Chapter 8 - Drake Hunting

As the autumn air grows colder and the days shorter, Octavian removes the Liberi de Perditu (exemplar edition) from the library and sets out into an area with deciduous trees for quiet study away from the covenant.

Excellent book choice :wink:

You know he is old school :wink:
He picks Ignem, and begins to draw a circle with which to cast The Test of the Flames. Inirelte's style is to duel in the flaming circle, and mastery of the spell translates into direct bonuses in certamen (see Sub Rosa issue #3). You are Hoplomachus, which is an excellent choice for a Flambeau as well.

[OOC - This would have been done on an earlier day, not as everyone is about to head out. I believe I stated that earlier, but I wanted to be clear.]

[color=red]"Interesting. I have not seen this method used before. I will have to try it some time."

Valentino prepares himself, going through slow, deliberate motions and withdrawing his Parma Magica onto only himself. Graziella stands nearby, watching excitedly.

[OOC - We can skip initiative, of course. Marko, do you want to make the rolls yourself? I'm fine with that.]

Valentino decides to test the waters. He wants to see just how strong the attack will be, sacrificing his own attack. He will start with Creo for defense and Ignem for the follow-up attack:

Defense: +1 (Perception) +24 (Creo) +6 (up to 2xFinesse) + roll
Resistance: +1 (Stamina) +11 (PM w/ specialty and Puissant)

Attack: +1 (Presense) + 5 (Ignem) -3 (half the bonus) + roll
Weakening +3 (Intelligence) +2 (Penetration w/ specialty)

Graziella waits with bated breath to see how well Valentino fares in this exchange...

OOC: It's fairly obvious from my question in the ooc thread where I'm heading in terms of development. i'll be writing the correspondance Octavian will be having with various individuals over the weekend in his spare time. Also, will he be interrupted in his studies? If not I'll update the sheet and wait till everyone is done in their adventuring.

No, we will use the Invisible castle. Let me crunch stats at home tonight, we can roll it out over the weekend or on monday (your call)

Your good I guess. Not everyone is going on the hunt, so you can RP social interactions back at the covenant. Rodrigo wants to have a little sit-down later on, but not right now.

[color=red]"Great! Don't worry about it. I'm sure you'll perform fabulously. You did recently pass your gauntlet, right? Perhaps I should protect you with my Parma while on this endeavor?" replies Valentino. [color=red]"This is my lovely bride Graziella," he says, gesturing towards the gorgeous blonde who is a little taller than he is. [color=red]"She will be part of the hunt as well." She curtsies slightly to Txatxu. [color=red]"Perhaps we should find one more to join us. It will make conversation more interesting and add to the variety of our talents. I'll ask around... This is going to be great," he says as he wanders off with intent. Valentino spends a little while checking to see if anyone else is interested in teaming up with himself and Txatxu. He'll start with the other Flambeau in the covenant.

OOC: I think we are on different timelines... but when ever it becomes known to Kallista that a drake hunt was going to be planned...

She'd find and ask Txatxu, [color=red]"Who all is going on this hunt? If it's most everyone who is a covenant member, it will behove us to go. Though I wouldn't want to be a liability on the hunt. If they are halfway smart I could enchant them, but i could only command them if I know their language. I'll need to prep some songs if i do go. Personally I would love to capture a drake..."

OOC: I have magic lore 1(creatures) what kinda stuff would I know about drakes? would i roll int + magic lore? it's only a +3 mod :stuck_out_tongue:

At some point, Kallista would seek out Carmen. She has been avoiding Antonio as much as possible until she talks to Carmen.

Ameline hears the talk of hunting drakes and shakes her head. She does not see the reason to attack the poor beasts though she does know the vis is needed. She returns to her lab to work on her herbam magics. She does have that promise to the priest to fulfill.

OOC: Until you open the arts, Kesara could be taken by another mage as apprentice. Declaring that she is your apprentice

Carmen heard Ludo's "butch" comment earlier. Today she is dressed in a flowing sliky gown and is all girled up, just to prove a point.
After all, her mother is a legendary hearbreaker.

(OOC - I forget the Yiddish term, I think it's shiksa?)

OOC no need to worry about it. It shall be taken care of. Antonio is opening her Ats over the winter, but for now he wants her to participate as an observer. Keara is Inigo's apprentice already. Ameline still has an important role to play in Kesara's life, educating her in academia and such. That and granting absolution when the time is right (you'll see, trust me :smiley: )

Her mother and Kallista's mother would have so much in common...

Kallista favors silks as well when she plans on meeting with other Magi.

Kallista will approach her and to break the ice: [color=red]"Carmen, that is a very nice gown. Is there a tailor here in Andorra or did you import it from Barcelona? I wanted to talk to you about the other night..."

[color=red]It was my mother's, a gift from one of her many suitors before she met my father. Or was it one of the ones after that? I forget.

The other night was nice. I liked the song. I don't have any performing talents myself. Just this... And then she takes off into the air, carried by a powerful wing.

Spontanious cast Rego Imaginem with Aurum req, will need to check the difficulty of the effect, dont have the book atm. It may not even be possible.

I'm going to bottle my voice and send it up with the air she is using to fly. ala the spell that puts a voice in a bag. Voice will come out near her.

[color=red]"Very nice. I wanted to appologize... if you would come down."

If she doesn't then... [color=red]"B*tch"

Yaaa, she is going to ignore you, and whn she comes down she is visibly annoyed. Trying to hold a conversation whilst maintaining a spell forces a concentration roll, a difficult one, and yu do not want to fail said roll when you are fifty feet in the air moving as fast as a hawk in flight.


(off to the side, grogs are taking bets on whether or not there will be a cat-fight)

[color=red]"I thought that would work. " Note to self... No Aurum if the time comes.

Knowing Carmen's been around the covenant a lot, Valentino will check with her first about joining him and Txatxu. Failing that he will look around for Marcellus Glacius. [OOC - Those are the only other Flambeau, right?]

She marches towards you angrilly...[color=red]What the hell?!? You are so concerned about yourself and your social status that you try to knock me out of the sky? rrrr...

(Carlos the grog chuckles [color=red]oh yeah, it's gonna be a cat fight! Get the other guys!)

Can Kallista defuse the situation? Stay tuned!!!