Chapter 8: Once upon a time there where a council meeting

[color=blue]Start of spring season of 1225

The magi are assembles once again at the council table. Aelianus seems happy and Diodorus sits at his side on the arm rest looking more then content with the bird he just ate. Aelianus speaks once the magi seem to have finished their dinner and the servants have cleared the table. The dinner where a nice one, Aelianus always knew how to hold a feast even though the servants homes where leaking when the rain poured down.

[color=red]Soldaes I have a few happy news to announce. The fishing operation have now begun to bring incomes to us. We earn over 40 pounds of silver per year from now on. At least that is what our calculations tell me. We need to discuss what we shall do with our well earned wealth. I suggest that we simply sells less vis to Florum and thus increase our vis income. But then there are other possibilities, perhaps we shall try to use our new found wealth and gain even more wealth. Thus in the long run we earn more silver and perhaps one day we can stop selling vis to Florum. Any ideas from my soldaes? Aelianus listen to what everyone has to say. Diodorus one the other hand tries to lay down and take a nap.


[color=red]That is excellent news Aelianus. Your wise stewardship is starting to pay off. I would recommend that we invest the money into things that would help use make more money. Like the smokehouse that Aelianus has proposed before. We have 4 more years of vis from our tournament prizes. That and harvesting just enough Vim from the aura to meet our obligation with Flourm should allow us to invest in the success of the Covenant.

I would like to purchase some geese and cattle to raise. In the future, we can use them for making books. For now we could sell the excess at a market.

I have also developed a spell to turn large areas of earth into fertile soil. We could raise what ever we wish. Perhaps Barley and hops and start a brewery.

There is a small issue I had with the spell but I'm sure it is nothing. It seem that a..erm...[size=75]Earth Elemental has taken an interest in the Covenant[/size] [size=59]and hill and lands that we are on. It is nothing I'm sure.[/size]

So currently in the Vis stores we have 9 corpus, 3 Terram,6 Creo, 6 Perdo and 6 Rego.

[color=red]What was that last bit again? You were mumbling...
:smiling_imp: Earth elemental accident, awesome!

[color=red]The Vis Stores?
We have 9 corpus, 3 Terram,6 Creo, 6 Perdo and 6 Rego.


[color=red]I mean that bit after "Earth Eelemental", you trailed off and I didn't hear what you said.

[color=red]I do not think we need to focus on the particulars of that experiment. We should be discussing what we can do with the extra income Aelianus' foresight was able to us. We need to focus on the bright future of Novus Main and not dwell on the past.

So what news do you have Iolar?

Agreed. Our situation is stable, we should invest for the future. Cattle would lower our living costs, and allow future trade. And what of the mercenary service we thought to set up?

But what is this earth elemental problem? Is there something we're not aware of?

[color=red]Well there is a storm coming, a big one it should be an exciting one but it will blow over in a couple of days. We may get a waterspout if we are lucky but that depends on the mood of the sea and I can't read that.
The money I think I will elave to those with more experience.

She returns to looking ditractedly out of the window

[color=red]Hold up a minute. Accident, experiment, Earth Elemental. Spill the beans amigo. Que pasa? What's happening?

I can't seem to get out of this one :blush:

[color=red]I was experimenting in my lab, making Eostre's Blessing. I was trying to find the right balance to make any dirt or rock fertile. I was trying to get the size correct and I....did something to attract this Earth elemetal's attention. I'm sure I did not create the elemental. My spell was not powerful enough but I did attract it.

I've seen it around in the past year or so. it is still here. It seems to show up when I cast terram spells. Not all the time and not in the same place.

A warning. Do not let it touch you. It drinks the water from your body. I touched it when I was trying to talk to it.

Aelianus looks at Jebrick.[color=red] I thank you for your kind words regarding my investments. I will see what investment I find profitable for us. Aelianus seems to glow when his ego is stroked.

[color=red]About that elemental… Aelianus draws for breath.[color=red] Is this elemental a worry that we must handle now? I see the potential for a new vis source if we could take them or just something that will improve our magical aura if they can live here without doing any harm. If I had a season in my lab then we would have excellent addition to our covenant. Now is this a threat to our covenant at the moment? If so we must fight it at once.

[color=red] :open_mouth: You could control it? Impressive. Tell us, Havlard. Is it dangerous? Can it penetrate the Aegis? I won't let it endanger me or my wife.

I do not believe it is a threat now. It just seems attracted to what ever I did while i was experimenting. I could not control it. I was trying to communicate with it. I need to talk to my parnes. He tried to explain it to me once.

I think it was inside the Aegis when I woke it. Perhaps one of the previous magi here had summoned it or made it.

Will it attack anyone unprovoked? No. i do not think so but we still must be cautious. It is dangerous.

[color=red]I could control the thing, I just need some time in my laboratory. Do you have any hint of what magnitude the elemental may be off. We could have a good use of a earth elemental as a pet… Aelianus strokes Diodorus and scratches his ear. Diodorus starts to purr. [color=red]I will take care of any finacial dealings that will improve our wealth. Oh, my soldaes, I got a letter from a magus who wish to join our covenant. I am sorry to announce that some form of ink incident damaged this letter, so we can’t know much about this magus. I suggest that we invite this magus to meet with us and apply for membership. Aelianus sips a bit of wine from his goblet and ponders the possibilities of having a earth elemental as a pet.

Do you know what he can bring to us?