Chapter 8: The Bone Merchant

He is pointing at the Fire over by Iolar with it's dancing figures and shapes

Sir Richard looks exasperated. and looks at Bernard.

(in french)[color=red] I thought you said they knew about this magic!


[color=red]They do. They are wizards They can help.

SR: [color=red]Wizards?!!

B: [color=red]On our side.

[color=red]Oh, you told him the wizard part already. Okay, no problemo. Listen, whatever caused this "melencholy", hopefully my Parma Magica (magical shield) will protect me from it, and/or one of us can dispell it. After that, well, we shall see.

(I ignite my sword so that he knows that I am both a wizard & a warrior, I try to harmonize my talents :wink: )

Diodorus replies. [color=red]Yes Aelianus is the lord of this realm and you shall speak to him. The other magi also holds power but speak with Aelianus… If you carry me I can show you the way. I always know where my pet magus is. Now if you wish that I guide you then come here and I will jump up on you. Diodorus seems to be expecting that the magus in front of him will walk towards him.

Aelianus observes that the other magi have gathered around this stranger, a companion to the mundane who pretends to be lord here. Mundanes… weak, almost like talking tools. But tools have their use. Aelianus thinks to himself.

He approaches the other magi. [color=red]Salve soldaes, is there something to be worried about? Aelianus tires to get a grip on the situation.

Havlard looks up at Vincent talking to Diodorus and says to no one in particular...

[color=red]Someone needs to tell Dragor his new charge is here.

After Robert translates the story...

[color=red]Sounds like a Mentium spell and perhaps an Imaginium. I've never heard of a hedge wizard that could do something like that for longer than a day. Is he still under the effect?

Dragor arrives, in all humility and suberviance to his new master :smiley:

Roberto offers to introduce Sir Richard to the other magi, offering first to cover him with Parma Magica so that our "unsettling presence" does not affect him adversely.

After Bernard give a nod, Sir Richard give his consent to be put under your Parma. It seems to have no effect on the feeling of depression that he feels but he is not bothered as much.

Seeing Roberto agitated and drawing a burning sword Iolar hurries over hoping to prevent violence but by the time she gets there it is apparent to her that Roberto is just hsowing off and probably not about to kill anyone.

In Latin
[color=red]What is all the excitement

[color=green]Unamed small child
[color=red]Pretty Fire gone :frowning:

((We can assume that Roberto fills in everyone with some corrections from Wirth.))

Roberto also adds: [color=red]Tell us the whole story, from the begining. What happened? Why did it happen? How did it happen? When was this? Who did this and Where are they now? Motives? Hazzards?
All of that.
Omit nothing.

While Roberto is listening to the Knight before passing his translation on to the other mages Iolar looks round and then speaks quietly to Aelinius in Latin (Of course Latin is the only language she speaks anyone else around here understands so she couldn't really be speaking any other language).
[color=red]Aelinius , is that your cat dragging in some other poor lost magi over there. or is he just looking for lunch

[color=blue]Trying to find one, but this proves rather difficult :laughing:[color=red]
Hush, don't worry.
Wirth seems embarrassed now that he has taken the child in his arms. Keep it while having all this serious talk with the other magi would be... not a good idea :laughing: Then maybe he should hand the boy to clara?

After a few moment's hesitation, he comes to his wife, land the boy near her, kisses her gently[color=red]
Take care of him, I'll come back to you later

Aelianus turns his head and looks down to the docks. [color=red]Yes my soldae it seems if Diodorus have found our newest member. I have instructed Diodorus to keep watch for the new magus and greet him. They will be heading our way I think, hope that Diodorus is not rude to the newcomer. Aelianus returns to the conversation to hear more detail about the situation at hand.

Sir Richard looks frustrated. Did he not just tell the tale once? Is he a performing monkey for these fools?

[color=red]My daughter was taken and some black magic is keeping me from finding her!

His servant comes up and puts a hand on his shoulder and whispers in his ear. Bernard comes over and talks to him and returns to the Magi.

[color=red]Sir Richard is a dealer in relics. He buys and sells them for people. He was a knight of the 3rd Crusade and has used his contracts to bring relics from the Holy Land.

He recently was had a commission to obtain a relic of Thomas the Doubter which caused him to travel far to the south. While he is traveling he leaves his daughter, Ysabelle, at Saint-Elisabeth nunnery.

When he returned with the relic the men that had commissioned it refused to pay the price. They instead have kidnapped his daughter and were heading to Calais. While tracking them Sir Richard, was over come with a great melancholy and feeling of despair. They also spent a day walking in circles even though they know the road quite well. They could not get lost. Someone has put a spell on them.

[color=green]Roberto: [color=red]I understand your friend is in anguish, but his frustration is not helping us. Many details are being omitted. A Relic of Saint Thomas. What is it? Where is it? The men who commissioned it. Who are they? How many are they? Where are they from? Why did they refuse to pay? What was the price? The nuns at the convent. What did they see? What did they say? This spell they cast upon you. What do you elieve its source and origin to be? Does one of them (the bad guys) have some sort of special power or enchanted device? We need as much information as he can possibly provide. Intelligence is the greatest weapon of the warrior.

Aelianus turns towards Diodorus and shouts, [color=red]Diodorus could you come for a moment and bring our new soldae. Aelianus turns back and speaks to Sir Richard. [color=red]Diodorus have some skill in searching for humans… Do you have anything that is a connection to your daughter? A lock of hair or any personal belonging.

Some distance away Diodorus summons his servant and is carried towards the group of magi. The servant carries Diodorus on a pillow made out of the finest fabrics. When Diodorus is near the magi he speaks to Aelianus. [color=red]My dear pet magus how may I be of service?

Aelianus replies. [color=red]This man have lost his daughter perhaps you can help find her. You have after all a skill for locating humans.

[color=red]Favorite Clothes or toys might do the trick. If not too old.

I don't like having Sir Bernard on our lands, but must agree with my wife on this. I will help you.

I presume you said that last bit in Latin, as the guy is right here with us :wink:
[color=red]What do you have against the guy? He seems nice enough, and he has come offering us an adventure :smiley:

I don't care if he hears me or not.

[color=red]I have nothing against him. He seems a fine man. I just don't like how he came to be here. Because of his mistress.

[color=red]His mistress? Iolar looks somewhat puzzled. Then to Roberto. [color=red]Please find out when all this happened as even if you decide to help it is going to take a long time for those as limited as you to get anywhere