Chapter 7: Tribunal

Tell your magus/maga story from the tribunal. :slight_smile:

[size=150]My Team[/size]

Salve Sodale,

Remember in my last letter when I told you about the tournament that they have in the Normandy Tribunal meetings? I got to go to my first one as a guest of Dulcia ex Jerbiton of Florum.

{ part on describing the events in the tournament.}

The Wizard events were interesting but the onlookers seemed to enjoy the Melee this year. Bets were popular in this event and I could not help myself. Betting on the favorite seemed too easy so I took this longshot team from one of Florum's vassal covenant called Novus Main. Dulcia said it was a waste of money because it was their first time at the Tribunal in a long time as they try to revive the covenant.

I found a place where I could watch "my team". They were impressive if this were going to be a brawl. Two of the three members were gigantic. Both were well over 80 hands high! The 3rd was a thin evil looking fellow. They wore dark blue sashes with two towers embossed on them. When I commented on their size a mage near me said that quickness was more important in this event. When the event started my team play defense. A smart move since it seemed that most teams targeted the newer teams first. I though it was all over quickly when a smallish man dodged passed one of the giants and seemed ready to destroy their castle when he hesitated for some reason and was grabbed and thrown by the biggest one. Not thrown down but thrown through the air. This got a roar from the crowd as the missile hit the ground and took out castle from one of the stronger teams.

Then some of the teams near them decided that this was too much and made an effort to take them out with a rush of 3 teams. Well, my teams was up to the task . Anyone that got caught by the giants generally was not in any shape to continue when they were done. The smaller quick one just helped by dodging in and out and seemingly slow his opponents down as they were try to guess where he was going.

It was chaotic for a while after that with people running all over the place and yells and cheers and teams were knocked out. Then there was a pause in the action and I realized there were just 4 teams left and my team was one of them! My team had to do some offense so the big fellow who was not wearing monk robes ( did I mention that one of the giants was a monk!) moved out to engage another team that had a huge man on it. What a clash they had. They seemed to be equally matched but my giant got into trouble as the other seemed much more experienced. Just when I thought my giant was down he roared and burst the grapple, picked up the enemy giant and threw him into the other teams castle. Meanwhile another team had been eliminated so there were just two teams now. Both teams talked strategy a bit then each attacked. My team sent the monk and the smaller man in a rush while the other team just sent one. It would be a race across the field. My castle guardian blocked and tried to grapple with the lone attacker but he was too quick. My giant fell on the ground and the enemy tried to leap over him but my giant managed to trip him. But he was able to get to the castle and break the line.

A great roar went up from the crowd and then I found out that my team had also broken the others castle wall. The judges were called in and after a discussion and a bit of magic it was determined that my team had won! And I had won a lot of money. I made sure I sent each member of my team 10 silver pennies. Dulcia seemed stunned by their victory then seemed to pass it off as luck. I think I will stop by this covenant on my way home just to see it. Meanwhile I am off to the tournament market to spend my new found wealth.

good story, and inspirational too! (as it has motivated me to write mine this weekend when I can sqeeze time)

Excerpt from Aelianus diary regarding his visit to the tribunal.
I travelled to the tribunal with my soldaes and Diodorus. Now there where a few interesting things where going to be taken up before the tribunal but I look forward to other events that will occur. I will meet with those that as my self are supporting a Lotharingian tribunal, the magic item contest, purchase some magical items that I have ordered from a few fellow Verditius magi and last but not least I will become a member of the confraternity of Balento.

A tribunal is always an entertaining spectacle but this time I paid little interest. There where a meeting with magi from Florum and other magi who are supporters of the Lotharingian tribunal that interested me more. We have a base for support and perhaps at 1228 we will be strong enough to break free from the Rhine and Normandy. The high number of Tytalus magi worries me though, are they in for it for real or they just trying to cause chaos? Neither I or Diodorus trust them but then again the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Next up where the magical items contest. I presented the figurine of Trivia to the judges and my innovative design got some interest but I must say that it did not get the attention that it deserved. The tradition design of the other magi where more impressive or so the judges thought. Well their loss if they can’t appreciate some innovation but sad that I had to suffer from it. No, I couldn’t win any award for best weapon but then I made an item of peace this time a most useful laboratory item.
At last it where time for the journeymen in the lesser item category. Now there where a few entrants to this competition as it is not restricted to magi from the Normandy tribunal, magi came from Provencal, Rihne and Stonehenge as well. There where several items on display and I must say that my figurine where amongst the best in terms of appearance and I think that it where the best one when it comes to function. The judge however must have hit his head in something large and heavy as there where another item that where chosen as winner of the competition. Now that journeyman had been a magus for quite some time so it that way it does not concern me that he one and one can clearly seem that he is a lesser magus than me when you compares what I crafted today and he had been out of apprenticeship as long as I have. I have a few ideas on what to produce for next time… Victory will be mine.

I watched the other competitions and there some quite impressive items in the masters competition. But I know that I will be the winner some day.
After the competition where over there where the usual gathering of magi where boast and commerce where plentiful. I found a few items that will be most useful to my laboratory. One of the items where most interesting it where a small fireplace where items could be incinerated in magical augmented flames. Though the magical augmentation where not that it where an magical flame but rather that magic mage the natural flame burn so that a more pure fire is produced. In that way a rarefication process is stated and makes the laboratory more suited to work with Ignem magic’s. The magus who crafted the device told me that there where little need to worry about some increased risk that a fire elemental where to appear in the lab unless I begun to experiment with the device. He also showed me a another device that where sold together with the rareficator and that where a pot that one could grow tree seeds into full trees, thus making the laboratory aligned to creo magic’s and as the tree is forces to grow in a particular way that makes them symmetrical and more affluent with natural magical power. That wood can be used to both craft magical items from and fuel the incinerator. But the magus recommended that I use the wood for fuel only and that I prepared the wood in a special way. Juniper seed where to prefer for the device. Later it where the time to reitre after I sold my statue of Trivia.

The morning after I left the tribunal with my new treasures.

The Test of the Flames

Roberto fraternized with fellow Flambeau magi as he surveyed his potential opponents. The key to winning at Certamen is to choose your opponent wisely. He was hungry for a victory.

The Tribunal and Tournament was stressful and fatiguing, yet it had interesting moments. He did not do as well in the Wizard’s Joust as his covenant had hoped. He tried to tell them, he is an infantry wizard, as cavalry he is quite mundane. He did win his first few matches, against some young and cocky magi who thought they could win through simple trickery. Steady skill triumphs very trickery, and with his magical rein and flaming sword, he easily unhorsed a few braggarts that knew little of mounted combat. But when the magical mounts cam on the field, it was all over. What can he do against a winged horse or a giant horned lizard when the rules state you cannot strike at the beast?

His hopes for Dimicatio had grown dim as well. The counterspell he invented, it was a good all purpose defense against low level spells. But in Dimicatio, it is to the attackers advantage to use high level spells. They are harder to block and Penetration is not a concern, plus big spectacular spells were a crowd pleaser.

He pinned his hopes on Certamen, knowing he would need to limit himself to an Ignem contest using Creo or Rego. Creo Ignem was a popular specialization amongst Flambeau magi, but the catch was that many of his potential opponents were much more specialized in that area than he was. But he had a trick up his sleeve, and old tradition long forgotten by Flambeau magi outside of Iberia, the Test of the Flames!

Roberto began drawing his circle on the ground and some of the others began to watch in curiosity. When he was finished, the spell was cast and the circle was filled with fire. Small flames, no more than a foot high, but still an impressive show.

“Who here knows Inirelte’s Certamen?” he shouted, many of his House brethren looking at each other with confusion. One of them asked “Isn’t this some kind of Mithraic ritual?”. But quickly and elder Flambeau stepped in to correct him. “No, it is Mercurian. Cult of Mars. Inirelte’s Certamen, don’t you know?”. The elder smiled and chuckled to himself, then replied to Roberto “I suppose you are intending to teach these young ones a lesson, eh?”. Roberto smirked, not letting on how inexperienced he truly was.

Roberto grinned. “Creo Ignem, any takers?”. Another shouted “is this official? This doesn’t seem regulation to me”. The elder growled “It is official now! Go fetch one of the referees. This is an official point match, so say I, Archmagus Michael Augustus!”.

There were certain potential enemies and rivals that Roberto had hoped to challenge, but he had not run into any of them at Tribunal. Cowards. They must have known he was coming. But then an arrogant Flambeau magus, roughly his own age, stepped forward. Jacob of Flambeau, native to the Normandy tribunal and famed for his use of fire. Though young, he was slightly more advanced than Roberto and had higher Art scores. “Excellent, someone who can provide some sport!” was Roberto’s overconfident reply.

They each stepped into the circle of flame and began the duel. Inirelte’s Certamen, thogh many see it as a mere flamboyant spectacle, it is actually a Certamen School specific to Creo Ignem contests. The duelists hold their contest in the flaming circle of The Test of the Flames, each protected by their respective magic resistance, and the Certamen rules are as normal. However, the trick is that Mastery of the spell provides certain bonuses to the duelist, adding their Mastery score to attack or defense as they choose, and applying Mastery Abbilities. Roberto only had a mastery score of 1, but he had Resistance as his special ability. This doubled his resistance against weakening, giving him a decisive edge over his opponent. Jacob did not have mastery of the sell, and though his Arts were higher, he could not overcome Roberto’s defenses and resistance. Roberto simply bided his time, waiting for the right opportunity to strike.

Certamen is not so much about one’s Art scores. More so, it is a test of Arcane Ability. Finesse, Penetration, Parma Magica; all these skills were a factor. Jacob had underestimated the young Spaniard, who suddenly switched his offensive and defensive Arts around and overcame Jacob with a massive push of magical force. He collapsed, unconscious, and fell into the flames. A shout went up from the crowd and victory was declared.

Ending the spell, Roberto broke the circle and rescued his fallen opponent. This was the proper protocol, though not obligatory in any way. Old school Flambeau traditions can be pretty brutal at times. Few others were willing to face him in this contest. He mused to himself that Perdo Flambeau seem more popular in the north. There were two others; a magus ten years his senior named Vorum that Roberto barely defeated through luck, then Michael Augustus himself challenged the young magus. Roberto stood little chance against the senior, who also knew Inirelte’s sighting style and had a much higher mastery score. But Robberto had his victory, two Certamen wins, enough to qualify for Dimicatio. He did not do well in Dimicato, but he managed a single victory and learned a lesson in preparedness (no lesson in humility though :laughing:.