Chapter 8: The Bone Merchant

OOC: Consider that being appears as Athena to Wirth. I could not get anything from Wirth's background so I was guessing. :cry:

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The room begins to lose it sharpness and all can feel a breeze starting to blow into their face.

[color=red] Who are you? What is your interest in all of this? And is their any way you can help us in not drowning?

Someone who does not want a Demon Prince to enter the world.

The room fades and the wind increases until you find yourselves falling towards the sea again. You fall for a bit and then begin to slow and can almost imagine hands holding you. Everyone falls into the water but not traveling very fast ( much like a dive into a pool). The ship lands on it's keel in the now calm water. The sailors quickly move towards the ship, helping those that need help and soon everyone is on board again. Everyone seems a bit shaken and Johan breaks out some wine and gives everyone a drink ( that want it).

Diodorus shows up on deck when the wine comes out. He is perfectly dry and moves to Aelianus, climbs into his lap and asks for some wine. After a short drink she looks at Aelianus and says, in a soft voice, " I just met the Queen of Cats! She is quite magnificent. Who is Leolinus and Jabal Tariq? i asked her who opposes us and that is who she said. "

Too bad, I liked the fumble :wink:

Who is our ennemy? Where do we find him?
I guess my questions are too late :wink:

Is there any reason Jabal Tariq should be familiar to me???

about half way down the page. Aelianus would not know them but Wirth Roberto and Iolar would.

I knew this was familiar!! Thank you! :smiley:

Roberto does have some trouble in the water, but he gladly accepts assistance climbing back aboard the ship. He takes off some of his wet attire, and looks for some oil to polish his sword and prevent rust. He accepts the wine from Johan in good cheer, and swigs it down. He listens to the cat, smarter than the wizards it seems, Ho Ho!

[color=red]That bastard Leolinus, should have gutted him when I had the chance. Jabal Tariq... spit! Our foe is a dangerous one my friends. A Summoner/Sahir, and an Infernalist as well. We have recieved the call of duty. Let us be bold and stalwart in our task, it shall be a difficult one, one worthy of heroes such as ourselves.

Aelianus scratch Diodorus behind his ears. No idea my furry companion but my soldaes seem to know who it is. The queen of cats you say, a sight to remember I guess. Aelianus moves his hands to scratch Diodorus on his chin. I saw Mercury, a short pause, the gods are guiding us to victory. We will fight and they will suffer the flames of Vulcan. Aelianus continues to scratch Diodorus and ponders what items he would like to have when fighting these infernalists.

The ship gets underway and by the end of the day you sight the port of Dover. Johan explains that the incident drove the ship further south than he had intended. The group disembarks and pays the harbor-master or the mooring. Johan would like to know his orders before you go.

Diodorus sets off to talk to talk to some cats to see if they have seen the girl. Sir Richard knows an Inn not far away where everyone can rest. Upon arrival to the Inn Roberto hears a familiar guitar from inside and when you enter you see Marcello and Bane ( Sir Richard's servant) at a table entertaining some locals.


This does not begin to describe wirth's trouble. Swim 0 :wink:
Once the sailors have put him out of the water, he thanks them, and takes the wine.

I concurr. He escaped us once, but we are not as we were, and know our opponent this time. He won't escape us twice.

If possible, I give some extra money to he sailors. No effusions, just a thanks for their help and courage. This is natural.

Aelianus awaits Diodorus return and then ask him what he has found out and where they should go now.

Iolar stays out of the town as she is not all that keen on medieval towns full of strange peasents who don't speak any sensible language, she circles overhead and meets the magi when they leave town

Arriving in town, Roberto breaths in with a sense of confidence and achievement :smiley:

(any Confidence points awarded for this first leg of our adventure?)

Marcello stands up and opens his arms.

Mi Amigo!!

There is a stir in the crowd as Marcello moves to Roberto and give him a hug. Bane quietly departs from the group he was talking to and go to Sir Richard to talk.

What a surprise. I was not expecting you here. We just arrived this morning and have been looking for information. Nothing yet but we have just started.

After a moment of thought Marcello continues...

We had better get a private dinning room quickly for you. Master Aelianus' Gift is causing some looks and I would not want to be thrown out of an Inn with such fine beer.

Marcello talks to Bane who makes arrangements for a a private dining room and some rooms in the Inn for the night.

During the night, Aelianus leaves his window open and Diodorus returns by midnight.

What a filthy town! I shall need some brushing but after I eat. Diodorus looks around the room. Where is my buttermilk?

Aelianus summon the servant girl who are responsible for caring of Diodorus fur and the serving of his food. Until Diodorus is pleased Aelianus await for him to speak.

[color=red]Marcello! Que pasa mi amigo? What's happening my firend? Wait until I tell you what happened! (out of earshot of mundanes &/or using Latin or Spanish or a mix). [color=red]I flew a ship! Yep! I picked it up with magic and sailed it through the sky, avoiding these six giant waterspouts that the enemy had summoned against us. I went over and around them all, then a seventh one shot out of the ocean and struck us dead center! Then some celestial type being, it appeared differently to each of us, it rescued us and informed us of the enemy's plan, They intend to summon some demon lord through sacrifice. We cannot allow this. Oh! And the enemy, that foul smelling motherless dog, Jabal Tariq! And that stupid fat Jerbiton magus Leolinus too!

A problem in that none of the servants want anything to do Aelianus let alone Diodorus. After some convincing, Bane can get a maid to bring some buttermilk but they leave it outside your room.

This is, of cor\urse, if you did not bring a servant girl just for Diodorus?

But of course Diodorus have a personal servant, a young woman that is pleasing to Aelianus eyes and good with a fur brush and able to prepare what ever Diodorus wish to eat.

(Must take note of Diodorus' posse/entourage for future adventures) :smiley:

After Diodorus has had his snack and bathed ( in which Aelianus is sure that Diodorus is delaying to savor the moment a bit longer), he settles onto his pillow.

"I set out to ask others of my kind about the human girl. There are many commoners in the town and I could command them to help me look. Most of their manners are dreadful and their accent is horrible. I had to go here and there through this filth pit of a town to find the gatherings to spread the word. One was in a place where humans would dump their waste. It was dreadful but there was a nice young female there..... He pauses for a moment in thought. And there was another near the market. They had the most delicious smelling sausages there. We must send a servant to get some for our journey."

Diodorus stops again and seems to wait for Aelianus to order the servant girl to get the sausages but after it is explained to him that the market is closed and he pouts for a moment at Aelianus' seemly lack of drive to wake the shop keeper to get the sausages. At Aelianus' prodding he goes on.

"Yes, the market.... I met one of the Ginger tribe and after I convinced her of my mission she sent out some of her servants to look for news. I had a lovely talk with her. It was so refreshing to finally find good manners in this city. She took me around he market and showed me the smells and sights while we waited for her servants to return. You do remember I told you about the sausages?"

Another long pause....

Aelianus "The girl?"

Diodorus " Yes. she is near a city called York traveling north. Now I must get some sleep Goodnight."