ground. The small man hopped up on top of one, drew his flute and began to play again.

Justus Felix arrives later and shines up as the tune from the flute brings up joyful memories from days in the past. [color=red]Welcome to Ad Fons my old friend. How has the journey been? I trust that the Pomeranian where no pleasant experience but anyway you are here. Servants please take care of my friend’s luggage. Now follow me and we shall see too that you get something to eat. Follow me to our council chamber. I hope that you meet some of my soldaes.

Milo is brought into the council chamber. In the centre of the room there is a large round table with chairs around. Justus instruct a few servants to find something to eat for Milo. Justus takes seat a large throne like chair and shows Milo to sit at one of the other chairs. [color=red]Now tell me everything. I like to know how you have been all these years.

Milo grinned as he waddled over to shake Justus' hand. "It is good to see you again my friend."he said. The small magus handed his child sized cloak to a servant before climbing into his chair.

Once seated he let out a sigh. " Well where do I start? After guantlet I traveled to to Verdi. I was able to spend a few years there training under the masters of the inner mysteries. About a year ago I returned to Durenmar to complete the ritual of initiation into the mystery of elder runes. Over the last 3 seasons I have used that knowledge to craft this" he said pulling the walnut flute from his belt and placing it on the table in front of Justus. "I'm not done yet, but it's a good start. When I heard that you were leading a covenant out here in the Pomeranian forest I wrote to you immediately. There must a bounty of quality wood available right at your doorstep. It seemed like the right place for me to continue my work and to aid an old friend in his venture to found a new covenant.."

Pausing briefly to take a sip from his glass Milo continued. "So, tell me all about this place...and how you came to lead a new covenant on the fringes of the tribunal. "

[color=red]Now it is a tall tale my friend. Let’s take the short version. I grew up here in Pomerania and where feed with the mysteries of the forest. I want to explore them, I can think of number of interesting things that we the Order could learn from the local hedge traditions. I also wish to bring civilisation to Pomerania. The Latin school here is a first step and I have ideas for expansion there. Now I own a great deal of magi a great deal of favours but at least I am a master of a covenant and it is not even a decade since I left my master. Now wood craft is your craft right? I heard from a former soldae that the forest can speak to you. Justus looks at his firend and looks for some hint of interest.