Chapter 8: The Bone Merchant


It is a fine spring afternoon at Novus Main. The Magi have gathered outside the Towers of the Covenant near the harbor. Most of the attention is on the Spring Festival but many of the Magi are talking to a new arrival. Vincent Alcot ex Tremere. Aielanus was somehow talked into talking another mage as a favor to the Tremere. The Tremere did not seem annoyed by David's disappearance but used it to guilt Aielanus into accepting a new charge.

There are many new people to Novus Main over the last three years. New fishermen and their families. The guards trained by Bernard and some of their servants. All seem to having a good time with the food and music.

In the midst of the party, Robert feels a friendly hand on his shoulder and turns to see Bernard and two other men.

[color=red]Roberto, my friend, I have a favor to ask. This is an old companion of mine, Richard Straccan. Sir Richard. He has a serious problem that seems to involve some forces beyond his ability to understand. He told me the story and I thought and the other...scholars might be able to aid him.

Sir Richard is a tall man for the times. He is wearing rough traveling clothes that have seen a lot of wear. He has light brown hair, a well kept beard and light blue eyes. He wears a fine sword that looks to be in very good shape. His servant is a shorter dark haired man, also in traveling clothes. He does not appear to be armed.

Kilica can sense something Holy about Sir Richard.

[color=red]I am no a scholor, I am a soldier and a wiz...
Oh, yeah, "scholar". Well, um, what languages does he speak? I know a little French...

Richard speaks up: ( in French)

[color=red]I speak French and English. I can make myself understood in Italian, Spanish, German and Arabic.

Sir Richard seems very annoyed at this whole thing.

[color=red]Que pasa senior? Te Querides? How can I help you?

Wirth watches him grumplily (picture vegeta in DBZ? I have this exact picture in mind :laughing:)

I always figured Wirth to be Piccalo :smiley:

[color=blue]Yeah, works fine too :wink: :laughing:

With the new magi not having shown up yet, Iolar has diverted to telling stories to some of the children illustrated by small figures acting out the story in the flames of a fire.

Here is the story Sir Richard tells ( with many stops and switching between French and Spanish to find the right word).

[[This would have been be an interesting tower of babel exercise. As Roberto and Wirth can piece it together and then translate for the Magi who do not understand French or Spanish.]]

Sir Richard is a dealer in Relics. People will contact him to acquire certain relics and he will try to get them. He also buys relics to resell. He is a widower with a young daughter that is about 10. When he has to travel, she stays at the Saint-Elisabeth nunnery ( which is 4 days away from Novus Main).

Recently, he had a commission to acquire a relic from Thomas the Doubter. It's owner Count Theobald of Navarre is out of favor with the crown so it took some delicate negotiations to secure it. The men who commissioned the purchase, one Louis de Castelnau and Symon Dancort, refused to play the price. He thought this a negotiation tactic.

As far as he can understand, while Dancort talked to Sir Richard de Castelnau traveled to Saint-Elisabeth and kidnapped his daughter. His servant, Bane, and Sir Richard found out several days later when a messenger arrived from the nunnery.

He and Bane set out in pursuit of the kidnappers, who seem to be heading for Calais. They were making good time and thought they would catch them but suddenly, they both were struck by a great melancholy and then seemed to not be able to find the path. they walked in circles for a day or so and eventually ended up at Sir Bernard's manor house and they sent him here.

He thinks that some sort of witchcraft is preventing him from continuing. Bernard agreed and asked him to talk to you for assistance.

[color=red]Wait... Someone kidnapped your daughter?!? Madre de Dios!!! rrrrrr.....
Let me grab my armour and shield (he already has his sword at his side, don't leave home without it :wink: ).[color=red]Okay, let's go.

-Vincent staggers out of the ship he rode here, the Harbinger (A fitting name for what it is bringing), pieces of straw and debris can be seen every so often littering his hair and robe. They obviously did not give him an average quarter, as he slept in a section of the cargo bay. the only possession on him is a well crafted case. As he walks reaches the end of the dock onto solid land, he seems to trip for a second on a rock, and the case flies open relieving it's contents of parchment and clothing into the wind.-
[color=indigo]This just isn't my day.
-He seems to shake nervously as he rounds up his scattered belongings.-

Diodorus sits at the docks observing the stranger who arrives with the ship, by the looks and smell a magus. Diodorus who is a large (large as in size -2 rather than -3 that is the average of a cat) white furred cat stands out of from the surroundings. At his paws there are the remains of a fish and a servant stands behind him brushing gently his tail. Diodorus licks his paw for a moment and then speaks. [color=red]Salve stranger. You are by any chance the new magus? Am I right? Diodorus measure the stranger from head to toe and draws his tail from the servant, dismissing the servant with the whim of his tail. [color=red]I am Diodorus, familari of Aelianus Robur, magus and lord of this realm.

-He appeared befuddled for a moment, as if he thought for a second that cats surely cannot talk-
[color=indigo]Oh, it is he I must speak to about residency?


Doesn't say anything. Maybe he hasn't swallowed novus mane being beholden to mundanes?

But clara isn't her husband.[color=red]
Roberto is right, no parent should be separated from its child. Don't you think so, wirth?

[color=green]Wirth, grundgingly
[color=red]I guess. Sigh... Yes, you're right, of course. Still, this is not our problem.

What are you saying??? Don't try this with me, I know you too much. I know your heart, and that you'll do what's right.
Pretty embarrassed, grumbles and moves away color=blue

Novus Mane is not beholden to mundanes. I mean, yeah, taxes suck. But death and taxes are unavoidable (you can try though :laughing: )

Roberto does not listen in to a private conversation between husband and wife. Not my business :wink:

[color=green]The Evil Universe

As Wirth moves away he is distracted by his toddler son suqirming free of Clara and tugging on his robe , and pointing[color=red]Pretty Fire


Is still playing with the fire although her show seems to be winding down as she looks over at the commotion which is Roberto

Quietly to Wirth
[color=red]Be careful of the knight he has a touch of the divine about him

a Baby?!?!?

When did this happen?

About 2 years ago in Greece.........

:open_mouth: Oh my
(This is official. I, as a player, am paniqued :laughing:)


After 2 years, still utterly disarmed and at a loss before this child. And he talks already? When did this happen??? He's so like his mother. Looks at clara, heart engulfed by her sight, threatening to burst. Looks down the boy. Crouch before him.
[color=red]The fire? What fire?
Looks where the boy is pointing.