Chapter 8 - Drake Hunting


One morning Antonio comes out of his sanctum all dressed for combat and adventure.

[color=red]I am going Drake hunting. Who want's to join? I am offering a prize of 7 pawns for the biggest catch :wink:

[color=green]Dimir Taar
Mwah ah ah! At least some adventure!

[color=red]Excellent! Who else?

[color=green]Antonio: [color=red]By the way, Inigo, get your gear and get your daughter. You are teaming up with me, and I want Kesara to learn what it means to be Flambeau.
Then to everyone participating
[color=red]The rules of the Drake Hunt are as follows. We travel to the designated hunting grounds together as a group and set up camp. Each magus will be assigned two guards and a servant. You can hunt as individuals or form teams if you wish. At the end of the hunt, the team that captured the greatest prize wins the trophy, this ruby (presents ruby)[color=red], which contains two pawns of Creo and 5 pawns of Ignem. And, as mine is an introspective House, I tell you that I am not judging by just the carcass alone. Some drakes can be forced into submission and captured live or forced to yield up their treasure. Of course, drakes are a potent source of vis. And be mindful, not all drakes breath fire. The Vibaria (viper or wyvern) has a venomous bite and exudes corrosive vapors. Any territory marked with the following sign (shows you a symbol)[color=red] is off limits. Certain stones so marked indicate territory claimed by the Dragon Sigmundo, and those within are his subjects and under his protection. Don’t mess with the dragon and he won’t bother you. We have an agreement, he and I.

I am planning for the expedition to last a month, maybe less if the heavy snows start early. I am grabbing a bunch of gear, grab whatever else you need. Be mindful we are magi, not mundanes. Travel will be swift and we will maintain contact with the covenant. Meet back here in the yard at noon, we’ll load up the carpet, and away we go :smiley: .

If any of this is mentioned to Ezio (p.85 of the Development forum at the moment), he will gladly help as a guard/servant now that Kallista has made him truly aware that you are not all devil-worshippers. He just arrived, having guided Kallista here.

Who is Ezio? If he is not one of us already and not a magus, I don't think he would be invited. By "guards and servants", I mean covenant staff. An individual magus may invite him though, such as the one you play :wink:.
And indeed, I am interested in your magus character participating.

Mmm. I'm still trying to decide if Ludo would go or not. Or perhaps send some spirits to assist those who are going.

[OOC - I was just in the middle of writing some stuff on Ezio.]

Yes, if Valentino hears about this, he will be interested. He will be especially interested if there is a small Flambeau team forming.

[OOC - You wrote "one morning." I figure this means it's not the next morning. Roughly how much later is it? I'm trying to figure out who Valentino has met before I write his response.]

OOC - I am being purposefully ambiguous, so that we can fit everything in neatly.

[OOC - Then I'll assume Valentino has met everyone but doesn't know everyone well yet.]

Valentino and Graziella emerge from their quarters quietly nickering to each other.

Valentino says [color=red]"Did I hear you right, Antonio? This sounds like it will be a great competition. He remains silent for a short while, looking at Graziella. Visually it appears they are having a conversation, though they say nothing. [color=red]"Yes, we'll take part." They smile.

[color=red]"Antonio, do you wish Kesara to learn of the Ramius School, too. Or shall Graziella and I head up another team?

[OOC - As it looks like some time has passed since he arrived, Valentino will have tried to duel in Certamen with Antonio, Inigo, or another Flambeau a little. They will have learned that, like others who use Mercurian magic, he does not compete in Dimicatio; but Valentino loves the Wizards' Melee, but he needs a little while to get used to working with the covenant grogs.]

[color=red]She will be trained in the School of Delendos, which maybe new to you as well.

Why would a Mercurian not be into Dimicatio? A magus who is advanced in spell mastery has the distinct edge in such a contest. Antonio has Mercurian influence, and Dimicatio is his favorite sport :smiling_imp:

But if you wanna roll out a Certamen, have at it! Choose an opponent closer to your own age though. It is just for fun, right?

All OOC:

Because they can't generally do it? How can someone who cannot cast spontaneous magic except ceremonially fast-cast spontaneous magic?

I supposed you could learn a bunch of appropriate spells and learn them with Fast-Casting just for the sake of Dimicatio.

Yes, just for fun. He'd still be happy to duel even Antonio. He would expect to lose repeatedly, but the point would be to try and to learn from it. But he would ask Inigo or another (is there another?) first since it would be more appropriate.


Valentino replies [color=red]"I'm sorry, Antonio, I was thinking you might want her to learn of other schools. I did not mean you should have her learn to be in another school. I apologize for the misunderstanding... Yes, the School of Delendos is new to me. I would like to learn of it myself."

[color=darkred]"Hmmm I think that might prove interesting," the giant says as he overhears the conversation. [color=darkred]"Are applicants allowed to participate, I wonder?"

Valentino replies, [color=red]"I am an applicant, and they seem to want me to participate. I would say so. Would you like to join my team? It would give us a chance to get to know our fellow applicants."

Sorry, double-post.

[color=darkred]"Why certainly, I am thankful for the invitation," he says cheerfully. [color=darkred]"Although, I haven't actually seen a drake or even a worm before, I do hope you will accept me still."

Txatxu plays with his beard as he speaks, and it is quite clear he is very excited about the prospect.

I am slow. Mercerian Magic Virtue, which does hamper your spontaneous magic in Dimicatio. You should consider formulaic counterspells. Or tricky use of your existing spells. Fast Cast Wizard’s Leap to avoid the spell altogether :wink:.

But if you want Certamen you got it!

You’re the challenger. Choose a Technique :smiling_imp:
And I have a hunch you are going to pick Creo :stuck_out_tongue:.

If so, Antonio gives you a sly wicked grin :smiling_imp:
[color=red]Do you know how to duel in the style of Inirelte?

So if your opponent isn't very good or is similarly hampered, you have a chance. There is so little flexibility. All they have to do is ping your Parma Magica. Since it can be a miniature effect, it can easily have T:Room. Yes, mastering 10 low-level PeVi spells and Wizard's Leap along with a couple otherwise useless spells will more than make up for the problem. However, that's a lot of effort (many seasons) to even start getting close to what a typical magus can do.

Cool! Do I know anything about Antonio outside of his being Flambeau? I know he's good at Creo, and Valentino is pretty sure, but he'll still choose Creo. There's more curiosity about the Form.

[color=red]"I'll choose Creo. No, I don't know Inirelte. You're welcome to use it against me, though. I will learn from the experience. I will use a different style against you."

Valentino is secretly hoping to be able to be standing up to forfeit by the end of the third exchange.