Chapter 6: Rendez-Vous at Salmon River (Autumn 1013)

The box shatters.

«We told Pralix, no. It is still no. Go away!»

Then it is quite, with no further immediate attack.

"I respect that. Although the offer still stands, it is only that, an offer. We will not force you to join the Order. All are seeking is information and friendship. And peace."

"What is your name? As I said, mine is Thadeus. Where are the others who live here?"

The voice ignores you.

“Perhaps we could cast Wizard’s Communion to support your casting maga. I don’t know if anyone knows it as a formulaic spell but we should be able to cast the spell spontaneously given the high magical aura” suggests Janus

"Why won't you talk to a fellow druid?" Says Turold to the ghost.

"Not a bad idea to learn a spell like that, Janus. I don't have it right now. There did not seem to be any bodily remains in the hut... With a connection, the ghost wouldn't resist me very long."

She thanks Hamish as he comes back with her robe.

Thom hops up from where he has been sitting by the tree. He looks about the tree. He tries walking widdershins (counter-clockwise) about the tree, walking with his back facing forward as he goes.

After waiting several minutes for the spirit to manifest itself again, Thadeus sighs inwardly. How do you negociate with a ghost? Is it even possible?

To pass the time, he rises from his sitting position and examines the contents of the cottage, without touching anything for now.

The ghost seems to be gone. Thadeus comprehends enough to understand that its use of the voice may be drain its magic might, and it may be exhausted and even unable to use the voice any more in the near future. Others with a wee bit of magic lore (skill score of 2+) knows the same.

It does not respond to Turold either.

Do you want to do anything else before you leave? Please make long posts to state your intentions. I'll try to make summarise most of the rest without having to take a month to complete the season. Maybe we can complete three seasons game-time in four seasons r/l ...

When the subject of their leaving is discussed, Thadeus will ask the others whether they should harvest some of the vis from the oak's white flowers before they do. "And let's hope it doesn't take too long before the ferryman comes to pick us up. The fishermen were supposed to come retrieve us at the end of the day."

Janus will take a rock from the island with a view to fixing it as an arcane connection. He will suggest looting all the vis possible and any other items in the cottages.

He will then be travelling back to Ungulus with a view to taking up residence.

Certainly, Thadeus will gather (again!) all the papers he can, with the hope of being able to study them later and learn more about the magic being practiced by the druids (or whoever they were) here. That and the books on the correspondence with Pralix, of course.

Thomas does his 8 rounds walking backwards and counter-clockwise and disappears into the next level up of the regio.

After a few minutes he returns.

"Looks like it's not too bad to arrive on the way back to the level of the regio where the boatman dropped us off."

Like others, he grabs an arcane connection stone and grabs the 4 imaginem vis quart stones from Cottage 3 (unless others have gotten to them first).

He also assists anyone with the flower harvest.

"I suppose we shouldn't take them all, but this may become a bit of a seasonal visit."

The papers in the ghost cottage still tend to fly away when he tries to grab them, but with a little bit of persistence, Thadeus manages to catch a handful of random letters from that cottage without tiring. They seem to be letters from bureaucrats in Rome around the collapse of their rule in Britain, one addressed to governor Gratian and one to mayor Elassius.

The papers in the other cottage are easier to collect, and he can easily take the book and the letters. There are about two or three dozen letters, all about the same age. I assume that you do not take the time to review them before you leave.

Thom collects the imaginem quartz, and together you pick all the twelve vis flowers from the oak. Right? Nobody wants to harvest the soil and livestock, or do you?

Thom has made the trip back to the boiling sea, so you know that the entrance works both ways. Please roll a second sight + perception 11+ when you return there.

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Yes, we leave the soil and animals alone for the moment.

Thadeus rolls a 17 (aura was 5 at that level, right?)

Thadeus can see that there is a regio boundary at the beach, if they just walk into the sea,

"Ah, there it is!"

He turns to his sodales, "It looks like the way to return is on this level of the regio. Right there, along the beach. We just need to walk into the sea, apparently. I wonder if we will be able to return that way?"

(But that is the Boiling Sea on this level of the regio, is it not?)

Yes, that's right. The exit is from the boiling see. At the level of the eight cottages, the circles around the oak tree is the only exit.

How "boiling" is the sea on the beach? Do we have to step into boiling water or is it merely hot?

It is boiling as in constantly bubbling, and steaming hot. It looks uncomfortable, but studying to comprehend the magic, Thadeus thinks they can step through it and into the regio with a light wound at worst ... it should be quick enough.

Does crossing the regio boundary actually involves stepping into the water, or would someone floating just above it be able to cross over?